Help Your Kids Stay One Step Ahead this Summer with 10Monkeys Math World #Review + #Giveaway

One of the things that many parents worry about during the summertime, is the dreaded summer slide. When children aren't in school, many of them forget information they learned during the previous school year, and may even fall behind from the get go once a new school year begins, because of it. One way to prevent 'summer slide,' is to present fun learning opportunities to your children while they're on summer break. 

My little guy is gearing up for pre-school, so his previous school experience has been at home with me, through homeschooling lessons. I wanted to get an early start with his education, and have made it a top priority to spend time with him, working particularly on reading and early math. Doing this has really paid off, as B is now reading a bit on his own, can count to 100 by himself, can do simple math, and can even count with me in three languages other than English.

Math was always the hardest subject for me in school, and I have a feeling that it may be for other kids, as well. I was so happy to learn about 10monkeys Math World, which is an online tool for teaching and practicing math for ages grades K-3. I know that we're only just starting pre-school with B, and three going on four may seem young for Kindergarten level math, but he shows an interest in it, and really shows me that he's ready to take on the challenge of putting more numbers together, and doing a bit of problem solving, even at this young age.

10monkeys Math World is a comprehensive online tool, which help kids to enjoy and learn math more effective and faster while having fun! It contains thousands of online activities in over 200 different activity types to make test preparing and extra practice motivating and easy. It is extremely child-friendly, and its beautiful and intuitive user interface is one smooth operator. The virtual prizes, stars and scores motivate kids to learn.

These cute monkeys live in a virtual learning environment, so all you need is a device with an Internet connection and you’re ready to go! You can use 10monkeys Math World with desktops, laptops, interactive whiteboards, and tablets – both iPad and Android are supported.

I was given the opportunity to try out with B, which gave us full access to their wonderful website, filled with learning fun! 

I used the license key that I was given to activate the program for 1 year.

The site is very user friendly, bright, colorful, and the registration/activation process was super easy! I set up a username, password, and then logged in with my info, and we were good to go and get our learning on!

There were several profile picture images to choose from- all monkeys!

I let B help me choose the monkey he liked the best for his photo, and this is the one he chose. He was very excited to see his own name on the screen.

Once we got everything set up, which took less than five minutes, we were ready to begin our learning journey and start learning some math! The welcome screen is a lot of fun! B's profile picture remains on the right side of the screen, and there's also a little progress bar, which shows his accomplishments through the 10monkeys Math World program. Also, a cute little monkey pops up at the bottom of the screen when the child has earned an award! How fun! 

The screen prompted us where to begin, so we started with 0-20.

There were a lot of different problems for us to choose from...

...and we decided to begin with addition.

I was unsure of whether or not B would take to math problems like this from a K-3 math program, but the truth is, he's a technology loving kid. He knows how to work devices better than I do sometimes, so why not use the computer as a tool for teaching? We sat down together, with a little snack, and began to work on some simple math problems. Obviously, I had to read the questions aloud to him, but the images of the oranges on the screen helped to illustrate the question, making it easier for him to understand.

Our first problem to solve. We counted together, and typed in the answer.

When I told B that we answered the problem correctly, his face lit right up, and he smiled from ear to ear! I was so proud of him for being patient, and working to solve the problem with me. The program automatically went to the next question after we answered the first one correctly, so we worked on that one, and then a few more.

Here was another one that B really had fun with- counting how many pieces of each type of fruit were displayed.

What I love about this program, is that we can work at the math problems however we like, and we can choose which sets of numbers we want to work with. For now, we're working with numbers 1-10. The program gives us categories to choose from, like Addition, Subtraction, Number Recognition, Text Problems, and Money. I plan to stick with numbers 1-10 with B, and work our way through the different categories at a pace that's comfortable for him. I love that the parent or teacher is in control of what the child works at through this wonderful program.

Features of 10monkeys Math World

- Exclusively designed for early learners in kindergarten and grades 1-3
- Helps children achieve a confident level of basic math skills
- Lots of activities and topics in four different skill levels
- Loads of variation – different order of the activities each time
- Easy-to-use progress tracker for evaluating and following up on a child’s progress
- Works on desktops, laptops, interactive whiteboards, and tablets – iPad and Android are supported!
- Academically approved content – developed together with top professionals and schools
- Stunning graphics and a child-friendly interface!
- The content is also available in Spanish!
- No stress – children can practice on their own pace
- Safe to use – no advertising, no downloads

I am so happy that we can not only use 10monkeys Math World on the computer while we're at home, but since it also works on other devices, like tablets, we can use it on the go! I already plan on helping B do some problem solving on my tablet when we're on a 10 hour road trip in the coming weeks, and during our family vacation. My hope is that by using this awesome tool, B will be ahead of the game once school starts. No matter what he'll learn in school next year, I'll keep working with him on the math problems through 10monkeys Math World, so he'll always be prepared to accept new learning challenges in the classroom.

Want to Learn More?

Head on over to to learn more about 10monkeys Math World for personal use, or for classroom use. This is a wonderful tool for teachers, as well, so if you are a teacher, or know a teacher who might be interested in this information, please share it, or take a look for yourself and see what all the high praise is about! 

You can give the online demo version a try, or if you'd like to purchase a 1 year license, the price is $5.90/level or per child, or you can purchase full access to each category of the program for $17.90. Teachers may request a special quote online.

10monkeys Math World is social, and would love to connect with you through Facebook, and Twitter.

Want It? Win It!

Three lucky MBP readers will win one 12 month access code for use with one child, for 10monkeys Math World. How awesome is that? What better way to get your kiddos prepped for the new school year, and continue the fun and learning at home all year long? Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to our friends at 10monkeys Math World for allowing us to give their wonderful web based learning app a try, and for offering this wonderful giveaway to our readers.

Good luck!


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