Wordless Wednesdays: Wee Yogi


Happy Wednesday! I am so excited that it's a brand new day. I may need a whole lot of coffee to get through it, but it's a new day! Today will be a busy day for us, as B has school this morning, and then we begin Weekday Church School at our church this afternoon. I can't wait to meet a fresh group of little ones and have fun teaching them songs about God's love!

Since I knew today would be so crazy, I wanted to make sure that I had a meal plan together for today, and that I had a chance to exercise last night, in case it just doesn't happen today. B surprised me last night, and asked if he could do yoga with me, instead of just sort of watching me do pilates. I couldn't say no, because we love exercising together, and I really want to promote that sort of healthy drive to be fit in him.

Ready for yoga!

We found a great kids yoga program, called Cosmic Kids Yoga, which is super silly and fun. The instructor tells a story, and you act it out with her, by doing different yoga poses and moves. The program is designed for ages 3+, and lasts for about 20 minutes- the perfect length of time for little ones. We enjoyed not only watching the video and being told a new story, but learning some fun yoga poses together, and spending time together while we exercised.

We definitely felt refreshed, relaxed, and centered after our yoga lesson, and I hope that we can find the time to do another video again today. Maybe you'll give this a try with your kiddos?

Anyway, I challenge you to take a walk, take a stretch, do a little deep breathing, and have a wonderful Wednesday!

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