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Velata Introduces New Cheese Fondue Selections! (Review & Giveaway)

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If you're a fondue lover, you're going to love this! My husband and I are big fans of both chocolate and cheese fondue. As a very special treat a few months back, we headed out to a nice dinner at a local fondue restaurant. Though the food was incredible, the bill was less than impressive. After we left the restaurant, we talked about figuring out a way to enjoy our favorite cheese and chocolate fondue at home.

Presented by MBP Spotlight Sponsor, Kim Getchell

You may remember several months ago, where I reviewed my first ever experience with Velata. Velata is under the Scentsy brand umbrella, and provides customers with a safe, easy way to prepare their favorite chocolate fondue at home. Imagine my surprise when friend to MBP and Spotlight Sponsor and Independent Velata Consultant, Kim Getchell e-mailed me to tell me that Velata was adding a cheese fondue selection to their product line! When Kim asked if I was up for a review of some of the new cheeses, I had to agree!

My Velata fondue package from Kim- I love their boxes!

My Velata package from Kim contained two of Velata's new cheese fondues: Fiesta Queso and Smoked Gouda. Oh, my YUM! I knew my husband would be very excited to try these cheeses. We enjoy Mexican food at least once a week for dinner, so I knew the Fiesta Queso would be perfect to serve to my family, right off the bat!

Velata's Fiesta Queso and Smoked Gouda Cheese Fondue

Prepping the cheese fondue is much like prepping the chocolate fondue. I already own a Velata Fondue Warmer in Noir (Black), so I got that out, placed the warming dish on top of the warmer and plugged it in, and switched the dial to the high setting to warm the dish up for the cheese. As the warmer was heating up, I looked at the directions provided on the side of the cheese fondue package.

Heat, stir, repeat and add to your Velata Warmer...

Here's what the Fiesta Queso Cheese looked like, still in the container, just after opening. Is it just me, or is this like, a Fiesta Queso Mickey Mouse?

Here's what the cheese looked like after 30 seconds in the microwave and a quick stir.

I heated the Fiesta Queso Velata Cheese Fondue for thirty seconds about three times, stirring in between. After the cheese was warmed through and had reached a thick, but liquid like consistency, I poured it into my Velata Warmer, with the help of a spoon.

My Velata Warmer, with the Fiesta Queso Cheese Fondue added to the warming dish...

The cheese looked so yummy in the Velata Warmer. Since the warmer and the dish on top had been pre heated, the warmer kept the cheese at a nice temperature and consistency, perfect for dipping during our dinner! When my husband walked into the kitchen and smelled the cheese, he said his mouth started watering. He is such a sucker for cheese dip, so I knew the Fiesta Queso Velata Cheese Fondue would be a huge hit!

Creamy, cheesy, spicy- YUM!

When we sat down to our meal of chicken tacos and black beans, my husband and son were both excited to see the Velata Warmer sitting on the table. They knew that they were in for a treat! We gave Balian a small taste of the cheese, and he said it was spicy, but he liked it. My husband gobbled chip after chip, dipped in the Fiesta Queso Cheese Fondue! I was glad to have a cold beer in front of my plate as I nibbled the chips with the spicy queso. Caliente!

Now this is what I call a Mexican Fiesta at home!

How does the Velata Warmer work?

There are several styles and colors of available Velata Warmers. If you're familiar with the Scentsy Warmers, than you'll love the Velata Warmers, because they esentially work the same way. The warmer contains a lightbulb, which heats up when you switch the warmer on. The Velata Warmers have high and low settings. A silicone warming dish sits atop the warmer, and keeps your Velata chocolate or cheese fondue warm or hot. There is no open flame involved here. A lot of folks don't mess with fondue at home, because it can be dangerous, especially if you have small children running around. The Velata Warmer can easily sit on a table, or the counter, and can be used by adults, and oldr children (with adult supervision).

Fondue is a lot of fun, and by having a fondue party with friends or even a fondue appetizer, dessert or side with your dinner, you sort of bring the social aspect of dining back. Fondue is interactive, and it's definitely cause for conversation.

We love Velata Fondue!

The Fiesta Queso was so delicious, that we almost completely devouered the entire dish of cheese!

Kim also sent us the Smoked Gouda Cheese Fondue, which was out of this world delicious! We warmed up the Smoked Gouda the same way that we did the Fiesta Queso, and we dipped bread chunks, crackers and green apple slices into it! Oh, oh, oh- it was so good-a! For this type of fondue treat, we used the Velata Fondue Forks, which I also already had (thanks to my previous review with Kim). The forks are easy to hold, and the grab the food pieces very well, keeping the food on the fork as you dip into the dish.

*Just remember- fondue rule #1 is: Do not eat off of your fondue fork! 
Use the fork only for dipping, and then eat from your plate!

The Velata Cheese Fondue flavors are made in Wisconsin, and will be a huge hit when you serve them at your next gathering or party! Choose from flavors like Bacon Cheddar, Cheddar, Fiesta Queso and Smoked Gouda.

To get your Velata Fondue party started, you'll need a Velata Warmer, some chocolate or cheese fondue and a few accessories. Check out some of these wonderful Velata products that we highly recommend...

Key Lime Curve Velata Fondue Warmer

Velata Fondue Fork Set

Velata Serve 4 Plates- Square

Velata Mix Fix
(3 Premium Chocolates and 2 Mixables)

Whether you're already a Velata fan, and you want to try the new cheese fondues, or you're a fondue fan who is learning about the wonders of Velata for the first time, Kim is ready to answer your questions, make suggestions or help you place your order! You can shop anytime you like, host your own Velata party with Kim, or join Kim's team if you're looking for a fun and rewarding business!

With so many celebrations in the near future (think Mother's Day, graduation, Father's Day, summer picnics), you'll be so happy to have a Velata Warmer, a few accessories and some Velata Chocolate and/or Cheese Fondue stocked in your pantry! It's the perfect quck and easy appetizer or dessert solution for planned parties or last minute gatherings. Plus- it's so much fun to use, enjoy and eat! Velata would also make a really wondrful gift! Personally, I am going to order a couple more of the cheese fondue flavors from Kim so I can take my warmer and the cheeses on our family beach vacation in a few weeks! What a treat!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase all of the above mentioned products and many more through Kim's personal Velata website. Kim would be happy to help you, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact her, or leave a comment on this post.

Want It? Win It!

One super lucky MBP reader will win their very own Velata Color Warmer in Noir (Black), plus the Smoked Gouda and Fiesta Queso Cheese Fondues! Is Kim awesome or what? Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win. This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to the wonderful Kim Getchell for allowing me to experience this new product line from Velata and for offering this delicious giveaway to our readers!

Good luck!

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  4. I would love to try Velata's Caramel Milk Chocolate fondue. Swoon...

  5. I would like to try the Smoked Gouda

  6. I would like to use it at my next dinner party with my friends.

  7. I would love to try the mixables in raspberry and chocolate

  8. I would use it for my friends going anyway party that we are having before she moves back home to Indiana

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  11. I'd like to try the Bacon Cheddar Fondue.

  12. I'd use it with chocolate at parties.

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  13. I would looooooooooooooove to try the bacon cheddar fondue! Yum!


  14. I would most like to try the Smoked Gouda!

  15. Belgian Chocolate! I would give this to my son-in-law - he has been wanting a fondue set and he would love all of the cheeses!


  16. If I win, I will give this as a gift to my son-in-law who would probably invite some friends over to share it.


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    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

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  30. Check out the Fall and Winter Canadian Velata catalog here: http://www.comfortfoodcanada.ca/velata-catalog-canada.html


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