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One of the very best things about B now being three years old, is that he is developing an understanding of what it's like to listen, and follow rules and directions. We've been working so hard with him at home on following directions, and sharing, and I thought one way to really pratice these things, would be to introduce him to some pre-k games that are fun, simple and educational. When we look for games, we look for new games we've never heard of before, and love giving award winning games a try for ourselves.

You may remember that MBP Sr. Contributor Steph Adler and her kids introduced MBP readers to Peaceable Kingdom last holiday season, by reviewing the super fun Feed the Wozzle Game. Peaceable Kingdom came onto the scene in 1983 (so they've been around as long as I've been alive), with a goal set to create fun, fresh products that educate, stimulate and inspire. It all started with just one product, and today, Peaceable Kingdom offers lots of products, ranging from greeting cards and stickers to cooperative games for all ages. Peaceable Kingdom's motto is one we should all strive to live by: 'Make good, do good, be good!' Peaceable Kindgom uses sustainable materials in their products, as much as they can- items like recycled paper, etc.

We have been seeing Peaceable Kingdom products popping up all over the place since last Christmas, so I was excited to receive a turn to review a Peaceble Kingdom Game and Stocking Stuffer of choice with my three year old. Peaceable Kingdom has lots of fun cooperative games for kids of all ages, and makes it super easy to search by age on their website. I found some great options for B, but was drawn to the Stack Up Block Game.

The Stack Up Block Game by Peaceable Kingdom, Ages 3-5

Back of the box- colorful and informative.

One of the reasons I selected this game, is beacause it's among Peaceable Kingdom's award winning cooperative games. If you're not familiar with cooperative games, you can read more about them at Peaceable Kingdom. Basically, a cooperative game has all of the players playing together- working toward a common goal, instead of playing against each other. So really, everybody wins, and no feels left out or winds up with hurt feelings.

The Stack Up Game Board

Easy to follow game instructions, which you can read through quickly, so you can get to playing!

Balian was so excited to see this new game, and since we've been encouraging game play with him, he couldn't wait to see what this one was all about. When B saw the colorful blocks, he asked if this was a stacking game? He was certainly right- it's a stacking game that has a little game piece, a spinner and some extras, too!

Spinner and wooden blocks in four colors...

Little monster game piece, which can be moved around the board.

Game board...

We took turns spinning the spinner to see which color we'd land on. The goal is to get all of the blocks stacked before the little monster knocks them over! This was B's first experience with a spinner game, and he had a blast with it. He was also very gracious about letting me take my turns.

Stacking those blocks...

Wow! What a tower! Hope it doesn't fall over!

This little guy just wants to knock the blocks over! Watch out- he's getting closer!

We've been playing the Stack Up game quite a bit, and B has been eager to play it with all of his grandparents when they've come over to play. It's a fun game, and there are different levels of play. You can actually use the challenge cards and stack sticks different ways, to add to the fun and challenge of the game! As B grows, we'll be adding in some of the other elements to the game!

Features of the Stack Up Game

2013 Oppenheim Platinum Award
2013 Parents' Choice Silver Honor
Goddard Preschooler-Approved Top 10 Toys for 2013
Toy Insider Toy Holiday Toys 2013
Ages 3-5
2-6 players

We were also able to select one of Peaceable Kingdom's Vinyl Cling Sticker Totes! I selected the Happy Ocean Sticker Tote for B, because he's really been into marine life lately.

'Wow, look at this, mommy!'

Ready to check out the sticker tote!

The Happy Ocean Vinyl Cling Sticker Tote is one of many bright, colorful sets from Peaceable Kingdom. The set includes three different ocean scenes, and three sheets of reusable cling stickers. I am a huge fan of cling sticker sets for a couple of reasons- they can be used over and over again, and they can be used just about anywhere, without me worrying about having to peel stickers off of furniture, etc.

Sticker Tote includes three scenes and sticker sheets...

B couldn't wait to peel all of the vinyl cling stickers from their sheets and start sticking them to their boards. He was fascinated by the different seas creatures, and there was even a submarine to play with! We spent the better part of an hour sticking and repositioning the vinyl cling stickers to their ocean scenes, and playing out different scenarios.

Peeling a sticker...

'Let's just put this submarine on here...'

'There we go!'

While B worked on his submarine scene, I used one of the other boards and some stickers to create my own scene. I had fun finding the perfect spot for a sea horse, clam, a fish and some of their friends.

So many fun stickers to play with...

The vinyl cling stickers come on a sheet this size (3 sheets).

One of the best thing about the Vinyl Cling Sticket Tote, is that it's totally portable! I am always nervous about letting B have stickers in the car, in a restaurant, or at someone else's house, because I don't want him to wind up sticking the stickers to windows, the seats in the car, walls, tables, etc. The vinyl cling stickers are mess free, and since they're vinyl, they're not able to stick to surfaces other than the cling boards that come with the sticker tote set. The tote easily fits into B's little backpack, so we can take these to church, to a restaurant, or he can play with them in the car when we're on the go!

Stickers are so much fun, and these can be used over and over again!

Features of the Happy Ocean Vinyl Cling Sticker Tote

Ages 3+
Solo play activity
No reading required

It's no wonder Peaceable Kingdom's products have won so many prestigious awards! We think their games and products are perfect for early learning and beyond. Age three is sort of that mile marker where parents think their child is finally ready for some big boy or big girl stuff, and Peaceable Kingdom is the perfect place to start, if you're looking to build a game collection for them!

Check out some of the other products we love from Peaceable Kingdom...

Count Your Chickens! ™ Cooperative Board Game GM108
Count Your Chickens Cooperative Game

Pirates Match Up Game & Puzzle MU2
Pirates Match Up Game and Puzzle

Slammin' Bananas Card Game CG5
Slammin' Bananas Card Game

Mermaid Lock & Key Diary 4370
Mermaid Lock and Key Diary

Foil Art Sticker Kit FAK2
Foil Art Sticker Kits

As you can see, Peaceable Kingdom has a wild imagination, and we're so glad they do! They have so many fun, educational products for kids, it's bananas! There are plenty of gift options listed here for boys and girls, small and beyond! Why not think outside the box this year and give a gift your kids will not only enjoy, but learn from? Plus, you'll be able to get in on all the fun, as a family, by sitting down to make a project together, or by playing a fun new game together! We can't wait to add to our Peaceable Kingdom Collection!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Peaceable Kingdom to browse all of the fun games and other products available for kiddos. We're pretty sure you'll be impressed by the selection, and by reading more about the numerous awards these products have won. Peaceable Kingdom is totally social, and would love to connect with you through Facebook. Peaceable Kingdom also invites you to join their special birthday club for fun surprises!

Stack Up ™ Cooperative Board Game GM104

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP readers will win their choice of the Happy Ocean Sticker Tote OR Stack Up Cooperative Game. Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to Peaceable Kingdom for allowing us to review these wonderful items, and for offering this fun holiday giveaway!

Good luck!

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