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Baby Dolls with Nenuco Review

 Another day, another baby doll at our house. We have Nonnie, Boo, Lucy, Luke, Josie, Ginger, Minnie, the list goes on and on. I know my little mommy loves every minute she is with her babies, playing, singing, and cuddling them. She is amazing with them and her imagination is always running wild with them. She also never turns down an opportunity to add a new doll to her family. We are so lucky to be a part of MBP, where the opportunity to give S another baby just came about. With a wonderful mommy like S, I am glad we could give another doll a home.
We have previously worked with a company named Famosa, a global toy brand that is based in Spain and established over 50 years ago. Famosa is a leading toy company and doll manufacturer that creates developmentally appropriate, high quality, and safe products. Four years ago, Famosa was acquired by a partner and established US operations shortly thereafter. They are marketers of a great, unique brand called Nenuco.
 Nenuco is an awesome brand who specializes in realistic dolls for children two and up. The dolls are created to encourage real parenting routines and actions from both boys and girls alike. We featured Nenuco back in November, to read that review on the Sleep with Me Baby Doll and Cradle, click here. Ginger sleeps in S's room every night and gets checked on before bedtime and when she gets up.
I knew that our next experience with a Nenuco doll would be just as special and exciting as our first. I couldn't wait to see S's face when she got her newest addition.
Our Famosa package has arrived with something special from Nenuco!
 S knows something extra fun is coming her way, she just doesn't know what it will be.
 A baby doll!
We were sent the Nenuco Bath Time Doll. The doll retails for $24.99 and is recommended for ages three and up.
 I know two extra happy mommies today (hint I am one, the other is wearing a teal polka dot tee)
 The Nenuco Bath Time Doll loves to take baths, play in the water, and even dry off quickly. All kids love taking a bath, mine love showers, and so does our newest doll. Now S can play dolls in the shower or tub until the water runs cold.
The Nenuco Bath Time Doll is 14' tall, really cute, and because she is a bath friendly doll, she is made of a soft body design with a special fast dry material and holes in her feet for draining. They actually work just like they say they will too! Her clothing is bright and colorful with a fresh, springy floral print.
 She also comes with an adorable blue plastic inner tube and three animal squirters. This is just like a regular bath at our house. Now S can be the mommy and be with her baby. S can have the chance to feed, bathe, and play with her new baby because she is so versatile.
After days of begging to take an actual bath with her newest baby, S finally had her chance.
 Her baby just had to go for a float in the water, good thing she had on her inner tube. The squirters were also a lot of fun, not only for S to squirt her baby, but for us to squirt S.
As much as my kids love showers, the bath has been a much bigger request since our Nenuco Bath Time Doll showed up. I know this doll with far outlast any regular doll that happens to get put in the water and she can even join us at the pool this summer.
Want It? Buy It!
Dolls can never be off your list when you have a little girl in your life, visit Nenuco and see what they have to offer. You can also shop Nenuco here. Make sure you check them out and also like Nenuco on Facebook, and follow Nenuco on Twitter and Nenuco on YouTube. Play games with Nenuco here.
Huge thanks to Famosa and Nenuco once again!

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  1. What a cute little doll! S looks so adorable... I'm sure she'll be giving this new doll lots of love and attention! :)


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