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Home Entertainment Made Even Better with Aperion Audio #Review #AperionAudio

When my husband and I got married in 2007, I promised to love, honor and cherish him through sickness and health, good times and bad. I accepted him as he was, wonderful qualities, faults and all. I even accepted his addiction to stereo equipment, which I thought would taper off and perhaps even disappear as the years passed. It's now almost six years later, and my musician husband has nearly doubled our collection of speakers. I can't fault him too terribly much for loving them so... he is a classically trained musician, and tried his best to give me actual reasons as to why we need all of these speakers- for our listening pleasure when we listen to classical music, and for our enjoyment when we watch movies at home. He's built quite the home theater system over the years, and the fact that we're running out of room for all of the equipment never seems to keep him from looking at or wanting newer, better speakers, receivers, etc.

Home Theater Speakers - Aperion Audio

When we received the opportunity to work with Aperion Audio, my husband's eyes lit up. I have to admit that neither one of us had ever heard of Aperion Audio before, but when we began browsing their product line, and my husband started reading descriptions and reviews, he liked what he saw.

Aperion Audio was born in 1998, after owner/founder went on a hunt for an awesome home theater system with a meager budget of $1500.00. Not particularly liking what he found, he was prompted to start building his own speakers, and essentially, build an awesome business that would later lead to award-winning products!

 I had no idea where in the world we would squeeze in another set of speakers in our living room. We already had three pairs of speakers, a middle bookshelf speaker and a sub woofer in our rather small living room. He assured me that we would find a place for them.

Delivery Day: Happiest I've seen my husband in months!

Our new speakers from  Aperion Audio, in box.

Packaged and well protected during shipping...

My husband was probably more excited about the arrival of our new speakers from Aperion Audio than he's been the past several Christmases. Like I said, speakers are his addiction. We were offered the Intimus 4B Satellite Speaker Pair for review from Aperion. These are bookshelf speakers that can easily be placed atop a shelf, pretty much anywhere in your home. 

Our Intimus 4B Satellite Speakers, wrapped in plastic...

...and fully protected by lush black velvet bags.

My hubby couldn't wait to take the speakers out of the box, out of the plastic and get a look at his new, beautiful speakers. It didn't matter that we were in the middle of a Saturday afternoon project at home... he dropped everything and was drawn to the speakers, like a magnet. He 'Oooed and Ahhed' as he lifted the speakers oh, so gently from the box. After he removed the plastic and found the velvet bags, he was incredibly impressed. 'They can't be just any old speakers... these have got to be good!' he exclaimed. He wasted no time clearing a space on each end of the shelf directly above our media console for the television for these speakers.

Sacha (hubby) carefully lifted the speakers from their velvet bags and practically drooled over them. I can't blame him, the speakers feature a black glossy finish, and are truly beautiful to look at. I was basically instructed not to touch them and get my fingerprints all over them, so I let Sacha have his fun getting the speakers all set up.

Key Features of the Intimus 4B Satellite Speakers:

4" Woven-Fiberglass woofer delivers lush mid-range sound
1" custom designed silk-dome tweeter for smooth, clearly defined highs at even the highest volume levels
Hand-polished Gloss Black laquer finish
Contoured front edges and small form-factor to blend seamlessly with your d├ęcor
Anti-resonant cabinet
Ten year warranty
FREE SHIPPING - a $17 value per pair*
FREE lifetime technical support

When hubby gave me the green light, I was finally allowed back into the living room to see the speakers all set up.

One of the Intimus 4B Satellite Speakers, sitting beautifully on the media shelf.

Side view... pardon the dust, and take note of that shine!

A closer look at this dazzling beauty...

...and of course, the way my husband loves to view and enjoy his speakers- with the covers off.

I have to admit, I was excited to see the new speakers set up in the living room. I liked that they looked pretty, and best of all, they fit on the shelf. Their description promised big sound from small speakers, so we were ready to put them to the true test, which included a few different parts. We first had to see how they handled classical music, because certain stereo equipment doesn't always bring forth quiet instrumentation in music. Sacha has been after a super audio receiver for a long time, for this very reason. After we listened to some parts from his favorite movements, Sacha seemed truly pleased with the sound. 

Next, we listened to some heavier sounding music, rock and even a bit of techno/electronica. The speakers sounded great to me! I could easily pump up the music and have a dance party in the living room, without having to mess with the crazy channels on the receiver, and without having an overwhelming roar through my house. The last test, was to see how the speakers handled the sound for home entertainment during movie night. We turned on all of the speakers- all nine of them, plus the sub, and and were completely blown away by the sound quality. I felt like I was sitting in the movie theater, with surround sound coming at me from every angle. Most people don't realize the impact surround sound can have on a person when they're watching a movie- it almost changes your perception and experience.

Our three year old son Balian, enjoying movie night at home with mommy.

Since we received the Intimus 4B Satellite Speakers from Aperion Audio, we have come together in the living room much more often for family night to watch a movie, and hubby and I are saving money by enjoying movie at home, with a true in-theater viewing and listening experience. My speaker connoisseur of a husband has been nothing but impressed by these little beauties, and is so infatuated with them, that he insists we keep them covered with the velvet bags when they're not in use, so they won't get scratched. If that's not love, I'm not sure what is? These speakers from Aperion Audio offer their owners an incredible sound for an extremely reasonable size and price! If you have a dad, husband, boyfriend, etc, who enjoys speakers, home theater building or just enjoys watching movies or listening to music at home, these would be an incredible holiday gift!

My husband gives the Intimus 4B Satellite Speakers by Aperion Audio two thumbs up, and his Daddy Seal of Approval!

Intimus 4B Satellite Speaker Pair

Want Them? Buy Them!

Head on over to Aperion Audio to browse their award winning speakers and home theater systems! You can also connect with Aperion Audio through social media on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Special thanks to Aperion Audio for allowing us to become more familiar with their amazing products!

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