Give the Ultimate Gift: KidKraft Mega Ramp Raceway #Review

I usually have a pretty good idea of what I'd like to give my son for Christmas. This year, hubby and I thought it would be neat to give B a small sized trampoline to play on outside. We found the size of our yard to be problematic, since it's about the size of a postage stamp. Since an outdoor toy was out of the picture, I wanted B's big gift to be really cool, well made, and screen free! We have definitely tried to steer away from gifts that involve a screen, and focus more on creative play and activity.

We received an opportunity to work with KidKraft for the holidays, and given the chance to check out their awesome Mega Ramp Raceway in person. We're big fans of KidKraft. Their products are unique, and so much fun to play with! KidKraft has been a leader in the world of toys and furniture for over forty years. KidKraft specializes in toys that are inventive, interactive and educational. Play kitchens, dollhouses, doll furniture and train sets are just some of the many items that KidKraft is recognized for throughout the world.

KidKraft also makes children’s furniture items such as chairs, tables, train tables, vanities and beds. In fact, if it goes in your young boy or girl’s bedroom, there’s a good chance KidKraft makes it!

Everything KidKraft sells is designed by a team of dedicated engineers who focus on making each product as safe and sturdy as possible. This means that everything from the company’s large outdoor playhouses to its small step stools will last for years and years and can be even passed on from one generation to the next.

We were thrilled to receive KidKraft's Mega Ramp Raceway this holiday season, and couldn't wait to put it together to see what it looked like, and how it played.

Our set came packaged in a large box, with a colorful photo of a boy playing with the set.

We opened the box to find lots of instructions, and lots of wooden pieces, well protected by Styrofoam.

My husband and I appreciate the packaging quality. All of the pieces were very well protected. Some of the wooden pieces aren't necessarily thick, and I was worried about bumps and chips during shipping. We checked every piece over before we began to put this set together, and every single one of them was fully intact.

A helpful instructional booklet came with our set.

The instructions for putting this set together seemed overwhelming and complicated to me, but they were a breeze for my husband to follow. He said the instructions were well laid out, which he appreciated. It was also helpful to have photo instructions to follow.

Just a few of the pieces- the ramps, and the raceway lights, which really light up!

The set also included five small wooden cars, and a helicopter, with a spinning propeller.

KidKraft always includes the hardware needed to assemble playsets and furniture.

At first glance, I was worried that putting this play set together would take a very long time. I am not handy, I don't follow directions all that well, and I lack patience, so I knew that this would be a job for my all star husband, who is crazy wonderful when it comes to putting things together. Before we started, hubby read through all of the directions, and I laid out all of the pieces. Each and every piece was numbered from 1-36 (yes- this set has a lot of pieces!). I actually lined them up in numerical order, so we could just grab the piece that was needed next, without having to hunt for it.

Hubby started with the base, and the part of the tower that would become the car elevator.

Here, hubby is working on the car wash area of the play set. We had to turn it on its side to screw pieces in from the bottom.

We moved right along, and began working on the different levels of the play set.

Within about 40 minutes, hubby had the majority of the play set put together.

Our biggest frustration while putting the Mega Raceway Ramp together, was that even though the photos told you which screws to use in certain areas, the screws were colored, and the instructions didn't tell us where to use certain colors. We guessed at the colors, trying to match them to the colors of the areas around the screw holes, but in the end, we wound up with mismatches. 

The is the raceway. It tilts, and the cars can race side by side! At the top, there is a ramp that moves up and down (angled), to give the cars a good start to racing down the raceway!

It took close to an hour to get the entire set put together, but once he was finished, my hubby couldn't wait to play with it!

I love the bright colors, the working car lift, the helipad, ramp, car wash, and more!

Just give a push on the lift, to make it go up or down!

The cars need gas and they're in a hurry! They're racing to the service station at the base of the playset! Fill'er up!

Here's what i think B will love most- the raceway lights that really light up! 3, 2, 1, RACE!

The KidKraft Mega Ramp Raceway is the ultimate Christmas gift! It has so many cool features!

There are so many cool ways to play with the Mega Ramp Raceway! I love that it's compatible with Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars. B owns tons of cars, and I know he's going to have a blast racing them all down the raceway, sending them through the car wash, going up and down the elevator, and perhaps even sending the helicopter out on a rescue mission or two!

Mega Ramp Racing Set
Details of the KidKraft Mega Ramp Raceway Playset

Compatible with Matchbox® car collection and Hot Wheels®
Our Mega Ramp Racing Set gives young kids an awesome one-stop shop for all of their favorite toy cars
It’s a speedy ramp, a parking garage, an elevator, a car wash and a gas station all in one convenient package!
The centerpiece of this jumbo-sized racing set is its three-level “Mega Ramp,” which launches cars high in the air after they build up momentum
There’s even a launch pad that kids lower to let the cars go, guaranteeing that they take off at the same time
Three lights – green, yellow and red – that help countdown to the beginning of race time
Gliding elevator takes passengers to the top of the parking garage
Three-level spiral ramp
Helicopter and helipad
Car wash with moving brushes
Five vehicles
Gas station
Dimensions: 29.53" L x 14.96" W x 4.92" H

KidKraft offers so many amazing products for children! 
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KidKraft has got you covered when it comes to finding that special gift that's going to knock your little one's socks off! Whether you're doing some holiday shopping, or are looking ahead for birthday gifts, room makeovers, special spring and summer fun products, KidKraft is the way to go. We have had the KidKraft Everyday Heroes House for almost two years, and the playset has held up incredibly well. B loves KidKraft products, and so do his mom and dad. Their craftsmanship and quality just can't be beat.

Want It? Get It!

Head on over to KidKraft to browse all of their wonderful children's products, from toys to furniture! Shop by category, find assembly instructions, or order additional parts for your KidKraft products. KidKraft products can be ordered online, or can be purchased at select retail stores, such as Target. Check out the KidKraft blog for more creative play ideas, or for news and updates from KidKraft. You can also connect with KidKraft through Facebook, and Twitter.

Special thanks to our friends at KidKraft for allowing us to review and share about their awesome Mega Ramp Raceway Play Set! We can't wait to share more KidKraft fun with you in 2015!

Happy holidays!

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  1. My son would really enjoy this--he'd think it was the greatest thing ever.


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