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Jess' Journey: The Road To A Healthier Me

Jess' Journey: The Road To A Healthier Me

Hi readers, its been a while and I apologize! With the site being down for a while and then the rough storms we had here last week that knocked out our internet(I blog after work) for a while, I haven't had a chance to get on much. 

That being said, things have slowed down for me a bit weight loss wise. I finally hit 20lbs and haven't lost another pound since, in fact I've gained 2 pounds back. I know its going to be like that when I weigh myself every day, but I've lost a lot of motivation. My husbands grandma passed away about 3 weeks ago and we spent most of that week eating on the run, which means fast food and late night eating. That started me down the wrong path again and I continued my trend of not eating super great like I was. It's so hard to stay on track sometimes. What I need is some support to help me get back on track, and stay on track. Especially with the Holidays fast approaching.

Im pretty worried about Thanksgiving this week. I've already made super healthy eating plans for the first part of the week so hopefully I can drop a few more pounds before Thursday hits. I also have Thanksgiving II the day after so I've got to watch myself even more so than I usually do. Two days of comfort food could really tip my scale the wrong direction. 

Because Im relying on a lot of you to help get me through the next few months and I know a lot of you are counting on me to help you get through the next few months, Id like you all to take a minute and post any low fat, low calorie, healthy Thanksgiving/Christmas/Holiday themed recipes that you might have. That way anyone else that is worried about the Holidays can have some back up. Thanks everyone!!! 

Im down: 18lbs 

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