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If you're like me, flawless skin does not come naturally. I'm 28 and thought at this point in my life I wouldn't have to deal with acne or acne scars, but that just isn't the case. While my skin isn't terrible, it's got a long way to go. I'm always looking for the latest and greatest makeup to help cover up and give me that desired, clear complexion. 

Over the years I've amassed quite a collection of various products all claiming to cover dark spots, red blotches and keep your pores clean. I've found a few different products that I really like, only to have them yanked from the shelves of the formula changed. It can be frustrating and time consuming to find a new foundation and powder, not to mention you are putting your skin at risk every time you use a new product. 

In my spare time I watch YouTube makeup tutorials and product reviews. I've come across a number of vloggers talking about Magic Minerals and how it helped them achieve their bright, perfect complexion. I kept thinking, if it's helped them, what could it do for me? I had to give it a try. 

Beautiful Compact and Stubby Brush

Jerome Alexander created Magic Minerals so women could look their best every day. Magic Minerals is a foundation, powder, and concealer all in one. The compact has four different color correcting flecks  that really intrigued me. The Lavender for sallow complexion, Pink for dark circles and uneven skin tone, Yellow for brightening, and Mint for redness and breakouts. Magic Minerals is in-cased in a gold compact and comes with a fluffy brush to apply and blend. 

All the color correcting flecks.

 I was excited to try it out for myself, so as soon as the Magic Minerals arrived, I ran to the bathroom to try it. I washed my face first to make sure I had a clean canvas. Next I applied a small amount of primer to help keep the magic minerals in place. I swirled the brush into the mineral compact and applied a small amount in a circular motion. A small amount goes a long way. 

This small amount covered a pretty large area! I love that brush, it's fantastic! 

After applying magic minerals all over my face, I noticed that the redness in my checks had vanished and my skin looked so much brighter. The mineral compact looked a bit darker than my skin tone, so I was nervous that it wouldn't match my skin tone. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it did blend in and matched perfectly. I did a bit of research and learned that Magic Minerals adjusts to your skin tone. I couldn't believe how well it did adjust to my skin tone. 

Makeup free. Look at the huge acne mark on my cheek. Gross! 

Magic Minerals claims that is lasts for 12 hours, but I was a bit skeptical.I have very oily skin and most of my makeup pools around my nose, or slide off my face after a few hours. I got up the next morning and began to apply my makeup. It was around 6am and I waited until 8pm to take my makeup off. While I did have a bit of shine, my makeup looked great, almost as fresh as when I put it on. 

Blurry but still looking good at the end of the day! Acne mark is still covered up! 

I really love the Magic Minerals is Fragrance and Talc Free and has Natural SPF. It's also Hypoallergenic and has no Irritants. I tend to breakout easily, so all these help to keep my skin breakout free and looking great. I've been wearing Magic Minerals for nearly two weeks and I can say that I haven't noticed anything bad about it. You can customize the coverage by applying as little or as much as needed. It is very buildable. During the day I use just a small amount and at night I add more to build more coverage. 

I love how my skin looks when I wear Magic Minerals, it has quickly become my favorite foundation and powder and for $19.99 you can't beat the price. 

Want It? Buy It?

If you are interested in Magic Minerals, you can order it directly from their website. For $19.99 you'll receive MAgic Minerals compact and blending sponge. You'll also receive a professional stubby brush and black lash extending mascara. You'll also receive a 60 day money back guarantee. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter

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