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Find Your Inner Beauty Each Month with iBbeautiful {Review and Giveaway}

Raising girls is hard work. I know my girls are still young and the days will get harder, but I am trying to start teaching them to know how truly beautiful they are. Beauty is not what the outside shows, but what the inside is. Girls don't need to be anything but themselves, which is so hard for them to understand, they need to be and do whatever makes them the happiest. I can only hope I am doing the best for my girls now, so that as they grow, they know they are beautiful just as they are.

I was recently browsing online when I came across a company that is catering to tweens and teen girls, celebrating them as they truly are. Promoting the slogan, B Unique, B Happy, B You, this company offers a monthly box, full of fun accessory and beauty products that provide inspiration.

iBbeautiful, has the core belief that ALL girls are unique and beautiful just as they are. Mom, Cindy, founded iBbeautiful last July, after experiencing first hand with her own daughter, how tough navigating the tween/teen life really is. Cindy owns a brick and mortar gift store in Chappaqua, NY called Marmalade (I checked it out online and it has so amazing items, you might just want to take a look there too) and has a background in the garment industry in marketing and sales.With her knowledge and experiences, she looked to share and stay connected with her own daughter, but it was and is difficult. Focusing on helping girls look inward instead of outward at themselves, not trying to change to "fit in", and having confidence in themselves, Cindy wanted something new to create a positive message to girls in the tween/teen age group. iBbeautiful was created as a monthly experience that showed messages of empowerment and confidence and let them know they are beautiful.

 iBbeautiful's Mission Statement:
iBbeautiful's mission is to help young girls realize they are beautiful just as they are; without comparisons to how others look or act.  We do this by offering a monthly box of inspiration that includes fun lifestyle items and a message of empowerment to help young girls be confident, smart, brave, unique and kind.  Every girl should be confident that she will become the woman she is meant to be and can achieve anything she sets her mind to.

Cindy told me that since starting iBbeautiful, she has received countless emails and letters from moms, thanking them for these small gifts. These moms say the messages sent within the boxes have helped open up conversations with their daughters about confidence, happiness, and bravery. Cindy has even received letters from the girls as well, telling her that the iBbeautiful box was what helped them get through a rough day at school. Cindy has been so thankful that what she is creating, is working!

How Does iBbeautiful Work?
iBbeautiful is a really great way to encourage the special tween or teen in your life to always feel beautiful. With two options available: Graphic Tee Box ($28) or Basic Box ($18), you must sign up by the 15th of the month to receive that month's box, which ships at months end. After selecting your box type, you choose the size or age range and then patiently wait for your box to arrive.

What Comes in an iBbeautiful Box?
Graphic Tee Box: With this box you'll receive a cool graphic tee and a variety of super fun products to wear, try on, play with or sport around town. These items may be lip gloss, nail art, hair products, accessories, but you will never get the same product twice. These items may sometimes not even be released to the public or brand new to the market, and you have the chance to be the first one with them. Each product is carefully catered to the age group you fall in to.

Basic Box: The basic box is the same as the graphic tee box, minus the graphic tee.

We were given the chance to work with Cindy and try out our own iBbeautiful box for the month of September. I couldn't wait to see what empowering and exciting items we would get.

Our iBbeautiful September box is here!
The box was shipped USPS and was sturdy and secure when it arrived.

We were sent the iBbeautiful basic box. This was a great fit for us, since we don't really have a tween quite yet. I knew my beautiful girl would love to get some exciting items that truly showed her how special she is. S was thrilled to see something for her in the mailbox!
Wow, looks like it filled with goodies!
The theme for September is "New Beginnings". With school just starting, this is a great welcome to the new year box for girls.
B Strong-B Adventurous-B Smart-B You was the message on the back. It gives great advice for a new school year being a blank page for you to write your own story, a better version of you. I think this card really empowers girls to set goals and aspirations for themselves to become who they truly want to be.
I know S is still young, but she started this school year a bit differently. We held her back, as all her friends went on to Kindergarten, she was still in preschool. With an August cutoff date for school and her having a July birthday, we basically gave her the gift of time. When she is in high school, we hope that this extra year will give her the maturity and skills she needs to make the best choices for herself. She is very social, so we knew that she wouldn't struggle to make friends, but we did worry that she would be sad that she was not in her comfort zone. She has been completely in love with her teacher and class, we know we have chosen the best for her. This new beginnings, while being more for older girls, also fits S, she is able to completely be who she wants in her new class, while still growing and maturing at a pace that is appropriate.
Here is a look at all of the things we found in our September box, it was full!
A small paper gave us a heads up on everything that was in our box. I like these information cards, it gives you details on each item you receive and what their value is.
Let's explore our box more:
Item #1: Snifty Pencil
Retail Value $3
These scented pencils just hit the market
A #2 decorative pencil with a scented topper. Ours was cotton candy, and it smells identical to that big bag of pink or blue sugary goodness. Ours is also decorated in giraffes eating cotton candy from a ladder. I love how cute and creative this is, S loves using it for her homework pages.
Item #2: Mirror + Comb Set
Retail Value $6
A cute, quick way to check to make sure you look how you want.
This two piece set is perfect for a locker, purse, or backpack for last second fixes. Not only is this perfect for a tween, it is perfect for a 5 year old who loves to look and feel her best. S has spent much time combing her blond locks already.
Item #3: Beauty Junky Strawberry Gel Mask
Retail Value $3
A 15 minute beauty fix in a 0.5 ounce package.
This is a little grown up for S to use, but mommy can sure use it. It tones and deep cleans while smelling super yummy.
Item #4: Lace Up Socks
Retail Value $8
These adorable pink socks look just like shoes!
Both my son and the girls had baby versions of these socks. I love the idea and look of them, they are a perfect fit for my foot, so I may have to borrow them.
Item #5: Live Natural Bracelet
Retail Value $14
Made of leather, clay, and rope, this bracelet is cute and durable.
S love, love, loves this bracelet. She is all about the jewelry so she was thrilled to see it. It is trendy and funky, while still being unique. I love the design of birds, flowers, and butterflies too.
Item #6: NYC Subway Line Bag
Retail Value $22
Fun little coin purse, perfect for lunch money, shopping money, or whatever you want to keep close to you.
 S has a bag obsession already. I find them all over the house, filled with her goodies. She took this NYC bag and had it full in no time. I like the size, great for coins or small bills to stick in your backpack or purse. I also like the bright red color and the #1, a reminder that every new beginning starts at square 1.

 The iBbeautiful box is filled with positive and encouraging things. A new beginning is sometimes all you need and by setting goals, you should be able to reach anything you want. The value in this box is also a great deal, not only for personal growth, but financially is a good buy too. If I had paid for one month of iBbeautiful, the basic box, it would run me $18. Here is the breakdown of what was inside our box:
Snifty Pencil $3
Mirror + Comb Set $6
Gel Mask $3
Lace Up Socks $8
Bracelet $14
NYC Purse $22

Want It? Buy It!
Interested in signing up for your own monthly subscription of iBbeautiful? You can also follow iBbeautiful on their social media outlets-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, or the iBbeautiful blog.

Want It? Win It!
One lucky reader will win a one month subscription box from iBbeautiful. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Click on 'Read More' to go to the giveaway.

Thanks to Cindy and iBbeautiful for a great box of girlie goodies and a great message too!


  1. I would like the Graphic Tee Box

  2. Age 10 was the hardest for us, so far.

  3. I would choose the graphic tee box. I have 11, 13, 15, & 15 yr old daughters

  4. I think the hardest so far has been puberty around 13 for most of my girls

  5. I would choose box one, and 7&8 roughest so far

  6. I would choose the graphic tee box!

  7. 9 was probably her roughest year.

  8. Age 9 was tough, but I'm lucky because it wasn't all too bad.

  9. My daughter found 9 to be her hardest year, but my niece's toughest was probably around 13.

  10. Nine was the hardest year for my daughter because that was when we moved and she basically had to start over with friendships.

  11. Surprisingly, my daughter's teenage years so far have been relatively easy.

  12. I would choose the graphic tee box.

  13. I don't have a daughter but my BFF does and she would love one of these boxes. She is 7. I would say this has probably been my BFF's toughest year with her.

  14. The 1 with the graphic T sounds even more fun.

  15. I would choose the graphic T box, Age 14 (when she started high school) was the hardest.

  16. I would choose the Graphic Tee box, I could always use a new T-shirt.

  17. I would say the toughest age is around 13 or 14, when they start high school.

  18. I would choose the Graphic Tee box, Thank you for all you do

  19. She is 14 now and we really have not had a hard age, she just rolls with whatever comes her way...... I will check back in at 16!! EEEEKS


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