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Getting to Know You Thursdays

Thanks for dropping by to get to know the MBP team of bloggers a little better. This week, we're catching up with MBP Founder, Ondria Witt. 

Good Eats- What's For Dinner Tonight? 

Tonight is Family Night Out with my parents, so we may head to Romano's Italian Restaurant for pizza (because kids eat free on Thursdays), or head to Casa Grande, where I will have a salad with grilled chicken.

Whatcha Reading? 

Okay, so I did pick up the free sample of The Fault in Our Stars, and I am 30-something pages in. Should I keep reading? So far, I find it depressing, yet witty.

Listening to Anything Good?

We have been listening to The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack this week. B saw the title photo for the movie on Netflix and asked if he could watch it. Of course, I said 'no,' but we decided he could listen to some of the songs, which to him, is even better.

Whatcha Been Watching? 

I did catch another episode of The Goldbergs last night- I still think it's very funny.

I Dreamed a Dream of...

I haven't had any dreams that I can remember from the past week. I have been staying up too late- working, reading, and watching The Office on Netflix, just to wind down. Not getting enough sleep. 

What I'm Lovin' this Week... 

It's almost Father's Day! I can't wait to have the fam over for lunch on Sunday, and to surprise my dad with a super special gift!

I am so Done With... 

The crime in my city. I'm for real- I don't remember the last time there were so many terrible stories about the city I live in on the news. This used to be a nice, quiet place to live, and a great place to raise a family (well, it still is), but now I find myself seriously concerned. I know stuff happens everywhere, though. Maybe I should just stop watching the news?

What I'm Looking Forward to...

We're heading to Wet n Wild Emerald Pointe Water Park on Monday, and I'm super excited! I haven't been there since I was in high school, and can't wait to see how it's changed!

Thanks for catching up with me this week! I'd love to hear how you've been doing this week, too! Leave me a comment, if you feel like it!

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  1. I've seen The Goldbergs a couple times and thought it was really cute and funny. Being born in 79, i can relate to a lot of this. It's neat that you have a night out with your parents during the week. What a great way to stay in touch!


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