WOW Toys Wows Us Again with Their New Mini WOW Collection! #Review + #Giveaway

What do you do when you've got a little one at home with you full time? Play and learn together all day long, of course! There are many quotes from great writers and philosophers throughout history, and from present day, but one of my favorites comes from the Greek Philosopher Plato, who said, “The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.” As adults, we don't really stop a whole lot to think about the importance of a child's play life. We're often times so wrapped up in our own schedules, and what we're doing, or trying so hard to keep our children involved in a bevvy of activities, that we forget about playtime. To me, playtime is super important- it's how children learn about life, and all of the different components of what makes life work. 

WOW Toys

Thanks so our friends at WOW Toys, based in London, we have been able to hold fast to what Plato said, and surround ourselves with lovely things to play with. The folks at WOW Toys are committed to designing 'tough toys' that won't fall apart or break their promises. These colorful vehicles and friends have been delighting children and families for several years, and have quickly become a set of favorite toys in our home. WOW Toys are play vehicles, which are sturdily made. They don't run or rely on batteries, so there's no need to shed a tear over a toy that no longer 'goes.' WOW Toys are appropriate for ages 1 1/2 - 5, and grow with you child, offering different developmental benefits at every age.

We first began our relationship with WOW Toys before B turned 2. We have quite the collection of WOW Toy Friends, and these are the toys that B goes to over and over again for creative play. They hardly ever actually get put away, because he loves them so. WOW has just released a brand new collection of Mini WOW toys, which we were offered the opportunity to try out. Who could say no to that?

Our WOW Toys package is here!

B couldn't wait to check this package out! He recognized the WOW sticker on the package, and knew something super special had to be inside!

Our new WOW Toys came bubble wrapped, so they would be well protected on their journey!

B was so excited to help me remove the bubble wrap. As we pulled back the bubble sheets, his sweet little face lit right up, as we discovered six new friends from WOW Toys!

B noticed right away that these new WOW Toys were a little different from his other WOW friends. 'Look at these cute little WOWs, mommy!' he exclaimed. Indeed- these are smaller than most of the WOW Toys we already have in our collection, which is why they're called Mini WOWs!

We lined up or Minis to take a look at our new pals.

Each WOW Mini was beautifully packaged, as all of the WOW Toys are. They have a clear front, so you can actually see the toys through the packaging, and the boxes are extremely colorful and engaging, both for parents and children.

Meet Jojo- the ambulance, one of the new Mini WOW collection. Beautifully colored- we can't wait to play!

Everything you need to know about Jojo is on the back or the side of its packaging box!

'Can I play with these, already?'

While my hubby helped B open up the boxes for his new Mini WOW Toys, I jumped onto the computer and headed to the WOW website, where I knew I would be able to find background information on all of the new Mini WOW Toys. WOW's website is so much fun for parents and kiddos. There's a ton of information for parents, so I wanted to check out the details of these cute little characters.

Each Mini WOW Toys has their own character profile, just like the larger WOW Toys, which shares about their friends, what they like or dislike, what their special skills are, etc. These character profiles are so much fun to read with your child. It sort of brings even more creativity to playtime when you and your child know that they toy you're playing with doesn't like to be stuck in traffic, or loves pizza!

B decided to check out all of the toys, as he patiently waited on daddy to open the boxes.

Here, B gives the new Mini WOWs a pep talk, telling them about all of the fun they're going to have playing together!

After the Mini WOWs were all out of their boxes, it was time for the great introduction. B knows that each WOW Toy has their own name, so we took them one by one, and read their names, which are printed on the back of each mini vehicle. Each of the toys we received is a toy piece set, which comes with the vehicle, and its driver. 

If you have a few minutes, check out our Mini WOW Toys Video Review...

We received:

Ace the Race car
Izzy the Race car
Jojo the Ambulance
Blaze the Firetruck
Jax the Dump Truck
Clay the Cement Mixer

Each of these adorable Mini WOW Toys fits in the palm of my hand. They're a smaller size, take up much less room than some of our larger WOW Toys, and these are actually designed for ages 1-5. The Unlike some of the larger WOW Toys, which do make some sounds, the Mini WOWs are quiet toys, designed for push along play by children.

Here's a look at the backs of Jojo, Izzy, and Clay... aren't they colorful and cute?

And here's a front view of Jax, Ace, and Blaze!

B was definitely ready to get to playing with his new friends. Each WOW Toy comes with what B calls a map- a colorful map showing all of the available WOW Toys for your child to collect. B loves to put these out on the floor. I try to keep one of them on hand for us to look at through the year. Last year, before Christmas, B circled all of the WOW Toys he already had, and then asked if we could send the map to Santa, so he would know which WOW Toys B didn't have, and so that he could find us, by using the WOW 'map.' Cute, huh? On the opposite side of the 'map,' is a coloring page for continued fun and development!

Here we go- the Mini WOWs are all setting off on their very first adventure at our house. I wonder where they'll wind up?

I mentioned that we have a nice little collection of WOW Toys, thanks to our friends at WOW. Here, the Mini WOWs are on a mission to recycle and save the planet, with Flip and Tip Fred.

After the mission was completed, it was time for a WOW Toys parade! Here we have Fire Buggy Bertie, Ernie the Fire Engine, Ronnie Rocket, Dexter the Digger, Robbie Racer, Izzy, Jax, and Dudley the Dump Truck!

B, lining up the new Mini WOWs...

...and reciting all of their names to me.

Play- a child's work time. Such a beautiful collection of colorful toys for fun and learning.

B's wonderful world of WOW Toys, all set up, with scenes and all!

I sort of wondered if B would take to the Mini WOWs as well as he has taken to the others... and it was silly of me to wonder, because of course, he loves them. B has enjoyed playing with the Mini WOW Toys all by themselves, and he has also enjoyed playing with them along with his other WOW Friends. He couldn't wait to show his grandparents the new Mini WOWs, and they were all so impressed by their simple design, bright colors, and how beautifully made they were. Like me, they expected nothing less- we have all been big fans of WOW Toys for a while, now. Our adult friends truly marvel at the beauty of these toys, and how they work. The craftsmanship is simply amazing.

Features of the Mini WOW Toys...

Learn, imagine and share with mini WOW! This exciting addition to the WOW Toys collection designed for children aged 1-5 is sure to keep little ones entertained for hours on end. With 6 mini WOW to collect covering 3 ranges of construction, emergency and racing, little ones can get lost in their very own mini WOW worlds. Each car comes with a removable figure for role play exercises and easy to push-along rubber tyres.

Developmental benefits:

From 1½ years – Sensory stimulation and motor skill development
From 2 years – Discovery & learning
From 2½ years – Social interaction
From 3 years – Role-play & exploration

Check out the entire collection of Mini WOW Toys...

Clay the cement mixer
Clay the Cement Mixer

Jax the dump truck
Jax the Dump Truck

Blaze the fire truck
Blaze the Fire Truck

Jojo the ambulance
Jojo the Ambulance

Izzy the race car
Izzy the Race Car

Ace the race car
Ace the Race Car

Of course, B has already started making his WOW Wish List for his birthday. He's got a ways to go before October rolls around, but he's a patient boy, and is very hopeful! We love the new collection of Mini WOW Toys. I love that they're perfect for little hands, and that one year old's on up can enjoy learning through play with WOW Toys. There's a reason why B goes back to play with his WOW Toys over and over again, and they truly spark his imagination. It gives me great joy, and warms by heart to check on him when he's having play time on his own, and to hear him creating scenarios, making his WOW Toys talk to one another and work together to solve problems and help others. Thank you, WOW- you never disappoint us with your award-winning toys, and we're eager to see what you'll roll out with next!

Want Them? Buy Them!

Head on over to WOW Toys to browse the entire collection of Mini WOWs, and browse all of the other wonderful WOW Toys, as well! While you're there, have some fun exploring the WOW Toys website, where you'll find product and company information, a special Kids Zone with coloring pages to print and enjoy, Play Zone, WOW News, and more! WOW Toys is social, and would love to stay connected with you through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Want Them? Win Them!

One super lucky MBP reader will win their very own collection of Mini WOW Toys, like the set we received for our review! How wonderful is that? Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below for your chance to win this wonderful toy set from WOW! This giveaway is open worldwide, for ages 18+.

Special thanks to our friends at WOW Toys for once again allowing us to review their wonderful toys, and for offering this fantastic giveaway for our readers!


  1. My son would love Jax the dump truck!

  2. I think my daughter would love Izzy the race car

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  12. I think my nephew would like the brightness of the fire truck! These look like sturdy toys,

  13. Jax the Dump truck, love's wearing Granddad Paul's safety hat, so I think Jax would be her favourite

  14. My son would like Clay.

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  16. my little girl would adore izzy, she loves purple, its her fave colour xx

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  18. My son would love Ace the Race Car.

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  20. He'd most like Izzy the Race Car. Thanks.

  21. Heather Hayes PanjonJune 17, 2014 at 10:07 PM

    Blaze The Fire Truck Would Be A Favorite!

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  23. Blaze the fire truck will probably be my son's favorite.

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