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Pedigree Stackerz, #Review

My dogs are everything to me. We have 2 dogs, Buddy, who is a 9 year old shi' tzu/yorkie mix, and Diesel, well we're not really sure what he is! They are not just pets, they are family members and we treat them as such. They sleep in the bed with us, they go on trips with us, they go for rides in the car, even when there is no need to go anywhere. We play hard, and treats are a daily reward for good behavior, and just because! 

Pedigree has been a staple in our house for years, and I was so happy to get a chance to let my pups try out their new Stackerz treats. Stackerz come in 3 different flavors: Smoky Bacon and Cheddar, Grilled Chicken and NY Strip, and Filet Mignon and Bacon. Each flavor is stacked on top of the other flavor, making it a new way to treat your dogs. 

When I came home with the treats, my dogs were all over the bag before I could even get in the door. They knew I had something special for them, but I made them wait. I wanted to check them out for myself. I noticed that the first ingredient on all the packages is meat. That made me feel good about giving my dogs Stackerz. Each Stackerz is a long, stick style treat that is segmented into 3 sections. You can choose to give your dog the whole treat or break it into smaller treats. I love this since I have both small and large dogs. I decided to break the three treats down into three pieces each, that way on treat fed both dogs and I still had a piece left over. The treats are soft and easy to chew, and Buddy, who's 9, appreciated this! 

Buddy and Diesel were begging for the Stackerz before I could open the bags. Buddy ran off with his treat and hid his for later. Diesel devoured his in seconds, and came back for more and I was happy to oblige. It took Buddy about half the day to eat his treat, but once he did, he was sold on it. Every time I opened the pantry, he would come running for a Stackerz. 

I honestly thought the Stackerz smelled good enough to eat! And, for my dogs, they were good enough to eat. Stackerz were a huge hit with my pups, and I've gone out to replace the empty bags at least twice. These would be a fantastic holiday gift and the can be found for under $5.00, making it an inexpensive way to show your dogs you love them! 

Pedigree Stackerz are on the treat rotation in our house, and my dogs love them! 

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Thanks to Pedigree for allowing me to review their fantastic Stackerz Treats. 

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