Mother's Day Gift Idea: Treat Your Feet to Beautiful Sandals by Rialto Shoes #Review

If you frequent the MBP blog, and you have ever come across me talking about my love of handbags, you won't be surprised to learn that I love shoes and sandals, just as much. When I was in my twenties, I was really into wearing whatever was stylish. After I gave up my 9-5 office job, experienced a knee blow-out (twice), and became a mom, I found myself with a serious problem. I no longer knew how to dress my feet! The shoes I used to wear just weren't going to cut it... they didn't offer enough support for my bad knee, nor was I willing to risk losing my balance while holding onto my child. Some moms are so awesomely sassy and coordinated, that they don't think twice about carrying two kids or pushing around a stroller while wearing stillhetos... but I am not one of them.

Rialto Shoes

Three and a half years after becomming a mom, the bad knee is achier, and I'm not about to mess with crazy heels. I need comfortable, stylish summer sandals that will support my feet, and my knees, and turn heads. It's a tall order, I know... but Rialto is always up for the challenge. Rialto is a sister brand to White Mountain. You may remember the fabulous boots that I reviewed around the holidays- and you can find that feature, here.

Founded in 1979, The White Mountain Footwear Group has stuck to their initial mission: to produce stylish, quality footwear at a great value. The company was started by four shoemakers, with commitment to comfort, quality and design. Rialto is definitely giving women everywhere a reason to smile, as they slip into a pair of their shoes, boots, or sandals!

I had a fantastic experience with my winter boots from White Mountain, so I knew that I would have a wonderful experience with Rialto, as well. I was excited for the opportunity to select a style of sandals from Rialto's new arrivals for spring, though it was not an easy choice to narrow it down to just one pair!

My new Rialto sandals have arrived! Eager to see what I chose?

My new sandals came packaged in a beautiful red shoebox...

...complete with a personal note from the White Mountain team!

I was so excited to open up my Rialto shoebox to take a look at the sandals I selected. I really had a hard time making my choice, because there were several pairs of sandals by Rialto that I could see myself wearing all spring and summer long! Ultimately, I made my decision based on what I needed most, which was a stylish, dressy, yet casual white sandal.

Time to pull back the curtain... I mean, tissue paper, and take a look!

Meet the Garissa Sandal in White!

I fell in love with the Garissa Sandals when I saw them on the Rialto website. They were listed under the new spring arrivals, and though I had other favorites, as well- I knew these would be the right choice for me. I was blown away by how beautifully made these sandals are, and noticed their fine craftsmanship as I unwrapped them. The sandals came packaged in their shoebox, and they were all wrapped up in tissue paper.

The Garissa Sandals feature a t-strap, which closes around the ankle. They also feature lovely embellished beadwork.

Just take a look at this beautiful beading! Beautiful spring colors adorn these sandals- peach , lavender, and silver. 

I love the colors and the design used in the beadwork embellishment on each sandal. I really don't have a lot of footwear that features any sort of ornate bling. I wanted to treat myself to a pair of showy sandals that would not only be super stylish, but comfortable, as well. My husband wasn't so sure about the 'bling' on the sandals. His response was, 'They're just different from what you normally wear. I have to get used to them.' I kindly told him that their being different was sort of the whole point, and then went on to explain their comfort factor.

The design of the Garissa Sandal in White, by Rialto, is not only beautiful, it's comfortable.

If you take a look at the photo above, you'll immediately notice the stitching around the insole of the sandal. The insole is so soft, it's almost like the makers of this sandal stitched a little pillow to the sandal. That's beacuse these sandals contain Extra Cushioned Air-Lite™ insoles. These are the sandals that you can wear to work all day, and then keep them on through the evening, if you're headed out someowhere with the family, have a date, etc. You won't be whining to take them off as soon as you walk in the door after a long day... they're that comfortable!

The Garissa Sandals in White also feature an adjustable heel/ankle strap, which keeps the sandal in place on the foot.

I was itching to try the Garissa Sandals on. I knew that I might have a bit of a time matching my outfits, due to the coloring of the beading, but the truth is- the beading actually goes with more colors than you may think. I knew that they'd look beautiful with white, and I have a whole bunch of white tops, many of which I plan on wearing this summer. I paired a white t-shirt with my favorite pair of mint colored capris, and slipped into the Garissa sandals by Rialto, for a great new look!

Excuse B's wandering foot into the photo. Small blur aside, you can see how pretty the Garissa sandals look with the white and mint color combo. This is now one of my favorite spring ensembles, and my husband even commented on how nice the sandals looked with the outfit.

Here I am, at the end of a crazy day, still wearing my Garissa sandals.

I paired the Garissa sandals with skinny jeans and a white tee, and added a few white accessories, for a pulled together look.

The Garissa sandals also have a slight heel, with a Heel Height: 1.5". I actually really like that they're not completely flat. The extra bit of height makes me feel taller, and helps me carry myself a bit better. I have worn the Garissa sandals several times already, and I have only had them for a couple of weeks. I love the way they feel on my feet- they're so soft and comfortable. They're cushioning, and there's a little bounce with each and every step I take in them. My knee feels supported, which makes it easier on the rest of my body, like my back.

I love the high t-strap design of the Garissa sandal, and the embellishments really make them stand out from the rest!

Gorgeous sandals, keeping me comfortable all day long!

Another truth that's hard to swallow- my mom kindly pointed out the me (a couple of weeks ago) that I have a bulge on the outside of each of my big toes, near the top of the toes. My dad and my grandmother have the same thing... and they both have bunions! I don't have bunions (yet), but I have noticed that any sandal with a strap that cuts across the tops of my toes, kills! It's so painful when the straps cross that 'bulge.' I am realizing that I may have to give up wearing some of my old favorites, and replace them with new favorites, like the Garissa sandals. I am so thankful to have found a beautiful summer sandal that doesn't have a strap that cuts across my toes!

I am really loving the Garissa sandals, and I know I made the right choice, both for comfort and style. I have already received numerous compliments on these sandals, and I will absolutely be wearing them often through the remainder of the spring season, and well through summer!

Take a look at some of my other top sandal picks by Rialto...

Zora Sand Sandal

Bianca Black Wedge

Karina Pewter Metallic Sandal

Galina Yellow Sandal

Rialto really does have the perfect style for everyone. Whether you're looking for a sandal that's cute, flirty, sassy, casual or fun, Rialto has something for you. There are so many wonderful styles to choose from, and lots of vibrant colors, as well as classic colors. If you're like me, you like a bit of variety when it comes to style and color... Rialto has plenty of variety to choose from!

Looking for a great Mother's Day gift? Why not a pretty new pair of sandals? Often times, moms go without, so that the kiddos can have what they need/want. New sandals from Rialto would make a special gift that would leave mom smiling!

Want Some? Buy Some!

Head on over to Rialto to browse all of their new spring arrivals, as well as shop their other collections. You can also shop the Spring Specials for great deals on the styles you love! Go ahead- shop for mom! Use the code ILOVEMOM at checkout, to receive an extra 22% off everything! This offer is good for a limited time. Love giveaways and contests and want to win free sandals? Sign up for the Rialto newsletter! Rialto draws one name each week, and the winner gets a pair of sandals/shoes of their choice!

Rialto shoes is social, and invites you to connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Don't forget to check out White Mountain Shoes, and Cliffs by White Mountain, as well, for even more great shoe styles!

Special thanks to our friends at the White Mountain Shoe Company, for allowing me to experience the comfort and beauty of the beautifyl Garissa sandals from Rialto, and share with my readers!

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  1. These shoes are fun and you look so great in your outfit!


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