Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jess' Journey; The Road To A Healthier Me

I Think Im Finally Ready

Hi friends, Jess here and I am looking for some new ideas and some support when it comes to weight loss. As most of you readers know, I am a plus sized gal and I am looking to lose some weight, well more than some, a lot. 

If its ok with all of you, Id like to start posting about my journey to a healthier me. Every Monday I will be posting a new leg of Jess' Journey, I will hopefully even start doing a weekly weigh in. Im doing this because Id like your support and your ideas, Id also like to share this to help out others who might be in the same shoes I am. Shedding the pounds is going to be really hard for me, but I know with the right mind set, the right support, and the right goals I can do it. 

The first step of my journey was setting an obtainable goal. I didn't want my goal to be something simple like "I will lose 20lbs" or "I will drop 3 dress sizes". I wanted my goal to have more meaning so it makes me want to work harder. That being said, I have set 2 obtainable goals; 1) by next summer I want to be able to get up and go do all of the active things my moms side of the family likes to do. (We have plans to go on a family vacation to the beach next summer with them and they LOVE to go on walks and do things that require being pretty active and for once Id like to enjoy those things with my family without being tired, out of breath, or left behind.) 2) next summer I want to participate in the Color Run with my sister. I know that neither of these will be possible if I stay in the shape Im currently in. My goals are set and I have around 1 year to get them completed. 

I know the key to losing weight is working out and eating right, I know that there is no quick fix. However, I can't seem to find a way to workout that isn't boring to me or that doesn't take hours. I need some ideas on how to workout that are quick (30mins or less), free, fun, and something I could possibly sucker my husband into doing with me. I've downloaded Couch to 5k and hope to start that soon, but its only 3 days a week and I know I'll need more. Id love to hear all of your ideas on how to get in shape. Please take the time and share! 

When it comes to eating right, I don't mind eating healthy, in fact I usually enjoy it. Unfortunately, I have some dietary restrictions that keep my green leafy veggies to a minimum. I can only eat small amounts of vitamin K and green leafy veggies are full of it. This makes healthy eating harder than it should be because I can't just sit around and eat salads all day long. I have a hard time finding new healthy recipes that are low on green leafies, quick, taste good, and are filling enough to satisfy my husband the 6' 4'' carnivore. I know a lot of our readers are phenomenal chefs so please friends, take the time and share your healthy recipes! I know Im not the only one who will enjoy them! 

If you want to contribute workout ideas, healthy recipes, or just words of advice/support please email me at

I really look forward to starting this journey together.