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Molly and Friends Cat Tree

Molly and Friends

Josh and I love our four legged friends. We treat them as our children and do whatever we can for them. They have tons of toys and get babied at all times. However, since we got our puppy Penny Lane, our little kitties Forrest and Milo have been looking for ways to get up and off the floor. Penny Lane doesn't want to hurt the kitties or anything, she just wants to play. But for some reason, the kitties don't seem to like when 75lbs of dog come flying at them. Can't say I blame them! 

 Lucky for out cats, Bobbi Jo Sampson and Molly and Friends came to the rescue. Bobbie Jo sent us a new two tiered cat tree to get the cats up and off the ground and most importantly to them, away from Pen. Forrest and Milo LOVE their two tiered cat tree and use it all the time! 

Ooooh mommy what is this?!
I want to try!! 
We can share it! 
I like this thing mommy! 
This keeps us safe from that big beast! 
Forrest's new favorite spot in the entire house! 
I put the cat tree in the corner of our bedroom in hopes that Josh and I could have the bed to ourselves. Sadly, that didn't work... honestly its ok though because I love kitty cuddles. However, during the day when we have the curtains open, I am guaranteed to find at least one of the kitties up on the tree checking out what is going on outside. They just can't get enough of their two-tired cat tree from Molly and Friends!

Named after the original owners cat, Molly and Friends is an awesome company that has been around since 1997, where it was originally run from a Florida garage. After it moved to a store front the company was bought out by a young college student, Tom, who was mentored by the original owners Rick and Trayce Bartron. After taking over the company in 1999 Tom grew Molly and Friends into what we see today. Molly and Friends have one simple mission "Wherever cat furniture is sold, Molly and Friends believes that a high-end, high quality and affordable option should be provided to the customer. Molly and Friends premium handmade cat furniture is this option. We have been building real furniture that fits beautifully into any home since 1997. The furniture happens to be for cats and carries a tradition of excellence our customers deserve and enjoy!" 

I really like the products that Molly and Friends make. All of Molly and Friends products are affordable quality made furniture that just happens to be for cats. I'd put a piece in every room if I could! Please take a few minutes and check out some of the other amazing products Molly and Friends has to offer.


Two Tier 

Three Tier 


Extra Large

Want it? Buy it! 
There are so many ways for you to get your paws on some Molly and Friends cat furniture! You can check out their web site, follow them on twitter, check out their facebook, or find a retailer near you. However you purchase your kitty furniture, I know you will be glad you did... and so will your furry friends!

Special thanks to Molly and Friends for working with us! We love our cat tree! 


  1. Those are so cute, what a great gift idea for a cat lover

  2. Oh those are so cute!!! Grandparents have cats and would love one for them! They love to spoil their cats! So cute!!!

  3. Don't you just LOVE the ones with the cat faces on them?!


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