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Get Back into the Kitchen with Tools by Ecolution #Review

Hey MBP followers, Vanessa here! I am running around like a mom who has a million and one different things to do today. How many of you can relate to that? One of those million and one things is getting a healthy dinner on the table! Tonight, we had Chicken Paprikash made with some leftover “Kickin’ Crockpot Chicken” from the other night.  I love stretching our food budget by using leftovers to create an entirely different meal!

Tonight, I got to use my brand new Ecolution™ Artistry 11in. Fry Pan to make dinner. So now, in addition to the happiness I felt making Chicken Paprikash, which  is a family favorite, I was downright giddy because I got to use my new favorite kitchen utensil!

I was thrilled to get to work with Ecolution™! I love being in the kitchen, and if it weren’t for my dread of speaking in front of large groups of people, I am convinced that I could be the next Rachael Ray! Well, there are probably a few other reasons I am not the next Rachael Ray, but I do rock in the kitchen. Because I love cooking so much, I have a rather large collection of pots and pans, of various brands. I am thinking though, my collection is about to receive an Ecolution™ makeover!

     2014-02-10 15.59.33.jpg
My new favorite!

        2014-02-10 15.59.54.jpg
       And the bottom!

So obviously, not everyone gets as nerdy as I can get, especially when it comes to cookware. However, when this frying pan came, I think my two sous-chefs may have been just as enthusiastic about receiving it  as I was. Our 6 year old quickly questioned if we could use it to make dinner that night, and uttered the words “oh bummer”  when I told her we had to wait until tonight. 

2014-02-12 18.40.38.jpg
Our new pan at work!

Aside from being pretty nice to look at, this fry pan has other benefits. I love how quickly the heat is distributed throughout the pan and I really loved not having to grab a pot holder to avoid burning my hand on a hot handle, since this pan offers a “squeezable stay-cool silicone” handle. The pan is dishwasher safe, which is a huge plus. I am going to stick with handwashing it though, because I never want to run the risk of having it be in the dishwasher when I need to use it next.

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8pc Set - Green
8 pc. cookware set

Want It? Buy It!

The Ecolution™ Artistry 11-inch Fry Pan is available for purchase at Amazon.com. We got a red one, which matches our kitchen, but the pans are also available in black, orange, and cobalt blue.

Connect with Ecolution™
You can connect with Ecolution™ on Facebook and Twitter. They would love to hear from you with any questions you may have about their Artistry Fry Pan or other products!

Special thanks to the fine folks at Ecolution for allowing our family to experience their wonderful products and share about them with our readers!

Happy cooking!


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  1. this looks like a nice pan. I love having that size. and the rings on the bottom to spread the heat are awesome


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