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Healthy Snacking Has Never Tasted Better! #GiantFlavor #sponsored

I love snacking. It's not always a great habit, because I tend to want to snack on things that I know I shouldn't.. like plain potato chips. By the time three o'clock rolls around each afternoon, I am usually after something sweet, and follow it up with a bite some something salty. It's sort of a trainwreck effect in progress. After I became a mom, I became much more conscious of what I was eating, and now that my 'baby' is a little boy, I try to set a good example for him, even when it comes to snacking.

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Green Giant Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips

We recently tried a couple of flavors of the Green Giant Chips: the Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips in Garden Ranch, and the Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips in Barbecue. We had stopped buying a lot of chips, because I have a huge weak spot for them, and if they're in the house, I tend to gobble them up. I was excited to try the Greaan Giant Chips, though, because they are made with real vegetables, and available in flavors I love!

I was most excited about the Multigrain Sweet Potato Barbecue Chips! I love multigrain chips, love sweet potato chips, and barbecue chips... and Green Giant has rolled all three of those into one flavor-packed, crispy chip! When I tatsed this flavor, it was love at first bite! I got the sweet barbecue flavor immediately, followed by the unmistakable sweet potato flavor, and then, was met with the yummy, crunchy multigrain flavors, as well. What more could a mom want in a snack?

Balian, trying the Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips in Garden Ranch for the first time.

Balian, my little guy, was more than happy to try the Green Giant Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips, in the Garden Ranch flavor. I opened up the bag, and my nostrills were met by the cool ranch scent. I handed a large, crispy tortilla chip over to B, and he gave it a taste. He liked the ranch flavoring, and then began crunching and munching away, with mumbles of, 'Mmm... this is good, mommy,' in between zesty bites. He did tell me that he thought they were a little 'spicy,' because he isn't used to the ranch flavor... but they're not spicy... just ranch-y.

Green Giant Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips- a great addition to a healthy lunch!

We added some of the Green Giant chips to our lunch plates this week. Of course, as a clever mom, I didn't dare tell my son that the chips he was gobbling contained real veggies. Though they are not, and should not be used as a replacement for vegetables, it made me feel good knowing that he had a much healthier side on his plate.

When my husband's business partner was over at our house this week and saw the bags of Green Giant chips, he asked us what we thought of them, because he'd been thinking about buying some. I told him that we loved them- the flavors are awesome, and they're both adult and kid friendly, and they're not 'junk.'

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Check out our Top 5 Healthy Snacking Tips

1- Don't Go Too Long In Between Snacks/Meals
*Waiting too long between meals can cause a big blood sugar drop. Go for healthy snacks in between meals to keep your blood sugar up, and to help balance your metabolism.

2- Have Healthy Snacks in Plain Sight
*I like to put fresh fruit in a bowl on my kitchen counter, like washed grapes... so they're ready for grabbing. I also keep 'cuties' in the fridge for my son, in a bottom drawer, where he can reach them, and green apples in a seagrass bowl in my dining room. They look pretty, and they're within reach for a quick, healthy snack.

3- Don't Sit Down with the Bag!
*Heading to the couch with a bag of chips is a bad, bad, bad idea! Take a small bowl- a snack size bowl, and put a handful of chips or whatever else you're wanting to snack on in it. Don't go back for more when you finish the bowl... the next meal won't be far off.

4- Eat More, Lose More
*Having healthy snacks between meals can really boost your metabolism, giving you more energy, and helping you burn more calories. Don't skip breakfast- it really is the most important meal of the day and sort of sets the tone for your metabolism for the day ahead.

5- Slow Down
*Eating a bit more slowly is good for your digestion. If you eat too quickly, your body digests the food less efficiently, and it may even cause you to over-eat. Food is meant to be enjoyed, so slow down and enjoy the symphony of flavors teasing your tastebuds, every now and then!

Want Some? Buy Some!

We're looking forward to picking up a couple of bags of the Green Giant Chips the next time we head out to go grocery shopping. We liked the flavors we were sent to try so much, that they're already gone! Fore more information about Green Giant and these delicious chips, head to their website. You can also connect with Green Giant on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

What are some of your favorite Healthy Snacks?

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