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Only The Best for Baby: NoJo The Gro Company {Review and Giveaway}

As parents, we try our hardest to keep our babies safe. SIDS was a huge concern for me and I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to help my babies stay safe as they slept. Among a list of things, keeping the room at a comfortable temperature, between 61-67 degrees, and not putting any type of blanket in the bed are two recommendations. One thing I remember, with all three during the baby stage, was at bedtime what they should wear.

Our first house was hard to regulate temperatures, some rooms were really warm, others cold, I always wished I some way to see what the actual temperature was. In our house now, most of the rooms are similar in temperature, but I still wonder how warm or cold the kids are every night. The older two use blankets now, so it isn't so much a concern with them, but C is still in an empty crib.  I usually dress the kids for what I would be comfortable in, plus a little more.

Recently, we were offered the chance to work with a company that believes "Safer Sleep for Babies Means a Good Night's Rest for the Whole Family". They have developed a range of products to help young children not only sleep well, but sleep safely.

NoJo is a brand of Crown Crafts Infant Products that have been distributed all over the US for over 40 years. With products that include bedding for infants and toddlers, on the go baby accessories, room d├ęcor, nursery basics, and more, NoJo is all about designing products that take babies from birth to toddlerhood in comfort and style. NoJo promises to offer "only the best for baby", which means all of their products will be wrapped in quality, style, softness, and comfort.

NoJo contacted us to see if we would be interested in checking out a new line of products from The Gro Company.

"The Gro Company, a UK-based, award-winning manufacturer of safer sleep solutions, has produced a range of much loved products for babies and young children. The Grobag with its Tog warmth ratings started the baby sleep bag revolution in the UK and has changed the way moms and dads put babies to bed. Along with the Grobag is the Gro-egg, the Gro Anywhere Blind and the Gro-swaddle.  So if you have a newborn baby or an energetic toddler and could use a bit more sleep - you’ve come to the right place."
NoJo felt that someone with a younger child, ME!, would make a great fit to try them out. The Gro Company products were new to the US, but have a huge following in England, I was excited to see what they would send.

Our NoJo package has arrived!

Opened up to a box full of goodies!

Inside our NoJo box, I found three items from The Gro Company, The Gro Egg, The Gro Egg Shell, and The Gro Bag.

Check out this video to learn more about The Gro Egg

The Gro Egg is a color changing digital room thermometer, designed to help you maintain a safe sleep environment for your baby. The color gently changes from yellow (the recommended 61-67 degrees) to blue (too cool), orange (a little warm), or red (too hot). The colors give a simple reminder to make temperature adjustments or modify clothing to offer peace of mind while baby is sleeping. The Gro Egg also doubles as a gentle nightlight.
The packaging is very eye catching. A sturdy box with 4 different sides offers information, photos, and helpful tips. The Gro Egg retails for around $30.


I quickly got out The Gro Egg to see how it would work.

Included in the Gro Egg box was a very thorough instruction manual with safe sleep guidelines, the Gro Egg, and an adaptor power cord.  The instructions tell you not only how to get your Gro Egg set up, but tips to achieve the best sleeping environment for your baby.

Also included in our box was a Gro Egg Shell, Mikey the Monkey, one of three fun options to dress up the Gro Egg. It is an optional choice and is not required to make the Gro Egg function.
The Egg Shell is a decorative add on and make the Gro Egg visually appealing to both parents and kids. It does not interfere with any of the normal functioning or features of the Gro Egg. The Shells retail for around $8-$10 depending on store.

Mikey the Monkey is really cute, I like his little smile and the girls thought he was pretty funny.

The Gro Egg Shell fits right over the top of the Gro Egg, but doesn't block the temperature screen at all.

All set up

Our Gro Egg is all set up in the girls' room. Unfortunately for me, the girls room was too warm. How did I know this? The Gro Egg turned red, indicating the temperature was above 75 degrees. In the instruction manual FAQs, there was just this problem. The Gro Company suggests that if you can do nothing else to drop the room temperature, remove any excess clothing from baby, use a fan to move air around the room, and give baby extra drinks. I was actually surprised to see the temperature this high in the room and just turned down our thermostat to change the whole house. If the Gro Egg reads orange, it is still too warm, blue is too cold, and yellow is the recommended temperature range.

I know when winter gets here, the temperature in the room will be in the blue at some point because they have a big window. The Gro Egg will be nice to have some general idea about how much warmer I need to make them. 

I can also use another product from the Gro Company that was in our box too, the Gro Bag. 

Check out this video to learn more about the Gro Bag

The Gro Bag is a sleeper designed to be a safe sleep solution. Made with high quality materials, the Gro Bag is a wearable blanket that will keep your baby at a comfortable temperature all night long. Working with the Gro Egg, the Gro Bag comes with a nursery thermometer and a designated Tog rating, which indicated the warmth of the product. A Tog of 0.5 is recommended for hot temperatures, rooms 75-81 degrees, a Tog of 1.0 is recommended for warm temperatures, room 69-74 degrees, and a Tog of 2.5 is recommended for moderate temperatures, rooms 61-68 degrees. The Gro Bags also come in two size options, 0+6 months and 6-18 months.
We were sent a Gro Bag in the Sleepy Circus design, size 6-18 months, and a Tog of 1.0. It also included its own nursery thermometer to help me verify which Tog would be recommended.

Very cute design, plenty of room for C to wear and have room to grow. Very soft material and lightweight while still offering an extra layer of comfort.

C did not think it was bedtime and refused to lay down. I apologize for the screaming kiddo.


I took her back out of bed and she was immediately happy and playing toys. The Gro Bag has two sets of side shoulder poppers for easy on and off, along with a side zip. I love the ease of putting the Gro Bag on her, she didn't fight me at all in getting it on. She could also still move freely while she was wearing it.

 The girls room is still too warm to need any extra layers, the Gro Bag will surely be coming in handy as Fall and Winter set in. I am very pleased with everything from the Gro Company. It gives me a little more peace knowing C is sleeping in the right temperature to have a safer night.

 Want It? Buy It!
Products from the Gro Company can be purchased at many local stores-Target, Walmart, Babies R Us, and Buy Buy Baby. You can also find them online through Amazon and other store shopping sites. Find out the nearest store to you by visiting the store locator here. You can also learn more through NoJo's social media sites-Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Want It? Win It!
One MBP reader will win a Gro Egg from NoJo. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Click on 'Read More' to go to the giveaway entry form.
Many thanks to NoJo for our GroEgg and GroBag!


  1. her crib. thankyou, ken pohl19@comcast.net

  2. She sleeps in pajamas in her crib.

  3. My little one sleeps in footy pajamas or a sleepsack

  4. My son sleeps in pajamas without feet.

  5. a t-shirt and shorts since its hot at night.

  6. We usually keep the house cooled at 74 degrees in the summer.

  7. she wears jammies or a light gown during the summer

  8. i love putting my son in sleep sacs. they are so easy and convenient.

  9. my kids would sleep in onsies or sleep sacs

  10. My son sleeps in shorts and a t-shirt every night.

  11. We try to keep our house around 72 degrees. I am nine months pregnant right now, so I have it set at 69 with a sign above the thermostat that says "change my temp and die".

  12. He sleeps in a swaddle in a newborn napper in our bedroom.

  13. We keep the thermostat at around 73 degrees give or take.

  14. 74, down to 72 at night


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