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Secret Sweater: the Perfect Packable Summer Sweater #Review #SummerStyleGuide

The school year may be ending soon, but that certainly doesn't mean that our family is slowing down any time soon. We're involved in a lot of different things, and volunteer our time in a lot of ways, which means that we're constantly on the go. School year volunteer opportunities may be winding down, but the summer volunteer opportunities are taking their places. Add a bit of vacation and travel time into the mix, and we find ourselves on the road quite a bit, as well. One of the things that can be a bit bothersome during the summertime, is that everytime we walk into a building, I never know what the temperature will be. Since we see daytime temperatures in the 90's during the summer months, there can be a 20 degree temperature difference between indoors and out. I tend to be chilly, especially when the air conditioners are blasting away, but hate to have to bring a bulky sweater with me, wherever I go, and sometimes just plain forget that I'll need one... leaving me freezing cold when I'm indoors, and away from home!

Thankfully, I have found the perfect must-have solution to my problem. Katherine Arnemann, a San Franciscan with a background in fashion and design, found that something was majorly missing from her wardrobe. She found herself freezing cold while at work, but didn't want to have to spend more money on buying matching cardigans to layer with her outfits. She pulled an old, shrug sweater from her closet, and began wearing it underneath her jackets and blazers. She said that it was so hideous, that she never wanted anyone to see it underneath the blazers, however, it did the job when it came to keeping her warm, and adding a layer between her skin and her jackets. So, Katherine set out to design a sleek, simple sweater, made of super soft cotton & modal blended interlock fabric, which could be discreetly worn under jackets, but which was also nice enough to be worn over a shirt, a dress, etc. She also wanted something that could be easily cared for, and tossed into a purse, tote, or suitcase, for the girl on the go. She named it Secret Sweater, because no one has to know you're wearing it- unless you want them to!

I loved the idea of the Secret Sweater! I used to face the 'cold at work' problem every day, and now I just face the 'cold at church,' 'cold in the car,' 'cold in the store' problems. I knew that a light, packable sweater that could go from day to night was a fantastic idea, and I was thrilled when Katherine offered to send me a Secret Sweater of my own!

My Secret Sweater is here! The sweater came packaged in plastic, so I knew it was nice and clean, and would be ready for use.

I received a fun little note card from Katherine, herself! Thanks, Katherine!

I removed the Secret Sweater from its packaging, to find that the sweater itself was packed inside of a fun little pouch, made of the same cotton material as the Secret Sweater. This little pouch is designed to hold your sweater during your travels. This is so clever! I never put my sweaters into my purse, because as hard as I try to keep my purses cleaned out, they are usually loaded with junk that I have carried for my husband and son... and often times, there are crumbs from cheese crackers, graham crackers, etc- that I have carried around for my 3-year-old. I know- I hang my head in shame, but it's just one of those mom things that happens sometimes.

The travel pouch keeps your sweater protected while you're on the go. Just fold, pack into the pouch, and then toss the pouch into your purse, tote, suitcase or carry-on bag, and you're good to go. You'll have a stylish, comfy sweater for extra warmth, wherever you are!

Secret Sweater travel pouch...

To retrieve your sweater, just pull the pouch open...

...and pull the sweater out! Really- super duper handy!

I couldn't wait to see and feel the actual sweater. I selected the whisper grey color, which is a new color for spring, in a size small. I had already looked the design over online, so I knew to expect a light sweater that was designed to be an open-front cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves, that hit right at the waist.

A cute little card shows you all of the uses for the Secret Sweater!

My Secret Sweater was all rolled up, from being inside of the travel pouch...

...so I unrolled it...

...and laid it out to take a look!

I loved the whisper grey color of the sweater. I could have gone with the black, ivory, or raspberry colors, but wanted to select the color would best compliment what I would be wearing through spring, summer and early fall. I wear a lot of brown, neutral/tan, pink, green, blue, etc during the summer. I am trying to not be so boring and wear more color. Black goes with everything, but I am funny about wearing black and brown together. I knew ivory would easily become dirty, because moms of little ones have a hard time keeping their clothing clean, and the raspberry would limit what I could wear the sweater with. Grey is a great choice- because it really will go with just about anything!

I was eager to try the Secret Sweater on. When I picked it up, I could feel how soft it was, and truthfully, it was a little thicker than I imagined it would be, which was a pleasant surprise. I have a bunch of tissue thin sweaters that do nothing useful. I knew that the Secret Sweater was actually going to keep me warm, which won points from my husband, as well. He always asks me, 'Is that thing even going to keep you warm?' 

Looking stylish, and keeping warm- the Secret Sweater was the perfect layer to pair with my top and skinny jeans for a day out with the family!

Side view- the secret sweater hits just at the waist, leaving no bulky overhang adding bulk at my hips (they don't need any help).

Here's where the sweater cuts in the back...

I first wore the Secret Sweater a couple of weeks ago, as we headed out to run some errands for the afternoon. It was warm outside, but there was a bit of a breeze, which was chilly. All of the stores we went into had their A/C blasting away, so I was glad to have the Secret Sweater to throw on. We were also headed to my mother-in-law's for dinner later that evening, and I knew that the air outside would be chilly when we left to go back home. The Secret Sweater gave me just the right amount of warmth to keep me comfortable, without making me feel too hot. I wasn't the slightest bit uncomfortable, could move around with ease, and felt stylish. I really dislike the feeling I have had in the past when forced to throw on an old sweater that was itchy or too long or even bulky, just to keep my arms warm!

This sweater can take you from the office to a tropical vacation! Well, one can dream, can't they?

I love my Secret Sweater! It's my go-to throw on sweater, and I've been wearing it at home, to meetings, over sun dresses, paired with simple everyday t-shirts, and more! I have some summer travels coming up, and you can bet that this cozy, stylish sweater is coming with me! It'll be packed into its own travel pouch, and then I'll probably just toss it into my purse, so that it's with me at all times, in case I need it in the car, need to throw it on when we stop to eat, if I need it in the hotels, etc.

Features of the Secret Sweater

3/4 sleeve open front garment is not meant to close, nor cover the chest.  
body length hits at the wearer's natural waist.  
follow the size scale to ensure a proper fit to hide under jackets and to fit properly in the shoulders when wearing over lightweight clothing. 
*Petites should order down 1 size.

black, ivory, raspberry, whisper grey

high quality 50/50% cotton & modal blended interlock knit (it's super soft and cozy!!) to give you warmth without the bulk. 

machine wash cold, gentle cycle.  line-dry or dry-flat.  for best results, do not dry in the dryer.
any initial wrinkles from shipping should shake out with wear.  the garment should not wrinkle with normal use and re-packing in the baggie.  

knitted and manufactured in the u.s.a 

The Secret Sweater is a must-have summer style piece! Purchase one for yourself, and maybe even one to gift to a co-worker or friend so you can kiss your bulky office chair sweaters goodbye! Secret Sweater would make a fantastic gift for a birthday, anniversary, to compliment a special getaway, for a new graduate entering the working world, etc! I know first hand how wonderful Secret Sweater is, and how awesome it is to have a nice looking sweater that can be worn under or over your existing wardrobe, keeping you warm when you need the extra warmth! I'm not going anywhere without my Secret Sweater this summer!

Want One? Buy One!

Head on over to Secret Sweater to read more about Katherine's story, or to purchase a Secret Sweater of your own! Secret Sweaters are sold in four colors, for $39.95. Secret Sweater is social and would love to connect with you to keep you up to date on their wonderful product. Be sure to connect with Secret Sweater through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Special thanks to Katherine at Secret Sweater for allowing me to experience the only sweater I'll ever need to pack along with me, and for allowing me to share about this amazing product with the MBP community!


  1. this is one of the neatest products Ive ever seen. and so useful! they really do add a cute touch to an outfit. I need one in every color to wear with sleeveless tops and dresses

    1. It's a great sweater, Sarah! I am glad to have it, and would love to add the other colors, as well!

  2. This is great. I am always trying to shove a sweater or sweatshirt into my bag when I go out on Spring, Summer or Fall nights. It doesn't work well... This looks like the perfect solution!


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