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Elf Magic: A Magical Holiday Tradition #ElfMagic #Elfcapads

I have such fond memories of Christmas traditions from my childhood. I remember certain things we decorated with, the different crafts and activities we would do as a family, the places we'd go and the people we'd see. I loved Christmas as a child, and perhaps love it even more as an adult. Today, there are so many fun Christmas traditions that families take part in and enjoy. One tradition that has been growing in popularity is an Elf Tradition. I first learned about these Elf traditions last Christmas, and thought it was such a cute idea. My son was only two at the time, though, so I knew I would have to wait until he turned three to delve into what the Elf tradition was all about, and decide if it would be a good thing for our family to take part it.

Elf Magic - Home

The more I learned about the Elf Magic tradition, the more I loved the idea of Santa sending a special Elf to our home, for B and the rest of our family to love. Santa sends an Elf to each family who asks for one, and the family welcomes the special Elf into their home, caring for it, and following Santa's instructions. The Elf keeps an eye on everyone in the house, and reports back to the Norh Pole each night, after everyone in the house has gone to bed. I knew this would be a wonderful tradition to start with B this year, and my husband was even on board after I explained it all to him.

B's first letter to Santa!

We started off by writing a letter to Santa, letting him know that B has been good, has been listening to mommy and daddy, and has been learning Christmas carols, and all about the story of Jesus. B asked Santa to send him a special Elf to love, and promised to make the Elf a special house to stay in while he visits us. We popped the letter in the mail, and the next day, we set out to build our Elf a very fine house.

We started with a cardboard box...

Decorated it with some wrapping paper for the wallpaper, and made a pipecleaner Christmas tree.

We made an Elf bed out of a tissue box and used felt to make a blanket and a pillow.

We added lots of special touches, and strung up some blue sparkle garland.

We made a window with a snow scene, and real working tissue curtains. We also added an upsidedown treat cup for a bed table and left a drink, snacks, a pencil and paper so the Elf could jot down his notes.

We added a mantle, a stocking, sparkle stars, and made hooks for the Elf to hang his ice skates on, and we crafted him a special green scarf out of scrap felt. We also added a little red area rug to the floor.

After we made the Elf's house, B was just so excited about the whole concept of an Elf coming to visit. I kept reminding him that he needed to be kind, helpful and to be a good listener so Santa would send him the special Elf from the North Pole. B has been delightful since we started making preparations for our Elf, and a couple of days after he built the Elf house, he received a special letter!

A letter to B, and a special treat...

Hmm, who is this from?

It's from Santa! It was a letter letting B know that he loved the Elf house, and that the Elf was on his way from the North Pole. He sent B special North Pole kisses (chocolate kisses), too!

We were so excited to hear from Santa! We had one more special thing to do before the arrival of our Elf. We wanted to make sure he knew he was welcome in our home, so we made a special welcome banner to hang up in our dining room, which said, 'Welcome Elf!' We constructed it out of red, white and green paper, and colored each triangle. We then strung them together with a red ribbon and hung it in the doorway.

Welcome, Elf! We're ready to meet you!

That very same day, our special Elf arrived from the North Pole! Santa sure knows how to take care of his elves. Our Elf arrived in style, in a special green box with lots of snowflakes and snazzy designs. It had a clear front, so I could get a peek at our new pal from the North Pole! I couldn't wait for B to meet the Elf, but knew that their meeting had to be extra special!

Official Elf Magic Seal, sent from the North Pole, by Santa himself!

Our Elf, Spencer!

We waited to introduce B to Spencer before we started his bedtime routine earlier this week. We packaged Spencer's traveling box in a pretty bag with tissue, and let B open the bag up to find his special new friend! The expression on his face when he saw Spencer for the first time was priceless!

B, meeting Spencer for the first time.

Daddy helped open up Spencer's traveling box, so B could give him a big hug!

B and spencer cuddled while we read the special poem about the Elf Magic elves, from the North Pole!

We noticed a few special things in Spencer's traveling box. He arrived with some special instructions from Santa, which noted things like giving Spencer a special snack before bed, sprinkling him with snowflake dust before bedtime, being kind, keeping the Elf clean and dry, etc. Spencer also arrived with a green sack, and Santa said that if we find Spencer in the green sack, to look and see if there's a special treat in there with him.

When we go to sleep, Spencer likes to play! Not only does Spencer make his report to Santa, \but when he comes back, there's no telling what he might get into! We couldn't wait to see what sorts of Elfcapades Spencer would have at our house, but first things first, we had to do the bedtime routine with Spencer!

Santa asked B to give Spencer a snack of crackers and water each night before bed...

Mmm- crackers! Spencer looks happy.

B also has to sprinkle Spencer with snowflake dust each night before bed. Spencer arrived with snowflake dust from Santa, so daddy helps B get just a little from the special jar.

Sprinkle away...

B insisted on Spencer sleeping in his special Elf house, so he tucked him into his bed...

In the night, Spencer made his way to the North Pole and we can only imagine that he gave Santa an excellent report. The next morning, B woke up and zipped through the house, looking for Spencer. When he found him, he was in the kitchen, and had a special surprise for B.

Spencer and a surprise!

B was excited to find that Spencer had brought some special window decorations for B's room, to give it a Christmas touch!

B had lots of fun sticking the cling stickers to his bedroom window, and then gave Spencer a big hug and said a big 'thank you!' This encouraged B to be very good all day long! He and Spencer cuddled and played together all day, and had a grand time. At nightime, we gave Spencer his crackers and water and sprinkled him with the special snowflake dust again.

The next morning, we found Spencer in front of the candy jar, and he had his special green sack with him!

Spencer sat with B at the breakfast table, while B opened up the sack to find a big foam snowflake to decorate!

B proceeded to dance around with the snowflake on his head.

We have also woken up to find Spencer hiding in the freezer (he likes it in there, because it's cold, like the North Pole). Spencer has onlt been with us for a few days, but we've been having the best time with him! We can't wait to see what types of Elfcapades we'll have with him between now and Christmas Eve, which is when he'll head back to the North Pole for the last time, until next Christmas season.

We certainly love Spencer, and one of the very best things about the Elf Magic tradition, is that the magic isn't lost when the child touches the elf, which means that B can hug, love on and play with Spencer all he wants... Santa even encourages it!

Spencer, just hangin' around, waiting for B to find him. He brought B a Twinkle Pop!

This has been so much fun, and very meaningful for B, and the entire family. We can't wait to take Spencer to the Christmas Parade, and to see what else he might do at our house! I overheard him talking about getting into daddy's shaving cream...

Want to Start Your Own Elf Magic Tradition This Year?

For more information about the Elf Magic Tradition, and to find out how to ask Santa for a special Elf for your family to love, please visit Elf Magic. There are lots of photos, stories, and even some fun Elfcapade ideas for parents. You can browse through all of the styles of Elves, shop for clothing and accessories, and so much more!

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We'll be pinning all of our Elfcapades with our Elf, Spencer- so be sure to follow my Elf Magic Pinterest Board!

Special thanks to Santa and all of our Elf Magic friends, for sending Spencer to our family, and helping us start what we know will be a treasured holiday tradition!

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  3. This is fun, I like this tradition. :)

  4. How sweet this is! I wish this kind of thing was around when mine were little!


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