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Kid Kraft Everyday Heroes House (#Review)

Part of MBP's Get Out and Play Week

We've been having a lot (and I do mean a lot) of rainy days here in North Carolina. It seems like the entire winter season was rainy, especially in February and March (windy, too). April is not disappointing, either- with its famous April showers. Hopefully my flowers will show glorious blooms in May! What is disappointing about rainy weather, though, is that it means we have to stay inside, and can't go out and play- even if the temperatures are warm. Having great toys to stimulate imaginitive play and learning is very important to both myself and my husband, and we couldn't be happier with Balian's latest treasured toy!

We were recently given the opportunity to work with KidKraft, a pioneer and leader in the children's furniture and toy industry. KidKraft has been bringing children finely crafted wooden products since 1968. Founded by engineers, KidKraft is committed to quality, and customer satisfaction. One of KidKraft's top goals remains to connect children with heirloom wooden toys and furnishings to spark their imagination and creativity.

When I found out that KidKraft was going to send Balian their magnificent Everyday Heroes House, I was so excited! It isn't very often that you come across a play house for boys! So, we waited just a couple of days, and then our favorite delivery driver dropped off a very special package for Balian, stright from KidKraft!

Balian's now famous words after the mail arrives, 'Is that for me?'

Our KidKraft Everyday Heroes House arrived in a very large box, which was packed well with styrofoam to protect all of the wooden pieces, some of them delicate. The Everyday Heroes House from KidKraft arrived  in three pieces. Hardware was included so my husband could hinge the house together. This four section, three floor house is absolutely the coolest thing we have reviewed in a long time. Balian was overwhelmed with all there was to see and do in his new Hero House.

Still in pieces, the KidKraft Everyday Heroes House...

The outside of the Everyday Heroes House shows you that you are about to enter a police station and firehouse, in one. There are doors to the different sections of the house, which are wide enough for the hero vehicles (a firetruck and a police motorcylce) to drive right through!

Balian waited patiently as daddy set the Hero House up for playtime!

We love the deatails and the bright colors of the Everyday Heroes House by KidKraft! The house features four sections, with three floors, and twelve rooms! On top of the house, there is a basketball court, and a hellipad! The house comes with furniture and accessories, two hero dolls (police officer and fireman), two dogs, and three rescue vehicles: a hellicopter, firetruck and police motorcycle.

Seriously- how cool is this house?

Here's what the other side of the house looks like... also very cool!

Balian couldn't wait to start putting the furniture in all of the rooms of his new Hero House!

The Everyday Heroes House has some awesomely cool features. Balian's favorite vehicle, by far, is the hellicopter, which has propellars that really spin. He loves making it fly around and around, and thne practicing landing the hellicopter on the hellipad. Other cool features include a fireman's pole, which goes from the third floor to the first floor, and is wide enough for the hero dolls to slide through! The firehouse side also has a plastic bell at the top, which swings.

Check out the hellipad and the fireman's pole!

The bell is lots of fun to 'ring.'

B has also had lots of fun putting the heroes into their vehicles. B digs motorcycles, and loves that his policeman has a motorcycle to ride on! The fireman has lots of room to drive his firetruck around the hero house. The firetruck even has a little string and wooden hose that can be wound around the back of the truck! Balian likes to play with the puppy dog fugurines, as well. He loves making them go lay down in the doggy bed, and giving them 'food and water' in their doggy bowl.

Heroes are in their vehicles and ready to help their neighbors!

Balian and daddy are giving the heroes a pep talk before they take off on their rescue mission!

Rescue Heroes, away!

The Everyday Heroes House by KidKraft features rooms like a bedroom for bunk beds, a living room or lounge, a bathroom, two kitchens, an office, and exercise room, a common room, and garages for the vehicles! Furniture for the rooms includes a treadmill, a stove, kitchen table and chairs, computer, TV, desk, couch, chair, potty, bathtub, and more! For me, it's so much fun watching Balian use his imagination as he plays with this house. He's incredibly particular about where everything ought to go in the house... just like his mommy! We usually leave the Everday Heroes House out during the day, because Balian likes to play with it off and on. The neat things about it, is that even though it's a big house, it folds in, making it incredible easy to store until it's ready to be played with again!

Hard at play with the Everyday Heroes House...

Here's what the house looks like when it's all folded up...

I think it is so cool that KidKraft thought to make a Hero House for boys. I loved the dollhouse that my grandfather built for me when I was litle, and truly loved playing with it as I grew up. I've known a lot of little boys who have liked to play with their sister's dollhouses, which is totally fine, but now, they can feel special by having their very own Everyday Heroes House for the heroes they look up to, and maybe even hope to one day become, themselves!

KidKraft's products are really gorgeous. The attention to design and detail in their pieces is incredible. I have spent a lot of time looking through many of the products that KidKraft offers, from their play items to their furniture and decor.

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All of our family members and B's pals have been extremely impressed by how neat the Everyday Heroes House is! It's one of the few toys that Balian asks to play with over and over again, and it really helps both my husband and me to be able to have a lot of fun playing with our son. The Everyday Heroes House has something for everyone. This has been our first experience with KidKraft, and we were drawn to their products with good reason. The design and construction can't be beat, and we've got one happy camper on our hands, thanks to our friends at KidKraft! Now we have a very long KidKraft wishlist, but that's okay!

Extra, Extra! Read all about it- we think KidKraft rocks!

Want It? Buy It!

The Everyday Heroes House by Kidkraft can be purchased through several retailers who carry KidKraft products, and specifically, you can find this special house, and many others, on Amazon. The KidKraft website is bright, colorful, and has a lot of helpful information for parents and gift-givers, so be sure to check it out! KidKraft is social and would love to connect with you through Facebook, and Twitter!

Special thanks to the folks at KidKraft for making our very first experience with KidKraft a very happy one! Balian loves his Everyday Heroes House, and we know we'll be playing with it for a long, long time!

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Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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