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2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Get Some Sleep with Aerobed {Review}

The holidays are a time when families come together and spend time together. My holidays usually consist of people visiting our house and staying for a few days. Luckily, we have a pullout couch, two extra beds, and a huge sectional that sleeps very comfortably (so I have heard) which usually suffices for all our visitors. Every once in awhile we will have more than we can sleep and need to rely on an air mattress or two.
 What a better way to sleep when you are away from home then a comfy air mattress right? I know not everyone loves air mattresses, but I, myself have never minded them, and my kids love to sleep on them. We have a small twin sized one that we have taken on vacation before and we also have used it for sibling sleepovers in their rooms, which they really enjoy. We were given the opportunity to work with a company that specializes in comfortable, affordable, high quality air mattresses in a variety of sizes and styles.
 Aerobed, founded in 1992, is a company that offers you a better night's sleep when you need it. They have performed extensive consumer research to become the leading innovator of premium, stylish, technologically-advanced airbeds. Aerobed is more than just an airbed company though, they continually strive to offer the most unique and high quality products that are convenient, comfortable, durable, and stylish for both indoor and outdoor needs. Aerobed constantly adds new innovations to their already great products, making them stand out even more. In 2010, Aerobed merged with The Coleman Company to create an even stronger market of airbeds that all customers could appreciate.
I connected with Aerobed to partner and bring our readers more information about the company and its products. After communicating with Jaimie, I sent her our top three picks, which were:

Jaimie suggested with go with option number three, the Lasting Comfort Headboard Bed. She felt this was a great bed for family visits with the headboard offering an added comfort and also kids who might have some fun on air mattress because of the enhanced durability. I completely agreed with her suggestion and couldn't wait to see it and try it in person.
Our Aerobed package was delivered UPS 3 day ship. It arrived just like this.
I love that you can see exactly what it is. The box is filled with information about the bed, including:
  • The Original Aerobed Lasting Comfort Headboard Bed with Enhanced Durability
    • Queen sized, fits standard queen size sheets 78x60x18"
    • Headboard keeps pillow in place
    • Stronger bed for increased puncture resistance
    • Comfortable 18" elevated bed for superior comfort and support
    • Fast inflate and deflate with powerful built in pump
    • The ultimate in durability and innovation
Inside our main box, we found another box that contained our airbed from Aerobed.
The bed retails for $199.99 but is currently on sale for $149.99
Also included were a carrying/storage bag, instruction manual, and a hygiene warning (this product should not be returned to the retailer once the plastic bag has been opened).
Taking it out of the package. The bed all wrapped up is very large and looked liked high quality in both material and make. The instructions told me to remove the bed and place it on the floor, free of obstruction and sharp objects.
Next, I looked over the Whoosh valve and pump to make sure the valve was closed and latched. This keeps the air in the airbed. It was very easy for me to open and close, but my kids would not be able to use it, I really appreciate that feature. After I checked everything over, I plugged the pump into our outlet and turned the dial to the inflate position.
Here is video of the bed inflating. It took just about 4 minutes total for the entire thing to inflate, but was so easy because of the built in hands free pump.
When the bed reached the firmness I desired, I turned the pumps dial to the neutral position. This stopped the pump but kept the air inside the bed.
The bed was a great size, the queen could easily fit two people, but would be extra comfy for a single person. It didn't fold up in the middle like some other airbeds I have used before and didn't squeak and wrinkle when you move either. The headboard is a really nice feature too. I could definitely see us taking this on vacation and using it for the kids and even ourselves. I know we will use it at a church retreat we are thinking about attending (much better than a sleeping bag on the floor).
Ready to deflate
 It only took a few minutes to deflate and all of the air easily was released. I have always had trouble getting all of the air out of an airbed to store it, but this time was a breeze. I then folded it following all of the directions and put it in the included storage bag. Again, I have never had an easy time getting an airbed back to its original storage, but with the folding instructions and storage bag, it was really an easy task.
I am very impressed with our Aerobed Lasting Comfort Headboard Bed with Enhanced Durability. I know that our guests and ourselves will be able to rest with ease and comfort while using it and that it won't take a lot of time to set up or take down, making it easy for quick or long term use. Don't wait to shop, your guests will be there soon and will need a place to sleep!

Want It? Buy It!
Have family coming to town for the Holidays? Interested in Aerobed? Aerobed airbeds have a variety of sizes, styles, and price ranges, so you can choose what will fit you best. Aerobed also offers free shipping with orders over $99. Make sure to check out their outdoor section for when the weather is nicer and you feel like a little camping. They also have some great items available in their clearance section.
 Thanks to Jaimie and Aerobed for our comfy sleeping airbed!

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  1. Now that my son is grown and off on his own I found myself with a small guest room and his larger bedroom empty. We don't get much company so I've decided to turn his room into a multi-purpose room for me! Complete with a desk, crafting and laundry/ironing/sewing area! The guest room only has a twin bed so this would be absolutely perfect to have on hand in a full size. I fell much better about my changes now.


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