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Pre-K at Home: Age 3 Curriculum & Activities- Week 1 (The Letter A)

I just want to go ahead and put it out there that I am not a teacher. I have zero certification or qualifications for teaching. I'm a work at home mom, and I'm tired of our daily routine being all sorts of discombobulated. When you're at home with a little one all day, it's sort of like anything goes, but my son will be three in a few weeks, and though my husband wasn't really on board with B starting pre-school this year, I'm stepping up to the plate to pull together activites that are appropriate for his age that will help prepare him for everyday life and going to school in a social setting.

Me- ready to start the day with my soon-to-be three year old son. Let's learn about letters!

The resources that are out there are endless. There are so many blogs and website that offer free curriculums, lesson plans, work sheets, and more. Pinterest is awesome for finding crafts, snacks and activities, too. 

The Letter of the Week Curriculum for Age 3 
(Can easily be adapted for ages 2-4)
Week 1 is centered around the Letter A

Here are some of the ideas/activities we used, centered around the Letter A...

*We talked about the letter 'A.' 
*We practiced tracing the letter 'A' on our Magnatab, and I showed B how to write an uppercase and lowercase 'A.' 
*We colored a Letter 'A' coloring page.
*We listed things that start with the letter 'A' on a piece of paper and drew tiny pictures.
*We read 'Alfie's Feet' by Shirley Hughes
*We had a Green Apple for our snack

A is for Acorn and Apple coloring page...

A is for... activity

Ready to read 'Alfie's Feet.'

We also used some of these ideas...

*We colored an Airplane coloring sheet.
*We sang 'The Ants Go Marching One by One'.
*We made Ants on a Log (using Graham Crackers, Peanut Butter and Cranberries) for our snack.
*We watched an 'All About Airplanes' video.
*We did an apple counting activity with 10 numbered apples and dried pasta.
*We played with our VTech Go Go Smart Wheels Airport Playset.

Airplane coloring page...

Using lots of colors...

Hands on snack- Chef Balian is making ants on a log!

Enjoying snack time and watching 'All About Airplanes' (on Netflix).

Ten little apples- ready for some counting fun!

We added the correct number of dried pasta pieces to each numbered apple. 
We counted them all out twice!

We can't wait to share our Letter 'B' week activities with you! Tune in next week to see them!


Letter of the Week- the Letter A

Are you a teacher, parent, or write for a homechooling blog?
We'd love to hear from you!

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