Pre K Letters of the Week Curriculum: Letter B

Letters of the Week Pre-K Curriculum
The Letter 'B'
*Adaptable for ages 2-4

The letter B was a lot of fun for us to learn about. Balian and I worked a lot on being able to recognize uppercase and lowercase letter 'B.' Of course, we talked about Balian's name starting with the letter 'B,' as well, and we practiced writing his name.

Here are some of the activities we did, 
centered around the Letter 'B'...

Letter B tracing sheet
Boat Coloring Pages
Watched an All About Boats Video on Netflix
Painted a plastic 'stained glass' butterfly
Made a butterfly from a toilet tissue roll
Baked Banana Bread
Read 'Bear Snores On'
Sang 'Baa, Baa, Black Sheep'
Built block towers
Bible Story: Tower of Babel

Letter 'B' tracing worksheet...

Coloring the boat, too!

We learned about all sorts of boats...

Aprons on, ready to make Banana Bread for our math/sciene activity...

Mashing bananas is the best part!

Look how the egg swirls!

We had to measure and count a whole lot...

and add chocolate chips! Yum!

Ready to paint a butterfly with pretty colors!

The butterfly was purchased at Wal-Mart for about $0.50!

It's more fun to paint with fingers than brushes...

Making our own butterfly with a toilet tissue roll, tissue paper, pom poms and wiggly eyes...

Some of these ideas were mine, and some I found while browsing Pinterest. Pinterest has tons of great Pre-K activities that other moms and teachers ahve been nice enough to share!

For a full list of great resoures for Pre-K learning, check out my Letter A Curriculum post from last week!

Hope you'll use some of these ideas at home or at school with your little ones! They're sure to love learning about the letter B! Tune in next week to see how we learned about the Letter 'C'!

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  1. Wow, way to go Mom! He'll never forget the letter B now. : ) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like fun! I'm getting ready to start some preschool with my son.


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