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Spider Hat #Halloween #Craft

Are you looking for some easy, yet spooktacular crafts to do with your kiddos this Halloween? B has been into crafts and fun projects a bit more, lately, and I have been trying to come up with a few ideas that might interest him for Halloween! B is totally into Spiderman and all things spider-related right now, so I thought that a fun spider craft would be exciting and fun for him. I came across a cute photo of a makeshift spider hat, and decided to put my own spin on it, letting B do most of the work.

To make your spider hat, here's what you'll need:

Two pieces of black construction paper or cardstock
Wiggle eyes (in different sizes)
Craft glue
Children's scissors
*Craft Brads (optional)

Step 1: Fold one of the black pieces of paper in half, lengthwise. Cut down the middle, so you have two pieces of paper, the same size. Place pieces side by side, and tape together. Don't worry about fitting it to the child's head just yet- we'll get to that later.

Step 2: Find what will be the front center of the hat. Have an adult or older child helper place some craft glue dots all over one side of the paper. Leave the other side plain. Have your child begin to place wiggle eyes over the glue dots.

Step 3: As your child works on the wiggle eyes, take the second sheet of black paper, and fold in half (again, lenghtwise). Repeat the fold process twice more, so that you wind up with eight long black strips of paper.

Step 4: Check to see how those wiggle eyes are coming along! Looks great!

Step 5: Using child safety scissors, ask your child to help cut the black paper into 8 strips.

Step 6: Fold each paper strip three times, so you wind up with four sections.

You'll wind up with crinkle legs for the spider- you should have eight legs, total.

Step 7: After the wiggle eyes have dried, fit the paper strip to your child's head. Secure closed with scotch tape.

Your hat will look something like this.

Step 8: Using either tape or a craft brad (craft brad would be ideal, but I didn't have any on hand), fasten the legs together, and then fasten them to the spider hat.

Space the legs apart just a bit, so they look like they're dangling.

Ta-da! Your child will love his or her spooky spider hat that they made themselves!

Do be sure that the glue has dried completely before allowing your child to wear their hat, and an adult or older child should be on hand to supervise at all times. We so enjoyed making this fun Halloween craft! This would be great to do with one child, or a group of childern! It was fun and easy, and gave us a new dress up hat that we can keep and enjoy beyond Halloween!

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We hope you'll give this great craft a try!

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  1. You really out did yourself with this awesome spider hat. My 2 youngest grandsons would love this. I actually think I will make these hats for my grandsons around Halloween. They would really have fun with them thankyou so much for sharing.


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