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I am so pleased that we have been able to entertain a bit more this summer, as we've had family over for meals much more often. For me, having the family together for a meal is really special, considering how busy we usually all are. We're all running in different directions all day, every day, and it seems that a nice family meal brings everyone together for great food and conversation. Some of my favorite family memories have been spent around the family table. When I host a meal, I want to spend as little time running back and forth from the kitchen to the table as possible- that tie with my family is super precious to me!

I was so pleased to learn about a fantastic new collection of products by zak! designs- the Kitchen to Table Collection, which aims to make favorite summer traditions simpler and more convenient! We've had the pleasure of previously working with zak! designs, and have been quite pleased with their products thus far. I was very excited for the opportunity to try out a handful of the new Kitchen to Table products, and couldn't wait to get them into my kitchen, and then onto my family table!

Our zak! designs product trio has arrived, and we can't wait to check it out!

B was super excited to open up the box from zak! designs to find even more colorful product boxes!

Our zak! designs Kitchen to Table products- Caddy!, Spicy!, and Saucy!

One of my biggest complaints about entertaining is having to carry a ton of different items from my kitchen to my dining room.  As if carrying plates and silverware, along with glasses, etc., isn't enough, I never seem to have enough hands to carry all of the condiments and fixings! I wind up making way too many trips back to the kitchen to grab this or that- making even more trips, because I simply can't carry all of those items at once.

The Caddy! by zak! designs looked to be one of those sanity savers that I would surely be glad to have on hand!

The Caddy! looked like it would be so useful, and I was eager to put it together, and then put it to the test! From the box, I loved the product photo, and the sleek design. The red product color is a smart choice for a lot of kitchens, and it's also very festive, making it even more fun to use when entertaining around the holidays, or for special occasions.

The Caddy! came with instructions, which were very simple to follow.

Here's the Caddy!, which is shown in pieces. Being able to take it apart like this, makes cleaning it a breeze!

The caddy insert makes it easy to carry store-bought condiment bottles to and fro.

The insert also has deep sections, which could easily hold and serve sauces, dips, etc.

The Caddy! is so versatile! I think it would be such a great way to keep dips cold, by just placing some ice inside the bottom of the caddy, before putting the insert into place.

The Caddy! also has a cover, so you can keep dips or whatever else you might be serving from it fresh, and safe from little pests.

The carry handle just snaps right into place...

I really love how tall the carry handle is on the Caddy! It allows plenty of room for tall bottles to sit down inside of the divided caddy, and for you to carry it, while having plenty of room to grasp the handle! Genius design!

When you're ready to take the Caddy! to the table, just pick it up, and go, go, go! Couldn't be easier than that!

Features of the Original 2-Section Caddy!

The original 2-section caddy with lid and handle for Kitchen to Tabletm
Functional in the kitchen and beautiful on the Table
Serve different types of items in the same dish making it versatile
Designed to carry Kitchen to Tabletm companion products but also sized to hold store bought containers
Easy to clean, and easy to assemble/disassemble
Great for organizing products in the fridge

We were also sent the Saucy! to accompany the Caddy!

Saucy! is a neat product, as well. It's a lovely dressing and sauce server, and if you ask me, it's much nicer to be able to serve sauces or dressings from a nice bottle like Saucy! Condiment bottles tend to get all gross and gunked with residue (or at least they do in my kitchen), and I don't want to serve up bottles like that to my family members or guests. Being able to serve from Saucy is simple, clean, and it also allows you to really see how much sauce or dressing is being used, particularly handy if you or a guest are watching what you're eating.

Saucy has an easy to open flip top, making pouring dressings or sauces simple and mess-free.

The clear bottle allows you to see what you're poruring, and also lets you know when you're running low!

I love the fact that Saucy is see-through. There is nothing worse than going for a squirt of mustard, just to realize that the bottle is actually empty! Saucy! saves the day, eliminating the possibility of being embarrased in front of guests because you have run out of a dressing, sauce or condiment!

Features of Saucy!

Functional in the kitchen and beautiful on the table
Tight fitting cap keeps contents fresh
Accurate measurements to watch how much is used, or to create dressings
Cap sits back against top keeping it out of the way when pouring dressings
Shake, mix or create dressings

Last but not least, we were sent Spicy!

I was happy to see Spicy! along with the new product line up from zak! Designs. I love spice grinders, but all of the ones that I own are very fancy, and I either can't figure out how they work, or I am afraid to put them our for company, because they were wedding gifts, and I don't want them to wind up broken! 

Spicy is easy to use- just fill with peppercorn or sea salt, and turn, turn, turn to get your grind on! I love that I finally have a nice looking spice grinder to put out when we host for a meal, or one that I can use day to day. I also love being able to select the size of the grind on the spices! Too often have I used a pepper grinder, where the peppercorn is hardly ground at all! I know that I can count on this awesome product to do the job each and every time, and to give everyone who uses it a customized grind on their spices.

Features of Spicy!

Functional in the kitchen and beautiful on the table
Adjustable grind allows the user to choose the size of the spice from fine to coarse
Ceramic grinders are harder than steel, odorless, rust and corrosion proof, and will outlast metal based grinders
Creates an organized solution when used with caddies

Setting up for a casual dinner at home or entertaining family/guests is a breeze with the the zak! designs Kitchen to Table collection!

Everyone in my house likes to season things to their own tastes, so when we have meals like grilled chicken Casear salad, I let everyone dress their own salads, and add their own amounts of Parmesan cheese, croutons, etc. Having Caddy! on hand made it so easy for me to carry two things at once!

Parmesan Cheese and Caesar dressing sitting pretty in Caddy! by zak! designs.

There's nothing like a yummy salad with favorite fixings on hand for a light summer meal!

zak! Designs has lots of other wonderful products in their Kitchen to Table product line that I would love to have in my kitchen...




Grill and Serve Set

Ice Cream Party Kit
Ice Cream Party Kit

Any of these products would be very helpful to have in the kitchen, and would make everyday serving or entertaining a breeze! Know someone who's getting married, heading off to college, or even moving into a new home? The zak Designs Kitchen to Table collection products would make wonderful gifts! I've never been disappointed by any of my products from zak, and can bet that you won't be, either!

Want Them? Buy Them!

Look for these great products and more over at zak! designs! You can browse their entire line of products, which make great gifts! We love their collection of children's dinnerware, too! Don't skip over their super cool Kids Zone! zak! Designs is social, and would love to connect with fans and customers through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram!

Want Them? Win Them!

One lucky MBP reader will win a zak! Designs Kitchen to Table product trio, including Caddy!, Saucy!, and Spicy! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the easy peasy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to our friends at zak! Designs for allowing us to review this wonderful set of products, and for offering this fun giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


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  8. i could just bring to the table and not have to worry about forgetting things

  9. Not only would it be a great space saver, but also a good way to dress up the dinner table some! And the spicy/saucy bottles would be great for homemade dressings, etc, which I do use a lot.

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