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The Best Beaches Are in Britain!

While films and the media depict beaches as having idyllic white sand, azure waters, and thirty-degree temperatures, the Brits know there is still something great to be said for the traditional seaside of the UK. The coast of the UK has its own unique charm and holds a place in most resident’s hearts. Whether you head to the holiday parks on the Lincolnshire coast, or the beachfront cottages of Pembrokeshire, there's something for everyone. Beach resorts in this country were once the destination of choice for holidaymakers, but this trend tailed off as flights became cheaper and more accessible. UK beach holidays are back with a vengeance however; why not head to the coast this year to find out why.

Some of the UK’s top holiday parks are located on the coast. Combine a traditional seaside holiday with all the facilities of a holiday park for the ultimate beach experience. There are currently Butlins UK holidays up for grabs when you enter a code online in the Cushelle competition. You will stay close to the seafront and have the added advantage of activities for both kids and adults, swimming facilities and a fully staffed complex.

Whether you head to a sandy or stony beach you can’t leave without dipping at least your toes in the water. Kids will show even the toughest of grown men up, as they run headlong into the bracingly cold waves. Build sandcastles, collect seashells and soak up a bit of British sunshine as and when it appears, for an experience unique to our coastline.

When at the beach you have to have a chippy tea at least once. Yes you may be able to buy it anywhere in the UK, but the seaside is the home of fish and chips, and it tastes best eaten from paper bags huddled metres from the crashing waves. Ice cream too was made for the coast, and no warm beach day is complete without a 99 cone. 

British beaches will always be a big part of the country’s national identity and it is important that families pass down old traditions and customs to their kids. Holidays abroad are a great experience, but it is just as important for children to see what is on offer in their home country. 


  1. I've never thought much about Britian being known for beaches, thanks for enlighting us on the highlights

  2. Oh that looks so beautiful! I didnt realize either that they were known for their beaches! I really hope to visit there someday!!! I just love the white sands!


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