Velata Review W/ Kim Getchell

Get your stretch pants on friends! Its the holiday season and the eattin is good! This past November, my lovely family came up to Valpo like they normally do for what I like to call Thanksgiving II. We always have Thanksgiving the day after because our mom works at a restaurant that is famous for its turkey, but since my sister and I are married we get Thanksgiving with the in-laws on Thursday... hence the II part of Thanksgiving II. We had lots of yummy things to eat this year but I had a special treat for my chocoholic niece Scarlett. 


Independent consultant Kim Getchell sent me a fondue warmer from the company Velata. Born from the Scentsy family, Velata wants to turn your minutes into precious moments. So many important memories happened around the table and now with velata, you can make hundreds more!

Our warmer from Kim and Velata
Out of the box and ready to go! This warmer is part of the color collection.
There are many other types of warmers available.
The Velata warmer reminds me of a Scentsy warmer.
My poor confused husband actually asked me if that is what it was. 

Kim also sent us a package of premium milk chocolate for our new fondue warmer. I knew this would be a big hit in our family because we all love chocolate, really though who doesn't?!

Dark, white, caramel and milk, flavors also available. 

We microwaved the packet of chocolate like the directions said to, poured the melted chocolate into the fondu warmer and dipped in. 

Soft fresh marshmallow with ooey gooey chocolate fondu. 
Our warmer came with its own fondu skewers. So cute!
Our dippers. 

 The fondu warmer was incredibly easy to use and so was the chocolate packet. The chocolate was warm and thick and sweet. It tasted almost like a melted name brand kiss that is very popular with kids. The chocolate would have been fabulous on different fruits or other sweet things like cake pieces or cookies. We chose to dip marshmallows and bananas because I couldn't think of anything Id rather dip in warm gooey chocolate than bananas.  

Kim also sent us a Velata mixable for our chocolate. You just dump one tiny pack into the chocolate and bam, its a whole new level of awesome! We were lucky enough to get the peppermint mixable and let me tell you, it made the chocolate way better than it was before. You can't go wrong with mint and chocolate!
Orange, raspberry, and mocha flavors available. 

All in all, we had fun with out Velata fondu warmer and chocolate fondu. It was a great new way to have dessert! Id love to try the cheese fondus that Velata has available; fiesta queso, bacon cheddar cheese, cheddar cheese, and smoked gouda or the spice rubs; bbq, lemon garlic, coriander herb, and smoked paprika. Try Velata for yourself and fondu it up with all your friends at home or at your holiday work party. You can't go wrong with fun food! 

Want it? Buy it!

Is fondu for you? If you don't know, give it a try. Velata has everything you need to start your fondu fun. They have fondu warmers, and these other great items to really help you have fun with your food. 
Grill your food and make your dips with this awesome table grill from Velata. 
Party try, just slip your dip and your dippables into this bowl and party on!

Nesting bowls to hold whatever you need. 

Your fondu will look lovely on these serving plates. I LOVE the purple ones.

Special thanks to Kim Getchell and Velata for this awesome and unique review opportunity. 

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  1. We LOVE our Velata Warmer! We use it every time we have a family gathering!


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