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Summer is Set in Style with #eShakti: #Review #SummerStyle

With summer officially beginning around here, I am looking for simple summer styles, which are lovely, comfortable, and effortless. Sundays, and special occasions are reason to dress up in a pretty summer dress, as long as it's comfortable to me. I need to be able to move around pretty freely, not trip over whatever I'm wearing, and also not be too hot. I have been loving the maxi style dresses, and don't mind wearing them, as long as I don't feel like I'm roasting. Every now and then, I have issues with the way my dresses fit. I tend to fall between sizes- between a 2 and 4, with most of my baggage being around my hips and thighs. I run into problems with dress straps slipping off of my shoulders, or them being too roomy in the back, and not fitting well enough. It's always such a disappointment to have a beautiful dress that fits at the waist or hips, but doesn't fit correctly up top.

Thankfully, eShakti set out to change problems women face with their clothing fitting correctly, such as the ones I often have. eShakti believes that all women have the right to wear affordable fashion that is made for them and makes them look their absolute best.This amazing company started out with just a small website, which offered mostly cottons, and modest embellishments. Today, eShakti is charged with designing comfortable, modest, stylish solutions for their customers, which means working with sizes 0-30. eShakti designs many different styles of dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, etc, and offers each style in every size. The customer is invited to customize the fit of the piece, by entering her measurements, so ensure a correct fit throughout the entire piece of apparel. Getting the right fit is what eShakti truly cares about!

I received the opportunity to work with eShakti, and select a dress style to be customized to my fit. I was incredibly excited for the chance to work with eShakti, because I had been hearing quite a lot about them, and how truly wonderful their designs are, as well as how easy their fit customization process is.

The first step was for me to select a dress, and let me tell you, I loved everything I saw. eShakti's designs are so beautiful, and flattering, I could have worn all of them! They offer such a wide variety of styles, from modern to classic and even sort of retro, so whatever your style is, eShakti will have just what you're looking for, in a bevy of colors to choose from!

I fell in love with a dress quite similar to the one pictured above. I really loved the neckline, which featured a keyhole cut out, a ruched bodice, and cutaway at the shoulders. The dress I chose was a maxi style in this same dress, and a crimson color, rather than jade green. I was attracted to this dress, because is a nice blend of cotton/spandex jersey knit material, which meant it would be lightweight, and comfortable to wear throughout the hot, hot summer.

Standard Size Chart by eShakti

After I was set on the lovely dress, it was time for me to make my custom size selection. I had a couple of different options when it came to selecting the size. I was able to choose the size by the standard size guide, which allowed me to select my size from XS-6X. XS included dress sizes 0-2, and Small included 4-6, however, I was able to actually select size 4, and not a general one size 4-6. If I'd had to do a 4-6 one size, I knew the dress would wind up being too big. I selected the size 4 based on my measurements, and checked them against the measurements listed on the eShakti size chart, which I found quite helpful. I measured at the bust, waist, and hip, to be sure that my measurements came close to the size chart online. I then put in my height, which I thought was really wonderful to be able to do. With a long maxi style dress, no one wants to be tripping over it. This option would ensure that my dress hit at the right place, and wouldn't wind up being too long.

My second option for customized fit, would have been to select the Custom Size, and then manually enter all of my measurements individually from hip, waist, bust, to arm length, height, etc. This ensures a totally customized fit from head to toe! I didn't feel that I needed to do that with this style dress, however, I am so glad to see that eShakti offers this option. Women like my mom would love this option. She is petite, and has the worst time finding anything that will fit her.

eShakti also offers custom styling, meaning that for an additional fee, you can select the dress length, if you'd like a mini skirt style, for it to hit above the knee, knee length, below the knee, etc. I love that eShakti just wants women everywhere to be able to be comfortable in what they're wearing, and look their very best.

After I made my selections, I submitted my custom order to eShakti, and they began making my dress. In about a week's time, the dress was on my doorstep! I couldn't wait to see it it!

Here's the dress I chose- the Keyhole Front Cotton Maxi Dress in Crimson.

I couldn't believe how absolutely perfect my new custom dress from eShakti looked! I was bowled over at the gorgeous design, and loved the color. Sometimes, when you see a color online or in a magazine, it often looks different in person. This color was just what I expected, so I was quite pleased about that. Everything that I decided I liked about the dress before I ordered it, from the length to the cut and neckline, I loved even more once the dress was before my eyes. 

Here's the label, telling me that the dress did come from eShakti, and telling me the size- S/4.

The top portion of the dress is probably my favorite- I love all of the different little details.

The keyhole cut out and ruched bodice make this dress stand out. The design is a bit flirty, as is the neckline, because of the way it cuts away from the shoulders. I don't mind showing off my shoulders, especially when they have a lovely summer tan. I also love the little band around the waist, it really helps with the overall fit of the dress, shows the waist off a little bit, and flows well into the rest of the dress.

Gorgeous stitching, and an invisible zipper at the side.

This dress features beautiful, sturdy stitching throughout, and I know that I won't have to worry about it stringing apart on me. The left side features an invisible zipper, which is easy to pull up and down, and didn't get stuck on me, which is a huge plus! I love pull on dresses that have the side zipper- it really helps with the fit of the dress.

Features of the Keyhole Front Cotton Maxi Dress

Vibrant cotton jersey dress is highlighted with a keyhole front at the ruched bodice and cutaway shoulders for a flirty expanse of skin.

Slips on over head; partial side zip closure.
Banded scoop neck.
Banded waist, elastic smocked back waist.
Side seam pockets.
Maxi length.
Cotton/spandex, jersey knit, light stretch, midweight.
Machine wash.

When I slipped into my new eShakti dress, I felt instantly beautiful! I loved how gorgeous and flowy it was, loved the color on me, and most of all, I loved the way it fit. My straps weren't falling or flopping around, the bust wasn't too big, the waist size was just right, and the length was perfect- so perfect in fact, that I was able to wear flat sandals with this dress!

Me, feeling so lovely in my dress by eShakti.

Loving the lovely neckline, and feeling very confident.

One of the best things about wearing this beautiful dress, was hearing everyone else's comments about it. All of the ladies I came in contact with the day I wore this dress, told me how stunning it was. They loved the length, cut, and color. One dear lady even told me that I looked like a Greek goddess between the dress and my hair. I don't know about that, but I'll take it! I sure did feel like one! I wore the dress comfortably for several hours, and was even still very comfortable wearing it out to a restaurant to have lunch with my mom. The dress was light and comfy, flowy, breathable, and I didn't have to fix my dress a single time. No need to readjust anything about this dress. It's absolutely the easiest dress to wear that I now own.

I loved being in this dress, and think it's a perfect style for just about any occasion...

...including a lunch date with mom!

I can't wait to wear my eShakti dress again, and truly, I can't wait to add even more eShakti designs to my dress collection! Take a look at some of their beautiful summer styles, which again, are fully customizable to fit sizes 0-30!

Contrast trim cotton poplin dress
Poplin Dress

Trapunto stitch trim poplin dress
Trapunto stitch trim poplin dress

Chevron stripe colorblock maxi dress
Chevron stripe colorblock maxi dress

Cotton poplin halter bralette and skirt
Cotton poplin halter bralette and skirt

Victoria dress
Victoria dress

Shawl collar sash waist poplin dress
Shawl collar sash waist poplin dress

eShakti's designs are just beautiful! They are so classy, and modest, yet modern, and incredibly stylish, not to mention affordable! Where else would you be able to order an entirely customizable dress for under $100.00? In fact, most styles range from $59.00 - $75.00. If you're looking for a perfect summer dress to get you through the season, look no further. It's wedding, bridal shower, and baby shower season, as well, so let eShakti outfit you in a totally customized dress that you'll be comfortable and confident in!

Want One? Buy One!

Head on over to eShakti to browse all of their gorgeous dresses, and even more apparel selections, as well! I do suggest taking the time to look through the designs, and jotting down your favorites. If you're like me, you'll be going, 'This one... oh, wait- no, this one!' the entire time you're looking! Just make a little list of favorites to go back to. Also, I recommend looking through the customization options and checking out their size chart, just so you can become familiar with how it works. Trust me, you're going to love eShakti, and they can't wait to help you get into your perfect dress! Plus, receive a $25.00 gift coupon when you register as a new customer with eShakti! What a great way to get started, and begin building your eShakti collection!

eShakti is social, and can't wait to connect with you through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and Instagram

Special thanks to eShakti for allowing me to customize such a beautiful dress, and experience what it's like to feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident in what I'm wearing!

Stay stylish, y'all!


  1. Eshakti is such a fun site! I've ordered a few things from them.

  2. The Clothes are really beautiful at Eshakti! I like that you can buy a dress in the length and style that you want. You looked very pretty in the maroon dress that went to your ankles. The design is very pretty.

  3. I love that red dress you got! So elegant!

  4. I love the Red Crimson Key Hole Maxi Dress! It Gorgeous and you Look awesome in it!!

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