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Smooth Skin and Savings with Dollar Shave Club {Review}

I hate shaving, but it is obviously a necessary task in my life. My husband, Adam, feels pretty much the same way. He loves vacation time, a time to sit back, relax, and just let the hair grow. I have made the shameful and harmful choice to buy super cheap razors before and both of us have regretted that decision. I was happy to find this next company and hoping for a partnership that would benefit both myself and my husband and stop the days of shave regret and hate.
Dollar Shave Club is just what it says. A company, who delivers top quality razors and grooming supplies to members doors, for just a few dollars each month. There is not a membership fee, you belong to the "Club" just by paying for your razors and supplies each month. These razors are not just for men, women are more than welcome to try them out too!
How does it work? You simply create an account, choose your razor blade, add your shipping and billing information, and watch for your DSC package to arrive each month.
Your blade choices include the options of  $1/month, $6/month, or $9/month. Your first order will include the razors you have chosen, along with a free compatible handle. Check out what those options will get you:
  • 2 stainless steel blades
  • 5 cartridges per month
  • A great basic shaver, for guys who dig simplicity and precision
  • Lubricating strip moisturizes and soothes the skin
  • A shallow pivot head contours the face
  • Reliable - this is the ’82 wagon that starts when the temp’s below zero
  •  -$6-
  • 4 stainless steel blades
  • 4 cartridges per month
  • The last razor you’ll ever need - a gentle shave in a single stroke
  • You will love this razor - and your girlfriend can use it too
  • Full 90-degree pivot head hugs the turns, surges you onward
  • Wide-open back for a fast, easy rinse
  • Lubricating strip moisturizes and soothes the skin
  • -$9-
  • 6 stainless steel blades
  • 4 cartridges per month
  • The final frontier - it’s like a personal assistant for your face
  • Special trimmer edge
  • Full 90-degree pivot head
  • This blade comes from the future and lives in outer space
  • Wide rubber guard with wave fins brings the hair up to shave deep
  • Aloe, Vitamin E, and lavender lubricating strip moisturizes and calms sensitive skin

  • After being in contact with Dollar Shave Club, we were excited to get our package in the mail and see what it was all about. We also were going to try out some of the other DSC goodies that are available as add-ons to your regular monthly razors.
    Our DSC package has arrived!
    Love the play on words..."Shave Time, Shave Money"
    Opening it up we were greeted with this fun little saying. I love the packaging they have used, the phrases and wrapping really make it stand out from just a plain old box and packing peanuts.
    Along the top were a few cards with membership info, social media links, and product info. These cards are all really nicely done with a great sense of humor. It completely would appeal to men (and women) everywhere. There was also a "newsletter" of sorts called The Bathroom Minutes with even more cool and hilarious stuff.
    The first thing we came across in our box of goodies, Gentlemen's Wipes.
    40, 5x7" flushable moist wipes, just for wiping booties. For a quick $4 add-on, these gentle and effective wipes contain aloe and chamomile for a soothing, refreshing, clean end to a bathroom trip. I will have to say, we have a septic and these wipes are not septic safe, so we haven't given these a go yet, they will be put to the test soon, we are out in public plenty and the urge can hit at any time.
    Again, their marketing is great and each product comes with a little card with information and fun.
    Next I came across two handles, both really nice looking and feeling. I am not sure I have ever felt handles quite like these and I was impressed. Adam was really ready to try one out as soon as he saw them too. They seemed heavy duty and nice enough for a man or woman to use.
    Next find was two different sets of blades, the $6 and $9 options.
    The $6 blade (on the right/dark color)
    This is your new razor. And it’s also your girlfriend’s new razor. Or your boyfriend’s. You see, the 4X is also known as the Lover’s Blade. It was designed to satisfy the harshest critics of both genders, so you can share your subscription (but not your blades, gross) with someone you care about. It’s equally good for the face, legs, armpits, or anything else.
    For $6, you receive 4 cartridges a month, that is once a week fresh, clean razor shaving. These are so nice, I am claiming them for myself. I always nick myself, but not with these, they went smoothly over my skin and even my knees were spared and all the hair removed. My skin felt silky and smooth after shaving, I didn't even use lotion. These pair with the white handle, so also perfect for a woman in a neutral color and pretty lightweight. Can I say what a deal these are? I looked up one of the best rated women's razors and it will on average cost $102 a year for the handle and blades, while DSC would only run $72--DEAL!
    The $9 blade (on the left/green strip)
    What do you get the bathroom sink that has everything? The Executive. This blade is muy successful. Muy sexy. Weighty, substantial handle delivers the ultimate compliment to the man who understands. And the shave is so buttery, it feels like you're carving turns through a virgin Wyoming snowfall.
    For $9, you receive 4 cartridges a month, and with its 6 blades, you will not be missing too many hairs. Adam was really impressed how neatly and smoothly these razors went over his face. He liked the lubricating strip, his sensitive skin can get irritated by razors, but this offered him extra protection. He had a nice, close shave and felt it was a step up from what he had been using. The handle that pairs with these razors is also very sleek looking and fits well in his hand and has a good weight on it. For $9 each month, you would spend $108 a year, which for a great shave is hard to beat.
    Another add-on we received is Dr. Carver's Easy Shave Butter
    This 6 oz container is $8 and can be added to any monthly order. This shave butter is one of the best things I have ever shaved with, it completely beats out any shave gel I have used. Made with a slew of fun things, including black willow bark, pacific sea algae, and organic prickly pear cactus, this butter is really great. The scent is very light and gentle, not overpowering at all. It is lightweight and goes on smoothly, I used it on my legs and was thrilled with how hydrated they felt when I was done. It also rinsed well off of the razor and I didn't have to bang the blades against anything to clean it off. Adam liked that is was gentle on his face and didn't have any girly fragrance to it.
    The last thing in our DSC package was Dr. Carver's Magnanimous Post Shave
    This 3.4 oz container is a $9 add on and is made to instantly calm and soothe the skin after a shave and also offer all day hydration. It is non sticky and non greasy, safe for sensitive skin, and offers anti-aging protection. Adam liked the feel of this and didn't think it felt heavy or oily on his skin, he also appreciated that it was fragrance free. I have not used this to give my opinion, but is completely fine for women to use as well, I like the anti-aging aspect of it, so I am looking forward to trying it out just as a moisturizer.
    Ready to try out Dollar Shave Club? It is really easy to sign up and at any point in time, you can upgrade or downgrade your blade, it will change for the following month. It was also always include a compatible handle! You can also cancel at anytime, but really why would you want to? I am going to set up our account to keep our subscription up, it is inexpensive, great quality, and totally convenient, I am done with cheap, low quality junk and I suggest you check Dollar Shave Club out soon too!
      Want It? Buy It!
     What are your waiting for? Sign up and join now! Follow Dollar Shave Club on all their social media sites-Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You will be able to find photos, product information, user reviews, and more.  You can also read more about DSC on the blog here.
    Tons of thank yous to Dollar Shave Club!


    1. This is so amazing... loved this post! Thanks for sharing!

    2. Thanks Russell, we are very pleased with DSC!


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