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No one loves to enjoy the beautiful scents of the season more than I do! I love to have my home filled with sweet notes of amaretto, sugar cookie and vanilla, spicy scents of cinnamon, orange and clove, and of course, the delightfully icy scents of Christmas pine, peppermint and more! I stopped burning candles in our home after our son was born, because I was just too afraid of what might happen. Open flame, little hands, you know... Thankfully, Scentsy has been putting moms at ease for a long time, offering safe ways to light up the home with that warm candle light glow, and tickle noses with delightful scents, too!

Presented by Kim Getchell, Independent Scentsy Consultant

We've been lucky enough to work with MBP Spotlight Sponsor, Kim Getchell several times. Kim has been bringing MBP readers the very best and latest from Scentsy, a direct sales company known for their safe alternative to lighting scented candles at home or in the office. Scentsy has a hige collection of beautiful ceramic warmers, scent bricks, and lots of other scented products for the home and even for your body! I was thrilled to be able to work with Kim for the 2013 Holiday season. I love Scentsy, have a bunch of warmers and fragrances from them, and have never been disappointed in a single Scentsy product.

For the holidays, I thought it would be a lot of fun to feature a seasonal warmer, so I chose to review the Christmas Countdown Warmer, along with three scents!

My authentic Scentsy product has arrived!

My warmer and other goodies, all well protected and wrapped for shipping.

Check out my loot from Kim!

All laid out- our new warmer, Scentsy bars, our new buddy and Scent Pak, too!

I love the Scentsy scents. To me, nothing smells as good as Scentsy's scents, and no other wax has a longer lasting fragrance! These bars come as a whole piece, but are divided into small squares. These squares can be broken off one or two at a time, and places directly into the warming dish for melting.

Delightful holiday scents... Christmas Cottage, Dulce de Leche, and Silver Bells.

I am in love with all three of the scents I chose. I opened them all to preview them before using them in the warmers. I knew Sacha would love Silver Bells- it smells sort of manly, and I thought it would be the perfect scent for our bathroom wall warmer. Christmas Cottage is so lovely! It's the perfect scent to use in our family room, and then the Dulce de Leche is my number one choice to use in our kitchen.

Scentsy Warmer- from the Holiday Collection...

Official Scentsy instructions, included with my new Holiday Warmer.

I love the way Scentsy packages its products. Everything is so well protected- there's hardly a chance of breakage occurring during the shipping and delivery process. The items aren't just wrapped, they're protected by thick walls- it's like a fortress in each and every box!

Here's the warming dish, which sits atop the actual warmer.

My Christmas Countdown Warmer, all wrapped up. Notice the plug in power cord.

Two piece set- looks so, so cute!

My two piece warmer was wrapped in plastic, and it also included a special bulb. It's the heat from the bulb that metls the wax in the warming dish! As soon as I got a glimpse of the warmer, I couldn't wait to take the plastic off and get a better look!

Ta-da! Red, green and white... and a chalkboard?

First things first, though... to set up my new warmer, I needed to screw the bulb in. Easy peasy. It took all of two seconds. The next step would be to select a place for my new warmer to live. I loved the idea of having this in my kitchen, so I placed it on the counter, and plugged it in. After the warmer was plugged in, I set the warming dish on top of the warmer. It just sits right on top. After setting the warmer in the perfect spot, it was time to choose which fragrance I wanted to use in the warmer.

Light bulb comes with the warmer... just screw it in and you're ready to use your warmer!

Place the warming dish on top of the warmer...

Select your fragrance to melt in the warmer...

I chose the Dulce de Leche for the kitchen. Smells so, so good!

The wax bars are so easy to break apart. As soon as you open up the little container of wax, you're hit with the scent. The Dulche de Leche is sweet, through and through! I took two pieces of the bar, and dropped them into the warming dish of my new holiday warmer. I clicked the warmer on, and then it lit right up. As it began to warm up, the wax began to melt and the fragrance started to permeate the kitchen.

Christmas Countdown Warmer in my kitchen...

Counting down the days until Christmas...

Perhaps the most fun thing about this cute warmer, is that it features a little chalkboard front. The warmer come with a piece of chalk, so you can literally count down the days until Christmas. My hubby keeps changing the days to crazy numbers, because we're not quite ready for Christmas to be here, but it's almost here, none the less! The chalk wipes right off with a wet cloth, and is ready to be used again!

Wax melting away in the warming dish...

I love the bright and cheery colors of this warmer. It's truly beautiful, and brightens up my kitchen. I don't usually do a wole lot of decorating in our kitchen for the holidays, so this lets me add a little special Christmas touch to a small area, without making anything look or feel cluttered. To change out the wax in the warmer, all I have to do is pop the warming dish into the freezer for a bit. The wax pulls away from the sides of the dish, and then just pops right out when I give it a little tap with my hand.

How About Something for the Little Ones?

Kim certainly didn't forget little B this holiday season. She knows that kids love Scentsy, too, so she allowed us to select a very special Scentsy Buddy! Scentsy Buddies are special little plush pals that have a secret little zip pocket. The zip pocket opens up, and allows you to put a Scentsy Scent Pak inside. Then you zip it back up, and the scent goes wherever the buddy goes!

Our pal Oakley the Owl is in this snazzy box. We can't wait to meet him!

Our Scent Pak- Happy Birthday!

Balian was very excited to open up this special box and to meet Oakley, or 'O' the Owl, as we like to call him. We gently put the box down, and slowly opened the top to find our fine feathered friend, Oakley, who is just as sweet as sweet can be!

B, opening up Oakley's Box...

'Mommy, it's an owl!'

Oakley is from the new Scentsy Buddy Forest collection. There are lots of special animal friends in this collection, and we're very blessed to now have Oakley in our lives. This soft little guy is so super cuddly! He's about 12 inches tall from head to toe, and features the zippered pocket in the back, where you can place your Scent Pak of choice. When given a squeeze, Oakley releases even more sweet fragrance! Scentsy Buddies are safe for ages 3+, and make fantastic gifts!

B, and O, becoming fast friends...

Lovable, huggable Oakley the Owl...

We love Scentsy products, and think that just about anything from Scentsy would make a super wonderful gift choice this holiday season! Personally, I love the warmers and the bars, and the Buddies are perfect gifts for the kiddos! If you love bath and body products, Scentsy has a wonderful product line, or if you just want to give little appreciation gifts, items like Scent Circles and Travel Tins make great gifts or stocking stuffers!

Check out some of our very favorite Scentsy products...

Scentsy Buddy
Scentsy Buddies Forest Collection (Sold Individually)

Car & Travel
Scentsy Car & Travel Products (Sold Individually)

Scented Greeting Cards
Scented Greeting Cards

Fragrance Collections
Scentsy Bars (to use with Warmers)

Gorgeous Warmers to suit every style and budget...

If you're looking to warm up your home with a whimsical new warmer, a beautiful glow, fill it with holiday scents, or find some amazing gifts for your loves ones, you'll definitely want to see what Scentsy has to offer customers this holiday season! Kim loves Scentsy, loves her business, and is eager to assist you in placing an order for the holidays. If you love Scentsy and want to learn how to earn free products by hosting a party, Kim would love to tel you more about the Scentsy hostess plan. Love Scentsy so much that you'd like to join Kim's team?  Kim would love to share the Scentsy business opportunity with you! The new year isn't far off- why not think about starting a fabulous new business?

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Kim's Scentsy website, and shop 'til you drop! Scentsy has so many amazing products, you'll be browsing for a while, for sure! Grab that cup of coffee, and look around. You'll be sure to find something wonderful for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

We can't thank Kim enough for sending us these wonderful Scentsy products to review and enjoy this season. We hope you'll catch the Scentsy spirit and share the gift of Scentsy this season, with the ones you love!

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