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Volupties Review

Disclosure: Other than the mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. Mommy's Block Party and its team members are not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment- this is the understood responsibility of the giveaway sponsor
It can be difficult to shop when you are a curvy, or plus size gal. I can certainly attest to that! It's embarrassing to enter a store and know just by glancing around, they don't carry your size. What can be even harder is finding the right size of underwear. I don't know how many times I've entered a store looking for some cute underwear, only to leave empty handed because they don't carry my size. I've been humiliated on numerous occasions, and really began to hate shopping for underwear. But, I was introduced to Volupties, and it has changed my life for the better.
Welcome to Volupties!
Volupties is a monthly subscription company that offers women of all sizes, up to 3xl, beautiful underwear options. At just $12.00 a month, you will get three different pairs of underwear that change with each order. You can look forward to getting underwear from name brand retailers that you have come to know and trust. A huge plus with Volupties, is the fact that you can change your size, anytime you want. With other subscription services, you can only make a change once per quarter, or year, but Volupties has broken the chains on this rule!
Three Cute Panties All Wrapped Up!

I received my panties from Volupties very quickly, and love the fact that your first order ships within your first week. Not many companies can offer such outstanding service. Oh, and you always get free shipping! OK, back to my underwear! I was given three pairs of panties, two from Victoria's Secret and one from Aerie. The two pairs from Victoria's Secret arec  brief style, one is a blue gingham with a cute white trim and the other is an orange check pattern that is absolutely adorable. The pair from Aerie, (which is my all time favorite for undies) is a cute boyshort, that my husband really likes!
Victoria's Secret Orange Check Panties
The two cotton briefs from Victoria's Secret are incredibly comfortable and so cute on. They don't cut into my behind, and they don't roll down like a lot of briefs tend to do. Out of the two brief styles, the blue gingham with the white trim is my favorite. It has this daisy duke feel to them and I feel sexy when I wear them. I know this is silly, but sometimes I want to put on a pair of boots and a tank when I wear them and walk around my house with nothing else on!
Victoria's Secret Blue Gingham Panties!
Now, my favorite pair out of the three is was sent, has to be the boy shorts from Aerie. Like I mentioned before, I love Aerie's underwear. They are so soft, and don't ever lose their softness. I'm not sure how they manage to make them that soft, but they can keep it coming! The boyshorts have green and white stripes, and have the cutest button detail down the front! I love these undies and if you happen to get them in your monthly pack, I'm sure you will too!
 Aerie BoyShorts, Love These So Much!
It can be difficult to know what size you might need, but Volupties tries to take the guess work out of it. By taking a few measurements, you will easily be able to tell what size you'll wear with their size chart. I'm an XL and all three of my pairs fit me perfectly. I had no need to change my size, but if you do, you can do so easily, with no penalties! Sometimes, we just need a little extra wiggle room!
I know some of you reading are thinking, what if I'm not a plus size gal? Well, you get the same great benefits and offers, but in a smaller size, it's called Splendies. They offer you three undies in sizes Small through Extra Large, for $8.00 a month. All from name brand companies and with both Volupties and Splendies, you can cancel your order anytime.
Volupties Monthly Subscription (XL/1X)
A Lace Panty Option.
So, let's recap here. With Volupties, you're going to get Three panties a month for $12.00, ranging in sizes XL-3XL. Your first order ships within the first week, and you'll always get free shipping. You can change your size anytime you want, and you can cancel at any time. It's delivered to your door discreetly, there's no flashing sign saying, "Your panties have arrived!" No one will know, so there's no embarrassment. You'll get three new panties a month from companies that you know and trust.
Volupties Monthly Subscription (XL/1X)
Blue Brief Option!
Getting three a month for only $12.00, you just can't beat that price. You would spend at least that much or more on one pair. Volupties is fantastic quality and such an amazing company. I love the fact that I can sit at home in my undies, and wait for new undies to arrive on my door step!! This would make a fantastic gift for a friend who has everything. Just imagine their joy every month when Volupties is delivered to them! I would love to get this as a gift! I know a few gals that might be getting some new panties every month!
Volupties Monthly Subscription (2XL/2X)
Cute Floral Aerie Panty!
Volupties has a very generous offer exclusively for our readers. Use the code BLOCK, and you will receive $5.00 off your first months subscription at Volupties and $4.00 off at Splendies. That makes your first month only $7.00 at Volupties and $4.00 at Splendies! Ladies, do not pass up this opportunity, it is worth every penny!
I want to say a BIG thanks to AC with Volupties for allowing me to review their monthly subscription package, and for showing me how great Volupties is.
Want It? Buy It!
Interested in a monthly subscription of your own? Head over to Volupties and see what they are all about and set up your monthly subscription. Don't forget to use the code BLOCK to save $5.00 off your first months subscription to Volupties and $4.00 at Splendies. While you are at it, why not give them a like on Facebook?


  1. I subscribed to Volupties and I wanted to leave a comment about pricing since I had to go back-and-forth with their customer service when my second month was billed. The first month is promotionally priced at $12 with the code but subsequent months are charged at $17/month, not $12/month. I don't think they are very clear about this on their website.

  2. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to.


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