Fitness Tip Friday, Turn that mess into a workout.

I hope you all, who celebrate, had a very Merry Christmas. I was blessed to spend it with my In-Laws this year. We all get along pretty well, so it was a good time had by all! However, I overindulged just a bit and now I am left feeling like I need to chill on the couch for a few days to recover. But, I know many of you are just clamoring to try out your new workout gear or, just get the house back in order. 

While you are cleaning up the giant mess, and putting the new gifts away, why not turn it into a workout? If you are cleaning up wrapping paper, make a pile of paper, and get a trash bag. Set the trash bag at your feet, and the pile of paper by your head and lie on your back. You'll now have to do a sit up everytime you need to throw away a piece of paper. 

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Add the pile of wrapping paper above your head, and the trash bag between your feet. Now, follow her lead! 

When picking up gifts off the floor, why not turn it into a chance for squats. It's a quick way to give yourself an extra boost of energy and a quick workout! 

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Imagine the medicine ball as the gifts under the tree. Now, follow her lead! 

There are so many other ways to add a workout into your day, comment down below if you have any tips that you incorporate during the Holidays. 

Happy Friday! 

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