Holiday Essentials for Baby and Mom: #Tortle + 2 Red Hens Diaper Bag #Giveaway!

Parenting sure has seen its share of changes over the years. When I was expecting, I remember my mom and I talking about all sorts of scenarios, and how to handle them. I checked advice from experienced moms against my Dr.'s advice, and found that many practices from years ago are no lnger recommended. One big change, is that babies now sleep on their backs, which can sometimes lead to what is referred to as Flat Head Syndrome. Every baby is at risk for developing a flat head, and one out of every two babies is diagnosed with this syndrome.

Thankfully, a product designed to prevent FHS is now available for little ones! Introducing Tortle, the first and only beanie, which is FDA-cleared patented Class 1 medical device that promotes proper head and neck movement which is essential for appropriate development.  Tortle helps prevent and treat early stages of flat head syndrome: plagiocephaly (the flattening of the baby’s skull) & torticollis (unbalanced neck muscles). Tortle works by gently deflecting a baby’s head from side to side when they are sitting or lying on the back of their head.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends regular head repositioning of babies younger than six months. Tortle was developed by Dr. Jane Scott, a Board Certified Pediatrician and Neonatologist.

This stylish knit beanie prevents and treats Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly and Torticollis), a condition most prevalent in babies 0-6 months of age.  Every baby is at risk for developing Flat Head Syndrome with one out of two babies being diagnosed with the Syndrome.  Tortle works by gently deflecting a baby’s head from side to side while they are lying on their back.   Available in a variety of colors and designs, Tortle has a recommended retail price of $19.99.

Dr. Jane, adjusting the Tortle on this sweet baby...

My son developed a small flat area at the back of his head when he was an infant, and I wish that I had known more about this condition, and wish that I'd had access to a product like Tortle. Babies are so precious, and as a mom, I want to do everything in my power to protect my son. This is why education and awareness is so very important. I wish every hospital would send new parents home with a Tortle!

For more information about Tortle, please visit the Tortle website. Tortle is available through in three designs, and two sizes for $19.99.

You can also connect with Tortle and Dr. Jane through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

To help raise Flathead Syndrome (prevention) awareness, we're excited to bring you a special giveaway of a Tortle Prize Pack, which will include a 2 Red Hens Studio Rooster Diaper Bag!

This custom designed bag gives mom all the style and sass she had before she had a baby, and all the functionality she needs now that her precious little one has arrived.  Features include:
•             Interior zipper pocket, bottle holder and 2 elastic pockets
•             Convertible stroller straps
•             Attached key fob
•             Magnetic snap and button closure for easy access
•             Extra long changing pad in 2 Red Hens signature red dot pattern.

Available in 5 custom designed, vintage-inspired patterns:
•             Chevron Stripes, Grey Damask, Peacock Mum, Pink Lemonade and Owl Dots
Recommended retail: $50

Take a look at some of these lovely designs...

Don't leave home this holiday season without the essentials- make sure you take along your Tortle and a 2 Red Hens Diaper Bag as you do your holiday traveling!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a Tortle and 2 Red Hens Diaper Bag! Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents, 18 and older. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win! Don't forget to leave your comment!

Special thanks to both Tortle and 2 Red Hens for teaming up with us to help us raise awareness about Flathead Syndrome, and what can be done to prevent it, as well as offering this special giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


  1. Just slightly, she started turning over on her tummy pretty early (no matter how many times I turned her over on her back!) so it rounded out nicely.

  2. The Facebook link for Tortle is broken.

  3. You must not leave your child laying on their back all the time. My daughter did not have it.

  4. My babies did not end up with it...We often moved their crib and changed their position. Lots of tummy time is good

    Joni owada
    sistermomy at hotmail dot com

  5. I'll make sure to do lots of tummy time and use a tortle!

  6. I found out that 1 in 2 babies will develop flathead syndrome! My daughter didn't end up with it, but that was probably because my grandmother would make her a little head wrap very similar to the one in the picture.

  7. I've never really had a "I wish I knew about this" thought, but I have had many "I wish they had this when my child was younger" thoughts. Some of the great learning tools they have now are just an example.

  8. For the most part I think I did a pretty okay job of bringing up my daughter without a lot of the tools that are available today. The one thing I wish I knew about is the various small businesses that sell gorgeous children's clothes and accessories. I'm finding them all now!


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