Dolls All Around with Nenuco {Review}

Last summer C entered our lives and S became a big sister. This was a major role change for her, one that she has really impressed us with. Most days she is a loving and caring sister, making sure C has all she needs. Their relationship has blossomed into one of friendship and playmates too and I can't wait to see how they will continue to grow over the years. I also do think that S playing and loving her baby dolls has helped shape her and earn her the nickname Mom 2.
Recently, our baby doll collection has grown again, mostly in part to MBP and our great partnerships. S was so excited to hear that another baby would soon be joining our family, especially when it was a baby for her and not a real baby (I'm not too sure she would be thrilled to share her mommy even more). She was even more excited because C is now in to dolls too and this opportunity would actually be for both of them. I couldn't wait to see how both girls would take on the mommy role this time!
Nenuco is a great brand, specializing in realistic dolls for children two and up. Their dolls are created to encourage real parenting skills and routines.  We have also done some previous reviews of Nenuco in November 2013 and April 2014. We have been very pleased with every single doll we have received and S has been very happy to add each new doll to her "family".
Nenuco is marketed by a large global toy brand, based in Spain, Famosa, who for over 50 years have been a leading toy company and doll manufacturer. You can find out more about Famosa by visiting This summer, Nenuco introduced not one, but three new dolls to their collection! This was an amazing opportunity for us to try one out and share our thoughts with our readers.
The first doll is:
My Little Nenuco • Ages 2+ • $12.99
This newborn doll is both affordable and adorable. She measures 14" long and comes with an animal design onesie, hat, shoes, and attached pacifier. With a soft body and even a sweet baby scent, this baby is perfect for any little doll lover.
The second doll is:
My First Nenuco Kisses • Ages 2+ • $19.99
This doll is the perfect size to snuggle close. She measures 16.5" and comes in a pink and white top with pink dotted bottoms with footsies. She is blue eyed and has a sweet pink bow on her head. The best part is that she gives actual kisses when she is brought close to your face.
The third doll is a set:
Nenuco & Her Little Sister • Ages 2+ • $26.99
This is a double doll set, perfect for a big and little sister to share. The bigger doll measures 15.5" and is wearing a pink jumper dress and hat. The smaller doll around 14" and is wearing a matching jumper.
Our Famosa package is here, what Nenuco doll will be inside?
S can not wait to see what is inside this time.
Carefully opening the box
"What, it is two dolls!?!"
"One for me and one for sis"
The Nenuco and Little Sister set, retailing for $26.99 and contains two dolls, perfect for a sibling set of big and little sisters like mine.
"Nenuco Me and My Little Sister dolls are the sweetest siblings ever and so silly and playful. They love each other and want to snuggle with their mommy."
This matching doll set is adorable. They have coordinating jumper outfits, something S and C love doing, and are each soft and cuddly. S wanted to hold both to show her mommy skills before C realized there was something for her too.
C was really happy and immediately hugged her baby and carried it around. I appreciated that this baby is a soft body so she can hug and kiss on it without it being too much for her.
S takes her job very seriously. Her doll is pose able and has some very pretty hair that can be brushed too.
Both dolls are very well made, including great detail in their design. With soft bodies, beautiful faces (individual eyelashes, sweet puckered lips, and even a baby scent), and cute outfits, they are a winner at our house.
Being a big sister to a little sister is a big job. I know S took awhile to warm up when we brought C home, this doll set by Nenuco would have been a wonderful way to encourage that big/little sister play from the get go. Now, these dolls can be even more special because they can share them and care for them together as they both take on the mommy role. By pretending to clothe, feed, bath, and rock their babies, my girls are learning to nurture and take on the mommy role as well as playing with the dolls in a big and little sister role.
Want It? Buy It!
Baby dolls are special for many kids, who is on your doll lover list? Please visit Nenuco and see what they have to offer. You can also shop Nenuco here and visit a Toys R Us near you. Make sure you check them out and also like Nenuco on Facebook, and follow Nenuco on Twitter and Nenuco on YouTube. Play games with Nenuco here.

Thanks to Nenuco and Famosa for a wonderful set of dolls!

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