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Here at MBP, we're really making an effort to focus more on fitness and healthy lifestyles for the whole family. Hopefully, you've been following Jess' Journey, a weekly update on MBP Sr. Contributor Jess Harris' 'road to a healthier Jess.' Sr. Contributor Steph Adler is a mama of three little ones, and after the birth of baby C, Steph decided that she would give running a try. As for me, I love being active with my family. When it's not too cold outside, I enjoy daily walks and aerobic walking. My favorite form of exercise for many years, has been Pilates, and this year, I've decided that I want to try to do a little bit of yoga every day.

I'm completely new to yoga, so you can bet that it's a true challenge for me. The beauty of yoga, is that you can practice it anytime, and anywhere. All you need is a yoga mat, a little room to move, and (if possible) a few quiet minutes. Having the proper clothing for yoga makes a big difference, too, so I knew I needed to educate myself and outfit myself in the best activewear possible for this new venture.


I knew I'd found a rare gem when I ran across Onzie a few weeks ago. Onzie yoga apparel was founded and created by a 20 year Bikram Yogi... talk about a long time practicing yoga! Any yogi knows that having flattering, comfortable and functional clothing for practicing yoga, is key. Onzie is known for their amazingly stylish, comfortable, high performance fitness apparel, and once you've tried it, it's easy to see why. Their breatheable fabrics are wonderful for anyone who enjoys hot yoga (and I'm not there yet- we'll see!), but can also be used for other activities like pilates, spinning, running, swimming, surfing, etc. Onzie apparel is lovingly made in the USA, in sunny CA, in fact!

I know you might be wondering what on earth yoga apparel and activewear have to do with Valentine's Day. Well, when this gal works out, she feels good. When she feels good, she feels better about herself. When she feels better about herself, she feels confidant and sexy. When she feels confidant and sexy, she wants to be close to her husband. Catch my drift, here? Right. So, when I was offered the chance to team up with Onzie to review a couple of pieces of yoga apparel, I was even more excited for my new yoga fitness challenge.

Sweet Cindy over at Onzie had my selections on my doorstep within days of my initial e-mail to Onzie, and she included a handwritten note, too!

My selections from Onzie were individually packaged, so they arrived nice and fresh and clean!

I mentioned that I am a veteran of practicing pilates, so I'm not stranger to yoga pants and tank tops. They're comfy and all, but they're so loose at the bottom, that they sometimes catch during my movements, and I didn't want that to happen when I was just starting out with my yoga. So, I chose to review a yoga top and bottom that would really fit. Ready to see? Take a look...

I chose the Braid Tank Top in the paisley pattern...

I fell in love with the Braid Tank Top when I saw it on the Onzie website. I loved the design of the tank, because it covered the tummy. I'm working toward my summer body, but am definitely no where near ready to bare that midriff yet. I am constantly battling my 'pooch' from having a baby three years ago, and that saggy skin just sort of hangs around, making it harder to stay tight and toned. The braided tank top is a longer length, as well, hitting below the waistline.

One of the best features of the Braided Tank Top by Onzie- the braid!

Isn't the detail in the braid so pretty?

I love the unique back of this pretty tank!

The Braid Tank Top is unlike any other tank I've ever seen. The braid down the middle of the back makes it truly unique. Aside fom the tank being pretty, it's super comforable, too! It's made of a nice nylon/spandex blend- the same material used in the Onzie bra tops. It fits where it needs to, and even flows a bit more freely around the bottom. It fits, and flatters and works well when worn with leggings or low rise capris. This piece is available in S/M or M/L and in a variety of patterns/colors. It can be hand or machine washed, line dried or tumbled on a low heat setting.

Check out my complete outfit! Thanks, Onzie!

I knew I would also need a great fitting bottom to wear with the braid top from Onzie. Tired of my yoga pants getting caught when I did my wide leg circles on the mat, I wanted something that I could move freely in. Cindy suggested that I try the Mesh Capri Pant. I took one look at them and knew that they'd be a great fit- and I was right!

I love the way the Mesh Capri Pants look with the braid tank top, and I love the way they feel!

The beauty of the mesh capri pant, is that they really fit your body. I was worried when I first tried them on, that they might be too small. I slid into them with no problem, and they fit just like a pair of leggings would- right against the skin.

Here's why these are so neat- see the mesh on the side and across the thigh?

The mesh netting on these capris allows the clothing to breathe, ideal for anyone who sweats when they exercise!

Designed with spinning in mind, these capris are perfect for anyone who's looking for a tight fitting, but comfortable pant to work out in! I love the way they hug my body, and I love the way they perform during my yoga and pilates routines. The mesh is awesome! It's non-irritating, doesn't rub the skin in any way, and it really shows off your curves and where you're toned, too! These capris are lined in the center, the fabric is 100% fee flowing, made from a nylon/spandex blend, and can be hand washed and line dried, or machine washed and dried on low.

I loved how these pieces fit while I was just sort of wearing them around the house, but to really get a sense of how well they fit and performed, I knew I needed to get my yoga on in them!

Here I am, stretching out in Child's Pose...

...and moving into cat pose...

...rounding out the cat pose.

...and sealing in my practice, twenty minutes later.

I'm really enjoying yoga, and I think I might be enjoying it even more, after receiving these wonderful pieces from Onzie. I am able to move and bend freely, without my clothing bunching on me, which is awesome. I even wore the capri pants for a cardio kickboxing workout the other day, and they performed perfectly, and helped keep me cool!

I'm so in love with Onzie, that'd I'd love to add a few more pieces to my collection...

All in One Tank Top

Tuxedo Legging

Hoodie in Teal

...and there are shorts available for men, too!

I think that activewear makes a great gift. I have put yoga apparel on my Christmas list for teh past several years, and this year, I've also put it on my hint list to hubby for Valentine's Day. I'd love to for us to get each other some couples activewear, and then really be active together. Exercising with your spouse or partner can be a lot of fun, they can hold you accountable and keep you motivated.

If you want to gift Onzie this Valentine's Day, my suggestion would be to pick a couple of pieces, and put them into a gift basket with some spa items, if your partner is really into yoga or pilates. If you've got someone to surprise who loves running, walking, hiking, biking, make a basket with the apparel, and perhaps a bottle of wine, water crackers, fruit and cheese, and go for a hike, walk, ride together and stop for a picnic along the way. How romantic!

Want It? Buy It!

You can find all of these awesome Onzie pieces over at the Onzie website. Be sure to take a good look around, so you don't miss any of their unique pieces. You can join the Onzie mailing list to stay up to date on the latest and greatest from Onzie, and they'd love to hear from you, too! Plus- you can connect with Onzie through Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Win a $75.00 Onzie Gift Certificate!

Want It? Win It!

Thanks to our friends at Onzie, one lucky MBP reader will win a $75.00 Onzie Gift Certificate! Wow! Think of the beautiful pieces you could own if you win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Onzie for allowing me to experience their incredible activewear, and for offering this amazing giveaway to our readers.

Good luck and Namaste!

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  1. Replies
    1. Me too- they were actually my first choice, but were out of stock. I love the mesh capri's though!

  2. I like the all in one tank but the legging you had on were too cute!

  3. I stay active by running. I need to get back to yoga.

    1. I wish I could run! I have a bad knee, so it really limits what I can do- like running and hiking. I love yoga and pilates, though... low impact with great results!

  4. Love the leggings! perfect for my yoga.. :)

  5. I LOVE the full-coverage shorts in the "galaxy" print.

  6. I stay active by running several days a week, as well as weight lift.

  7. Love the hoodie in teal!

  8. I love going on photo walks and yoga.

  9. I like what you were wearing! Lol. Any type of top would be great.

  10. I'd love the criss cross bra top in purple!


  11. I'd love to have the Long Legging in black

  12. I stay active by gardening and running on the treadmill - and chasing after kids!

  13. I stay active by doing squats while I make coffee or heat things up in the microwave - while I stand there waiting I make use of my time and squat!

  14. I stay active by getting on the treadmill and walking with coworkers at lunch

  15. I stay active by playing and chasing after my little ones

  16. I am in love with the mesh capris and the elastic bra top!

  17. I like the leggings and top with the twist going down your back. Very cute.

  18. To stay active I go walking a lot since I am a bus rider.

  19. I love the Criss-Cross Bra Top!

  20. I love the Criss-Cross Bra Top!

  21. I go to Zumba and step classes!

  22. I would love to have the black Mesh Capri Pant

  23. My co-workers and I started walking over our lunch breaks when we can.

  24. I love the sugar skull long legging...actually I love everything!

  25. The all in one tank top and tuxedo legging look great!

  26. I stay active by walking whenever I can.

  27. I stay active by using my lunch breaks to go to the gym.

  28. We like to ride our bikes on the beach!

  29. wow Rounding out the cat pose nice position to burn out calories in belly


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