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Poopsies Holiday Review and Giveaway

Mommy's Block Party Holiday Gift Guide 2013
 One thing that is almost guaranteed with a baby is a diaper blowout. Those of you who are parents know and dread this happening because it will result in a mess up the back, down the legs, clothes being ruined (baby and possibly your own), extra bath time, an abundance of wipes, and maybe even a few choice words.
Look familiar?
Those of you who don't have babies might ask what is a blowout. Here is an amazing link to answer  your question from a company called Poopsies --What is a Baby Blowout--. This page gives you all the information you ever wanted or maybe didn't want to know about blowouts.
Poopsies is a brilliant company created by mom of four, Annemarie Waters, that makes infant onesies with a waterproof lining in the back that keeps blowouts from leaking through and ruining clothing. Based in her hometown of Seattle, Poopsies are machine sewn onesies that are safe, environmentally friendly, and created with fabrics made in the USA. Check out the video below of Annemarie's why and how she created Poopsies.

 We worked with Liz, who was thrilled to partner with us and offer an awesome giveaway (make sure to enter below). We will possibly also be featuring Poopsies again after the new year, so stay tuned. Liz is really great, I love communicating with people who you can just tell LOVE their products, and Liz is one of them. She got with her team, made some decisions, and within 2 weeks I was opening my package from Poopsies. No issues, no worries, just an easy partnership!
Liz had me choose an item to review, which you would think should be an easy task, but it wasn't. I loved them all and can't wait to see what next season will bring because they are all really cute.
 My Poopsies package is here!
My kiddos love the name too, they think it is hilarious. I love the creativity of it!
Inside I first found this-a quick but informative insert.
"Smyle! Smart doesn't have to be ugly. If smart and style had a baby they would name it Poopsies. Poopsies make the perfect top all by itself, but its also great for layering. I hand picked each fabric to be stylish whether worn alone or as a layering piece. Either way, when your baby wears it you'll have more peace of mind and you'll feel smart while they're still in style. Smyle!"
Underneath my insert I found Liz's business card with all of her contact information. She wanted to make sure I would be able to get a hold of her if I needed to.  I also found a wrapped package.
Wrapped packages always make it feel like Christmas-which will be here soon!

My wrapped package contained this adorable Poopsies onesie. The Dakota, which retails for $35 and comes in Small (0-3 months) or Medium (3-6 months). Poopsies do run on the larger size, I ordered a medium and Baby C is 5 months now and it is still a tad big on her but she is starting to fill it out nicely.

I chose the Dakota Long Sleeve because I wanted something different for Baby C. She has so much pink and purple that I thought her closet deserved a bit of a change, plus green is my favorite color so maybe I was being a bit selfish too. Can I tell you that this onesie is so cute in real life, the emerald green and charcoal are bright and I couldn't be happier with my choice. The big kids thought it was "too boyish" but I think with a cute hair bow it is all girl. I could not wait to get it washed and on Baby C.
I got the onesie thrown in the wash-machine washable is a must for baby clothes. I never know how clothes are going to hold up after washing but the Poopsies Onesie came out beautifully. Not only is this onesie adorable, it is also probably the softest onesie I have ever felt and washing made it feel even softer if that is possible. All of the Poopsies Onesies are made from a blend of satiny smooth cotton and rayon that makes for a stretchy, comfortable fabric.
Inside each Poopsie (this is the part that makes the Poopsie different from all other onesies) is a breathable, waterproof lining. This special lining is the defense against the diaper event we all dread-the blowout. It contains the blowout mess all inside the onesie, saving everything else in its path.
Now I will have to say, Baby C is in between two diaper sizes right now so she is wearing the smaller size at home and the larger size when we go out and overnight. This has really presented a no blowout type lifestyle so far, but I know with how well the Poopsies feels and shapes that in the event of one happening (keeping fingers crossed it doesn't) we will be saved from a massive mess.
Love this girl and her cute Poopsies Onesie!

 -Look at this great fact sheet provided by Poopsies-

We can all hope that our baby is the one who won't have a blowout diaper, but it is bound to happen sometime. I don't wish one on anyone, but with a Poopsies Onesie, your life will be a little less stressful in the diaper department. Thanks so much Poopsies for covering Baby C!
Want It? Buy It!
Poopsies would make an awesome gift for those moms and dads in your life who are tired of diaper blowouts. Both baby and parents will be thanking you over and over. You can follow Poopsies on Facebook, Poopsies on Twitter, Poopsies on Instagram, or read up on the Poopsies Blog.
To place an order visit http://www.getpoopsies.com/shop/. With 8 color and style options, there is something for every baby. To order for Holiday delivery, please order by December 21st for normal shipping and December 23rd for overnight shipping.
Want It? Win It!
One MBP reader will win a choice of a Poopsie Onesie. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory.
Thanks Liz and Poopsies for our lovely onesie!

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  1. yes with each kid- adina

  2. Unfortunately I have experienced diaper blowout. Yuck

  3. I would get the Dakota if I won. Love the emerald color.

  4. Yep, I've experience a few diaper blow-out. I hate it, such a mess to clean up - the baby, clothes, blanket, sheets/carseat, etc.

  5. I haven't had an issue recently, but we've had our share of blowouts with each kid!


  6. The Dakota and Boaz are my favorites - I also love the Lilah.

  7. The Dakota is absolutely adorable - probably my favorite.


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