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Stylish, Comfortable Handbags by Robert Matthew #Review + 50% off Coupon

One of my mom confessions is that I love handbags. To me, they are beautiful works of wearable art that make a statement and have a purpose. I have been drawn to designer handbags for many years. Not only do they look beautiful and stylish, they are quality bags, made with the finest materials on can find, featuring intricate designs, gorgeous hardware, and lasting a lifetime, if you properly take care of them.

Now, my husband actually appreciates my love for fine handbags. He feels like way about wallets, belts, shoes, and even his own clothing. I rotate my bags, seasonally, and have a few that I use year-round, if they're a solid, neutral color. The spring season is all about hot color and getting back out into the world after hibernating all winter long, and let me tell you- I am ready to get out, with a stylish bag on my shoulder, of course.

You can't imagine my sheer happiness, after finding Robert Matthew Handbags. Robert and Matthew are longtime friends, two fashion designers who began to notice and discuss the unique and different trends that were setting the tone for others, and continued to evolve throughout their home state of sunny California. They noted the more casual styles from San Fransisco, to the more fashion forward trends of Los Angeles. Robert and Matthew notices that something was lacking, and that the folks of California needed a bit of new luster to reflect the trends of today. The lifelong friends had always been intrigued by the connection women seemed to have with their handbags, so they aimed to create a collection of bags that were beautiful, functional, embodied style, personality, and were appropriate for all sorts of occassions.

The Robert Matthews team has 17 years in the fashion and handbag industry, and still aims to create beautiful bags that women all of the world are proud to carry and flaunt.

I was thrilled for the opportunity to select a Robert Matthew Handbag to review and feature in our Spring Style Guide! I couldn't wait for the bag I chose to arrive!

I've got mail from Robert Matthew!

When I began to open my package from Robert Matthew, I truly felt like I was opening a special gift. Nowadays, I usually only get handbags for special occasions, so this was a special moment for me! As I opened the box that the handbag arrived in, I put my hand into the box and felt a silky cloth, which could only mean one thing...

...the bag had a protective cloth bag covering it. Only the finest bags out there arrive packaged like this!

The bag's handles were peeking through their protective covering, and I couldn't wait to see the rest of it! I had a nice hand-written note from Jaclyn, who coordinated this feature with me. I always appreciate those who take the time to send a little note along with whatever they send to me. Thanks, Jaclyn!

Time to unveil the bag from Robert Matthew...

Just take a look at this beauty!

I chose to review the beautiful Alayna Satchel Tote in Teal. Though this bag is available in several colors, I felt the teal was a beautiful color for spring, and to carry me through the summer, as well. The bag is made of an animal friendly pu leather, which is so exquisitely soft and almost silky-feeling. I love to run my hands over my leather handbags, and this bag is by far the most beautiful feeling bag in my personal collection.

Leather tag with rose gold embellishment...

I love this handbag's accents and embellishments. I don't usually go for bags that feature gold, bronze or rose gold accents, but it really seems to be the trend. The rose gold accentuates this bag so beautifully, it's almost like soft harmony being sung under a lovely melody.

Most importantly- the tag that shows off the deisgner!

I actually like to leave the designer tags on my bags. This lets others know where the handbag came from, and allows me to proudly display the artist behind the beatiful canvas I carry around with me! For those who don't like to leave these tags on, this one, like many others, is removeable.

Again, the lovely hardware is displayed throughout the bag, the rose gold really playing on the striking teal color of the leather.

The zipper is a medium width, which I am glad for. It's exposed, but not too much, which is just the way I like it.

I really love that this bag has a zipper closure. I used to buy so many lovely bags that had snap closures, which constantly emptied their contents when the car mad a sudden movement, if I leaned over while carrying, etc. The last thing I have time for, is to be picking up the contents of my handbag, because they're scattered all over the floor of the car, or worse- a parking lot or store! Bags that zip closed are a huge must for this on-the-go mamanista!

Look at the room inside of the Alayna Satchel Tote by Robert Matthew!

So, my husband is constantly complaining about me carrying large handbags. I've always been a large handbag gal. I need the room for my necessities- feminine items, which I prefer to store discreetly in an inner pocket, makeup for quck touch ups, a pen, a notepad (because good writers never leave home without one, even with modern day technology), cell phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, an extra pair of contact lenses, etc. Plus, if you're married, you'll appreciate having extra room for all of those, 'Sweetie, will you carry this in your purse' moments (which are all the time for me and my hubby). If you're a mom, you'll love that this bag has a ton of extra room for whatever it is that you need to bring along for your infant or child. Seriously- snacks, extra diapers, a soft toy or two. Oh yeah, there's room!

Lots of pockets to hold the essentials like sunglasses, cell phone, lip gloss...

...and a zip pocket to hold important items.

Perhaps my favorite feature, the large inner zip pocket, which is where I keep makeup and other items that I want to be able to find quickly and easily, and don't want tossed about my bag.

The lining of the Alayna Satchel Tote is genius. I love the neautral striped design that compliments the rose gold, and flows well with the bag, overall. The lining can be shaken out (don't try to tell me that you've never shaken anything out of your handbag, ladies), and can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth. This is awesome, because sometimes little bits of makeup come loose and leave lovely little rainbow streaks along the lining of your bag. If you're a mom, you might be familiar with crumbs in your purse, so you'll appreciate how easily this lovely bag can be cleaned up or cleaned out!

Another thing to love- the versatility! Adjust the straps to your preference!

The Alayna Satchel bag has two lovely leather handles, making it easy to carry in hand. I have had no problem trowing the two handles over my shoulder, and carrying the bag that way, however, sometimes you just need a little extra security for your bag. No one wants to be shopping, wrangling the kiddos, and having their bag constantly sliping off the shoulder. 

And that's why this detachable shoulder strap is a thing of true beauty!

If you're out and about and you don't want to have to worry about your bag staying in place as you carry it, the clip on shoulder strap is a gem! It'll make the bag even easier to carry, and you'll have one less thing to worry about. If you're headed out for a date night, maybe you remove the shoulder strap and leave it at home. Either way, the bag will look great on your shoulder, on your arm, or carried in your hand!

I couldn't wait to put the Alayna Satchel Tote by Robert Matthew to the test, which meant that it was time for me to load it up with my own stuff, and head out the door. I had plenty of room for my own things, as well as everyone else's. Even when I added my son's tablet and my hubby's Nook to the bag, it didn't feel heavy on my shoulder.

I paired my Robert Matthew Alayna Satchel with a new tunic and leggings for a chic spring look...

The teal coloring in the bag matched the teal blue hue in my tunic, and gave an even-more spring-like look to my outfit.

The Alayna Satchel Tote is beyond gorgeous, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. My husband commented on its classic, elegant, simple design. When I went out, everyone I spoke to, was asking me about my bag and where it came from. I proudly shared about Robert Matthew, because I am proud to carry one of their beautiful designs, and feel that the world needs to know about them!

Features of the Alayna Satchel Tote by Robert Matthew...

Light rose gold hardware
Animal Friendly pu Leather
Double Handles; 8" Handle Drop
Matching Shoulder Strap
Striped Inner Fabric
Top Zip with Studded Designer Detail
Outside: Back zipper pocket
Inside: Two front open pockets
Inside: One back zipper pocket
Inside: One top zipper center divider pocket
16" W x 10" H x 8" D

If you think the Alayna Satchel Tote is gorgeous, take a look at some of these other beautiful designs fom Robert Matthew...

Robert Matthew Zoey 2-in-1 Shoulder Tote
Zoey 2 in 1 Shoulder Tote

Robert Matthew Serenity Tote
Serenity Tote in Cream

Robert Matthew Emily Shoulder Tote
Emily Shoulder Tote in Fuscia

Robert Matthew Olivia Shoulder Tote
Olivia Shoulder Tote in Tan

All of Robert Matthews handbag styles are beautiful! If my entire collection of handbags consisted of Robert Matthew bags, I'd be entirely happy! They are gorgeous pieces of fashionable art, fitting in with the current trends, reasonably priced, and extremely functional. Whether you're headed to the office, to a dinner, a party or special gathering, out for date night, or you're just out and about with your family, a Robert Matthew Handbag will give you the style you're looking for in a beautiful bag, combined with functionality and versatility that will make your life easier!

Robert Matthew bags would make a beautiful gift- hint, hint... Mother's Day is coming up! Complete your spring handbag collection with a gorgeous new pick from Robert Matthew! Need a bag to compliment your Easter outfit? There are so many beautiful spring colors and lovely styles to choose from! A Robert Matthew Handbag is unlike any other, and a must for any handbag lover!

Robert Matthew Alayna Tote

Want It? Buy It!

I selected the Alaya Satchel Tote for its look and feel, as well as its room. I thought that this bag would be not only stylish, but comfortable for moms and non-moms to tote around. Head on over to Robert Matthew to browse all of their beautiful handbags, gorgeous scarves, and elegant jewelry!

Robert Matthew is offering a special deal, exclusively for MBP readers! Receive 50% off of the Alayna Satchel Tote by entering the coupon code MBLCKPARTY at checkout! 1/2 off this gorgeous bag? What a great deal! We hope you'll take advantage of this special offer! Remember, the Alayna Satchel Tote by Robert Matthew is available in six colors!

Robert Matthew is social and would love to connect with you! Be sure to visit Robert Matthew on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and sign up for their newsletter for exclusive updates and offers!

Special thanks to Robert Matthew and to team member Jaclyn, for allowing me to experience the style and beauty of the Alayna Satchel Tote! It's definitely my favorite handbag from own personal collection, and I will proudly carry it wherever I go this season!

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