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Awesome Fitness Gifts by Mika Yoga Wear #Review #HolidayGiftGuide

Are you feeling the *stress* of the season yet? I have to say that although I look forward to Christmas (even more so now that I am a parent), I have always found this time of year incredibly stressful. I try hard not to lose sight of what Christmas is all about- you know, a tiny baby who came to give hope to the world. That said, there's so much to be done- the decorating, the giving and service projects, the shopping- and for our family (of musicians and worship leaders), the music and worship prep that comes with the Advent season. What a joyous time of celebration, and yes, stress.

In an effort to stay focused and centered (especially during this busy time), I try to find a little time each day for a focus on health and wellness through yoga and pilates. I take time to exercise, because I like to stay fit, and know how important that is for my overall health. Yoga is awesome- not always easy for me, but I really enjoy the quiet, and the stretching. Since I began practicing yoga and pilates, I have learned that wearing proper apparel is really important. Nothing is worse than having your clothing too loose or catching when you're trying to move into a new pose or position.

I pretty much do either yoga or pilates daily- at least five times a week. I don't go crazy, doing it for an hour, but I try to get in anywhere from 20-35 minutes a day. The benefits are completely worth it- even if it means getting up early! I have met and worn a lot of 'yoga pants' through the years, but there are none that I have loved and enjoyed wearing more than the yoga leggings I recently received from Mika Yoga Wear.

Mika aims to produce affordable, fresh, flattering, feminine workout wear for women all over the world. Mika understands that all of our bodies were created and are shaped differently, and strive to make pieces that will encompass all. Their beautiful fitness apparel pieces are crafted with the person wearing them in mind. Mika pieces are made of fabrics that are meant to fit the body, and move with the body, allowing the wearer to be completely distraction-free. Mika pieces are perfect for all types of fitness and movement- from hot yoga to pole fitness and pilates.

I was offered the opportunity to select a couple of fitness apparel pieces from Mika, and chose a top and bottom that I felt would be comfortable for me during pilates and yoga.

Mika has so many beautiful designs that it took me a while to decide which top I wanted. The bottoms I chose fairly quickly, because they struck me as unique, right away. Mika offers a lot of beautiful yoga shorts, and if I were a bit more sculpted, I might have gone with a pair, but for now, I knew I wanted a bottom that offered full coverage, and the same of the top I chose.

I selected the Serena Top in Sugarplum with Copper Braid.

The Serena Top offers a modest fit, full coverage, and Perfit by Mika.

I chose the Serena Top because I really liked the style and the shape of it. It's modest without being frumpy. This is a top that a fashion forward fitness gal like myself would want to own and would be proud to wear. The halter neck is fun, and a bit different for a fitness top. The Serena Top has a built in shelf bra, which I really appreciate, because many other fitness tops that I own have the worst, non supportive shelf bras inside of them. Just because I'm not running doesn't mean that I still don't want that support- thank you, Mika!

The Perfit technology by Mika is pretty awesome! The fabric is double soft and silky, yet objects don't catch on the fabric. It stretches and moves with you when worn, and hods its shape, even after washing it.

The copper braid down the back of the Serena Top is so beautiful!

A pretty color contrast, and eye catcher!

The braid down the back of the Serena Top from Mika is truly lovely. It not only looks great, but it actually helps hold the top together for you, due to the halter neckline. I was worried that the braid might feel uncomfortable on my back during floor exercises in pilates, but I barely feel it when on my back, and definitely love that it's helping to hold my top in place.

The fit is PERFIT!

I love the way the Serena Top fits- front and back. It's fitting, but not too tight, and it's definitely not loose. When bending over for stretches during yoga, the top doesn't flip and flap up on me, making me bare my tummy. I love that it stays in place, no matter which way I move. Even when I do moves like 'Rolling Like a Bull,' the tops stays where it's supposed to. I love having a fashionable, modest fitness top that doesn't hinder me from completing my movements.

Serena Top
Details of the Serena Top by Mika Yoga Wear

Features: Braided razor back, shelf bra.
Length: 17 1/4" (from the top of the neck line to the bottom hem)
Fabric: Perfit
Care: Wash with like colors.  For best results, hang dry, or tumble low. Do not wash with towels.
Designed for: Hot yoga, dance, swim, more fashionable conservative ladies.
Activity level: Best for low to medium intensity.
Flat Seams to avoid chafing.
Medium-low scoop neckline.
Available in 6 colors.

I knew I would need bottoms to go with my new Serena Top, so I chose the beautiful Gaby Pants.

The Gaby pants fit like leggings, and offer a unique, playful twist!

Here's the thing about yoga pants... there are a lot of yoga pants that are soft, stretchy and comfy. I classify them as loungewear, not fitness apparel. When I'm working out, I want that sort of tight, compressed feel, with a soft, comfortable fabric that moves with me, and doesn't work against me. I don't like wearing 'yoga pants' that you might think of during yoga and pilates, because even though they might fit in the thigh, they're loose at the bottom, and that loose, open fabric gets caught when doing leg circles, yoga poses, etc. I need yoga pants that go where I go, not something that's going to be swishing around on me.

Here's why I love the Gaby Pants by Mika- look at that fit!

The Gaby pants are amazing! They offer coverage over the tummy, which is great for gals like me who are trim, but still have that dreaded baby pooch problem area that just won't go away no matter what you do! The Gaby Pants fit like leggings- like second skin, really. They are super soft, compressed, yet stretchy, and fit beautifully. I normally say that I would never leave my house wearing yoga pants, but I just might wear these out, that's how much I adore them!

The Gaby Pants feature a unique ruching at the ankle, and you can choose to gather the fabric around the ankle, or pull it down over your heel and the top of your foot- which is how I like to wear them. I have been impressed that even when wearing them over the heel, I experienced no slippage in my footing during yoga/pilates. My feet stayed in place on the mat. These pants offer the same Perfit technology as the Serena Top, and they stay in place on the body during movement. I expected the top to fold over on me at the waist, and surprisingly- they didn't, which made me super happy!

Gaby Pant
Details of the Gaby Pants by Mika Yoga Wear

Features: Sleek fit and seamless soft V cut waistband provides good stretch. Gathered Ankle, designed to wear over the foot or bunched at the ankle.
Fabric: Perfit
Care: Wash with like colors.  For best results, hang dry, or tumble low. Do not wash with towels.
Designed for: Hot yoga, yoga, aerial silk, running, gym, feeling like wonder woman!
Activity level: Best for low to high intensity.
Mid Rise 
Inseam: 36" inseam for luscious long legs!
Available in three colors

My Mika Yoga Wear pieces are now my favorite pieces to work out in!

Lets do some yoga!

Mika offers many beautifully designed fitness apparel pieces that are perfect for all types of yoga, pliates, dance, pole fitness, swimming, etc!

Eliza Top
Eliza Top

Lucia Short
Lucia Short

Mia Capri
Mia Capri

Luisa Dress
Luisa Dress

Mika Yoga Wear fitness apparel and accessories would make wonderful holiday gifts! I highly recommend both the Serena Top and Gaby Pants! I love that Mika designs their clothing to fit well, last for a lng time, and they that are made for real women- women with hips and curves. You don't have to have the body of a dancer to feel comfortable in Mika Yoga Wear! I'd lve to add the Luisa Dress to my Mika collection- looks like the perfect thing to throw on before or after a workout, or to wear any old time!

Want It? Get It!

Head on over to Mika Yoga Wear to learn more about Mika, and to browse their beautiful collection of yoga wear and accessories! Can't choose one piece over the other for a gift this year? Go with a Mika gift card! Stay connected with Mika through Mika on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and through the Mika blog! Mika offers free shipping on domestic orders over $100.00. 

Special thanks to Mika Yoga Wear for outfitting me in this beautiful yoga outfit and for allowing me to share about Mika with the MBP community!

Stay fit & stay stylish!


  1. In order for you to achieve optimal fitness, weight-loss, and fat-loss within your strength and fitness program, your yoga workouts should definitely reach some higher levels of intensity.

  2. I love such gifts! These are looking really nice, and you seem a lot very happy wearing it! I also got alo yoga pants as a gift last year. I am still wearing those pants and even today they look brand new. Such gifts make you feel on top of the world.


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