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Make Your Mark with Sharpie Permanent Markers + DIY Toilet Paper Tube Bowling Set

In our house, we do a lot of projects. I am definitely thankful for other bloggers, taking the time to share their projects, and for anyone who has ever pinned a project to Pinterest. These folks are providing a lot of neat ideas for people like me, who want to be creative, but are just running out of juice! I enjoy doing projects with my son. We like to incorporate crafts and projects into our daily homeschool Pre-K lessons, because it really engages my son, and connects what we're learning about with our everyday lives.

We recently got a big 'ol pack of Sharpie products from the Shoplet Blogger Review Program, and I was excited to start using them!

Everyone loves Sharpie pens and markers. Really, Sharpie is a household name, and needs no introduction. Let's just say that they've been providing folks with quality permanent markers and pens for a lon, long time. Any kid who has ever gone through school, has had at leat one Sharpie marker, to make their mark on their belongings. Sharpie pens and markers are pretty magical. They provide long-lasting color, wherever you want it- from paper to boxes, ceramic mugs and more! Sharpie is always surprising us with new twists on their products, and I couldn't wait to check out what they'd sent to us.

The Sharpie Premium Pen

The Sharpie Premium Pen is beautifully made. It's a heavy pen, making you feel like it's worth much more than you paid for it. It has a stainless steel body, and a bleed-free fine tip. It still gives you that same permanent, smear-resistant result that you expect from a Sharpie product. We put it to the test with one of our Pre-K activities.

Labeling our People in the Community puppets with the Sharpie Premium Pen...

The fine tip pen allowed me to quickly and easily label these wooden craft sticks...

The Sharpie Premium Pen wrote quite smoothly. I felt like I was writing with a regular pen, really- but the result was much more beautiful. The ink didn't smear, it dried quickly and really performed so much better than I thought it would! Any other pen probably would have not worked as well, and other markers would have smeared, or the points would have been too wide to label the sticks.

Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers

We also received a set of the Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers, which we have already used quite a bit. The set included five markers in bright, neon colors: orange, green, blue, pink, and yellow. We used the markers to help us with one of our learning activities. We decided to make our own little set of bowling pins, using toilet paper tubes, and the Sharpie Neon Markers.

We used the markers to draw big numbers on the tubes...

...and then we set them up, like bowling pins!

B used a soft ball to roll into the pins and knock them over.

Labeling the pins with the Sharpie Neon Markers was a great idea. Yes, we had fun playing the game, but it was also a great tool for us. Labeling the pins meant that B would have to put them back in order once he was ready to set them back up. Labeling helped us work on number sequencing, without him really even realizing it. The kid's a pro when it comes to numbers, though- just like his daddy!

You can use these Sharpie Markers on pretty much anything!

I had my own fun with the Sharpie Neon Markers, decorating a pair of white sunglasses. I copied the blue and pink Chevron pattern off of my favorite mug, and drew/colored it in on the sunglasses. It was quick and easy. I couldn't belive how fast the ink from the markers dried. I acidentally ran my hand through the deisgn a time or two, expecting that I had ruined my work, but nope- it was still there, and there was zero color on my skin. Way to go, Sharpie!

Having fun with the Sharpie Metallic Permenant Markers!

I also received a set of Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers, and let me tell you- these things are awesome! They still have the fine point that you love and expect, but they leave a thick trail of silver or gold loveliness behind! Unfortunately, I can't draw, and my handwriting is pretty terrible, too, but I needed to show you guys what these little beauties can do. They show up on dark backgrounds, making them perfect for decorating!

The Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers really came in handy last week, when I was labeling my seed starter pots for summer veggies.

Sharpie Markers never disappoint. There's a reason why we love them- because they work, like no other! Sharpies are just one of those things that we're used to having around our home, because they really come in handy, and they get the job done! Whether I need to label boxes (because I am constantly packing stuff up to be stored), work on a project, label freezer bags, etc- I always go for a Sharpie Permanent Marker.

I can't wait to try some of these great Sharpie Marker projects!

What types of things do you use Sharpie Permanent Markers for?

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  1. What fun ideas. I love Sharpies and now all the colors they come in.

  2. I love the sunglasses idea! Perfect for a party in the summer - each guest could decorate their own glasses!

  3. This looks like fun. My family loves Sharpies. The bowling game looks like a fun snow day game. We've been stuck inside so much lately it would be a welcome change.


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