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Something that I have been excited about since Balian turned three about a month ago, is that he's now old enough to start understanding how to play cooperative games, appropriate for his age. I remember having a few of those classic children's games when I was his age, some that are still around today, but I am continually amazed by all of the different games that have been developed and made available for babies, toddlers, the pre-K age range and beyond. The games are so creative, and offer more than just one way to play, which offers the kids a world of fun!


One of my favorite children's game and toy-makers is HABA, a German company specializing in educational games and toys that grow with your children. HABA is owned and operated by Mr. Klaus Habermaass, whose father started the business more than 72 years ago. At HABA, kids rule, and remain at the forefront. HABA primarily uses wood as the material for their beautiful toys, because children love playing with them, and it's a safe, natural material. Over the years, HABA has earned numerous awards, and has gained recognition and trust from parents all over the world. HABA prides itself on providing children with safe toys that aid their development.

HABA's Here, Fishy Fishy Game

We were super excited to receive one of HABA's top holiday games for kiddos from their My Very First Games collection! I selected Here, Fishy Fishy for Balian, because it's geared toward ages 2+, and when I saw the colorful box, filled with ocean creatures, I knew it would be a winner in his book!

Balian, patiently waiting for mommy to open up the game box.

We opened up the Here, Fishy Fishy game together and Balian 'Wowed' as we removed the lid. He was immediately drawn to the large, colorful wooden game pieces that were shaped like some of his favorite sea creatures. As he checked out the game pieces, I reached for the instruction booklet, so I could figure out how we were supposed to play the game.

Colorful game box, with game pieces and instructions...

Balian, playing with one of the game boards.

Ah, ha- here's the instruction booklet!

The instructions were as clear as day, and were easy to read and follow. I appreciated that they were simple, and I could give them a quick read and then get playing with my son! The jist of the game is to roll the dice to see which color you get. Then use the wooden fishing pole to fish for the sea creature that matches the color you rolled on the dice. If your fish bites, throw it back, and then pick up a coordinating colored game piece to fill your game board.

The game box serves as the ocean for the game... fish for your sea creature in the ocean!

Balian, rolling to see which color creature he'll be fishing for...

The dice is a great size for little hands- easy to pick up and roll. The fishing pole, along with the other games pieces, is wooden, and easy to grasp and hold onto. The fish attached to the string on the pole has a little magnet on it, and so do the sea creature pieces in the 'ocean.' Simply hold the pole with the bait fish over the color of sea creature you're 'fishing' for, and let the magnet pick it up! Don't forget to be a nice fisherman and throw your fish or sea creature back for the next player!

Mommy's turn... I caught the glitter fish!

Balian's turn- he caught the glitter fish, too!

The glitter fish in the ocean quickly became very popular! We had to go over the rules again, but that's okay. Balian had a blast playing the Here, Fishy Fishy game! He was the first to fill up his game board with the game pieces, so he won the game! The total length of the game was about eight minutes from start to finish. This game kept him engaged, and there was nothing for B to become frustrated over, which meant that our game playing time was a happy time!

Looking to catch that glitter fish, again!

Balian had so much fun playing the Here, Fishy Fishy game, that he couldn't wait to play it with daddy! We played with this game three or four times in one night, and B has already told me that he can't wait to play it with his Grammy and Papa, his Grandma, and his cousins. This game is great for 2-4 players, and is perfect for toddlers, and even older children... a wonderful game for a little one ond their older sibling(s).

HABA has 19 new toys and games available this holiday season! There's a world of toys and games for babies and kids up to age 6+ for you to explore! If you're looking for a unique gift that's safe, fun, enjoyable, and keeps on giving, be sure to check out the gifts, games and toys from HABA! Balian loves this game so much, that I have already decided to get a couple more My Very First Games by HABA for him for Christmas gifts! I'm excited, and know he will be, too!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to HABA to check out Here, Fishy Fishy, plus all of the other beautifully designed games and toys for little ones this season! You can also connect with HABA through social media on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google + and Pinterest!

Special thanks to HABA for allowing us to review this wonderful game, and giving us the opportunity to share about it with our readers!

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