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Marvel Universe LIVE Recap

Last night, we had the pleasure of seeing MARVEL Universe LIVE at our favorite venue- Time Warner Cable Arena, in Charlotte, NC. Marvel Univserse LIVE is produced by FELD Entertainment, a leader in live tour productions. When we learned that we would be able to attend this spectacular live show, and I told B about it, he was excited beyond belief! We had a little countdown going on at home, the entire week prior to the show! We invited cousin C to come along with us, because he's also a big fan of these awesome heroes.

The stage was set for Marvel Universe LIVE!

These boys couldn't wait for the show to start! We literally counted down the minutes to start time.

Repreve was a sponsor of the show, and had many special guests, thanks to their recycling efforts.

Once the show started, the lights went down, and we were ready to see some action! I'm pretty girly, but even I couldn't wait to see our favorite heroes live! We wondered which hero would appear first?

This show utilized every area of the floor in the arena. We loved the use of the screens for 'travel time.'

The show opened with none other than Thor...

...and Lochi (who was up to no good!)!

After the opening scene, our attention was diverted to Tony Stark and Pepper Potts! Lots of silly banter between Tony and Jarvis took place through out the show, and I thought that the actor who played Tony resembeled him well.

Tony and Pepper, in Tony's lab.

Tony called upon Captain America, who was helping a little old lady cross the street. Such a gentleman!

Next up, who should appear, but Peter Parker, as Spiderman!

Meanwhile, Lochi was still up to no good! He had kidnapped Wolverine, Storm and other dude! The heroes rushed to their aid, and made an attempt to free the three X-Men heroes, but were only able to free Wolverine. Mad with rage, Wolverine vowed to set his friends free, and destroy Lochi!

Lochi and the X-Men.

Iron Man knew Wolverine couldn't free his friends and defeat Lochi alone, so he called an assembly of heroes, where they all came together to come up with a plan to free their friends and defeat Lochi.

Heroes- Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor, Bruce Banner, Wolverine, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Hawkeye.

Wolverine wasn't convinced of the heroes' plan to free his friends, and he decided he would rather take a stab at freeing them on his own! He went roge! Bruce, however, decided it would be best to go with him- so the two set out on their own adventure!

We grabbed a popcorn snack during the intermission, and couldn't wait for the second half of the show to start!

There was so much action in the first half of the show, that it went by super fast! We knew that we'd be seeing even more heroes and villains in the second half! Jarvis spoke to the crowd, and informed us that there may be periods of darkness and special effects in the second half, so we braced ourselves for even more action and adventure! We couldn't wait to see each team of heroes battle their enemies!

In the first team battle, we saw Iron Man deafeat Killian, with help from Hawkeye and Captain Marvel!

In the second battle, Spiderman and Thor were up against the Green Goblin and Dr. Oct!

We saw Black Widow and Captain America take on Hydra, and several other villains- all while doing stunts on their dirt bikes! They rode their bikes up high, and jumped back down to the floor with them! It was spectacular! Those heroes are truly brave!

We also watched Bruce Banner and Wolverine battle against the cold, snowy climate. They also did some stunts and jumps with their dirt bikes, which were cool. and did some pretty intense climbing! Bruce had to be careful to keep his cool and not turn into The Hulk, so he wouldn't cause an avalanche!

In the final battle, all of the heroes had to fight all of their enemies at once! There were battles happening everywhere!

Here comes the Green Goblin- again! Look out!

Those villains were no match for these heroes!

Thor, using his hammer in battle...

...and Captain America, kicking tushies and taking names!

All through out the show, B and C were asking, 'When will Hulk come out?' They desperately wanted Bruce Banner to grow angry and turn into the Hulk. Finally, during the last battle, Lochi was up to his old tricks, and made Bruce mad, so he did in fact turn into the HULK!

HULK Smash!

I have to say, Hulk was the highlight of the show. He was huge! The crowd went wild for Hulk- cheering for him the whole time, and chanting, 'Hulk smash, Hulk smash!' I know our boys were super excited to see Hulk, and couldn't wait to see him Smash Lochi!

In the end, all of the heroes worked together to send Lochi packing- but who knows for how long?

The heroes celebrated their efforts, commending one another on a job well done!

At the end of the show, the heroes presented themselves to the audience, and took their superhero stances.

We loved the Marvel Universe LIVE show. It's probably one of the best live shows we've seen from FELD Entertainment. The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and I enjoyed the show more than I expected I would. I appreciate that the show was true to each hero's character. There was no rude language or action, none of the characters or costumes were too scary, and the special effects were really cool! The lights, stunts, and pyrotechics used in the show were just really neat. I also noted that the overall sound was at a much more reasonable volume during the duration of the show. In the past, the sound and music has been way too loud, making it difficult to enjoy. This time, the balance was just right!

Thanks to the team behind the scenes and the actors and stuntmen of Marvel Universe LIVE for putting on such an awesome show! I highly recommend this show- it's fun, exciting, and family friendly. Boys and girls alike will enjoy this action packed show!

Want to see Marvel Universe Live in Charlotte this weekend?

Show Info for Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, NC

November 15: 3 pm
November 15: 7 pm
November 16: 1 pm
November 16: 5 pm

Doors open one hour before showtime. Purchase tickets online or at the box office.

Visit TicketMaster for more information or to purchase tickets for Marvel Universe Live! Never miss an update from Time Warner Cable Area. Visit their official TWCA website for more information.

Special thanks to TimeWarner Cable Arena and FELD Entertainment for hosting us at the Marvel Universe LIVE show! We had a blast, and can't wait to see what FELD Entertainment will come out with next!


  1. I'm pretty sure the "grown up" boys in my family would like to go to this too! lol


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