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Keep Your Produce Fresh with FridgeSmart from Tupperware (Review & Giveaway)

I love fresh fruits and veggies, but I happen to be the only person in my house who will eat just about anything placed in front of me. My husband only likes certain veggies, likes hardly any fruits, and my son, well- he's a picky toddler. I buy a variety of fruits and veggies to enjoy, and to encourage my son to try. Needless to say, a lot of our produce winds up going bad before I can eat all of it myself... and we watch our hard earned money go right down the garbage disposal.

Presented by MBP Spotlight Sponsor, Susan Bushong

Last month, I was lucky enough to be able to work with Susan Bushong, an Independent Consultant with Tupperware. Now, when I think about home parties and direct sales, my mind immediately goes to Tuppperware. I remember my mom having Tupperware parties when I was just a little girl, and our cabinets and cupboards stocked with cups, bowls, and more. I even had one of those famous Tupperware shape sorters (and they still make it!). If you don't know about Tupperware, you must have been hiding under a rock, because honey- it's been around for a long time!

Fridge Smart Container Set by Tupperware

With summertime being prime time for fresh fruits and veggies, Susan wanted to send me a Tupperware product that would help to prolong the life of my home grown or store bought produce. So, Susan sent me one of the well-loved and trusted Tupperware Fridge Smart Containers. I was so excited to receive this, because I knew it would be something that I would use on a daily basis, and it would keep my produce fresh, as well as save me money.

My fresh fruit, just home from the grocery store.

I decided to pick up some grapes and bananas, because those are two fruits that Balian sometimes eats. It's always wishy-washy with the bananas, as Sacha and I dislike them. The nectarines looked divine, and I was excited to be bringing those home to snack on! I usually keep grapes in the refrigerator after washing them, and my mom used to always leave them sitting out on the kitchen counter. It can be sort of hard to remember which fruits and veggies need to be refrigerated and which ones don't. Tupperware's Fridge Smart Container takes the guess work out of storing your fruits and veggies. Not only does it show you which fruits or veggies should be stored in fridge containers, right on the container, the Fridge Smart Containers come with a handy little printed guide, telling you how to store your fresh produce.

The front of the Fridge Smart Container, with photos of what can be stored inside, right on the front!

Part of the printed guide, which tells me that bananas and nectarines should not be stored in the fridge, or in a container. The grapes should be refrigerated in a container. How handy!

My fresh fruit, according to how they should be stored- grapes in, bananas and nectarines, out!

After I washed my grapes, and gave them a bit of a paper towel dry off, I placed them into the Fridge Smart Container. I was actually amazed that the entire bunch of grapes fit inside the container. It was roomier than I thought it was! The grapes looked nice and cozy, and I was ready to see just how long they would stay fresh, inside their new container. I have had such a problem with grapes lately. Normally, I buy a bunch, and then 2-3 days later, they're already going moldy. Considering that they're usually almost $2.00/lb, that's a lot of money being wasted.

Bright, beautiful looking grapes, ready to be stored.

Before I could put my grapes into the fridge, however, I needed to check to see how the open air lock on the top of the lid needed to be positioned. Some fruits and veggies need air circulation through their containers to stay fresh- so they can breathe. There are three positions on the top lock, open, half open, and closed.

The little pictures on the front show you which fruits and veggies need to have air coming into the container. Can you spot the grapes?

I switched the lock over to the correct slider for my grapes, and then put the top on the container.

Five days after first bringing home the grapes, they look just as bright, fresh and healthy as they did on day one! I have been so impressed by the Fridge Smart Container that Susan sent to me, that I think I'm going to want to get some more of them. Yes, I have crisper drawers in my fridge. The containers fit easily into the drawers, and I know what's inside. I usually end up dumping a bunch of stuff into the crisper drawers, and the produce gets buried, I can't see it, so I forget it;s there, and it goes bad. Wasted money. Plus, it all goes bad super fast, with all of the gases mixing together. Did you know that produce gives off gases, and some fruits and veggies shouldn't be stored near each other? Yay science- or what little I remember from science class!

There's a reason why so many women, moms and dads, grandparents, etc trust Tupperware. There's a reason why when visiting someone's home who's around the same age of my mom, I see the kids drinking from those old plastic Tupperware tumblers, or see salads being served up in those old bowls with lids. Tupperware rocks! It's pretty indestructible, and does exactly what it promises to do- it keeps your food fresh!

Tupperware has really come a long way through the years, and they've got some products that are definitely worth checking out!

Servalier Bowls

Mickey Mouse Ice Tupps Set

One Touch Reminder Canister

Chef Series Pro Complete Knife Set

Wow- I'm in love with Tupperware all over again! I remember that we used to have one of those ice pop makers! Now I want one for my son... he'd love that! Whether you're in the market for some new products for your own kitchen, or you're needing some wonderful gifts, Susan is ready to help answer your questions, assist you with placing an order, etc. If you'd like to host a party, or start a bridal registry or whishlist, Susan can help you with that, as well! Interested in learning more about the Tupperware opportunity, and how you can be your own boss? Susan can fill you in! She'd love to have on her team!

Want It? Buy It!

Tupperware has some pretty great items on sale this month, so be sure to check those out, along with all of the other fabulous Tupperware products over on Susan's personal Tupperware website. Have questions, don't hesitate to contact Susan, she''d love to hear from you!

Want It? Win It!

Thanks to Susan's generosity, one lucky MBP reader will win a Tupperware CrystalWave Soup Mug! Perfect for soup on the go! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on June 23rd.

Special thanks to Susan Bushong for allowing me to experience the freshness of my fruits and veggies, days after bringing them home from the store. And a big thank you to Susan for offering this special giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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  1. I would love to have the fridge set! They look awesome and it would be great to have my fruits and veggies last longer!

  2. I have the old kids plates from when I was little. They are neon colors haha!

  3. I like the Servalier Bowls. Useful in different sizes

  4. i don't have any old item, but my mum still has the servalier bowls from when I was little!

  5. I would get the Fridge Smart Container Set

  6. I have never had any Tupperware products

  7. I would love to have the Fix-N-Mix® Bowl :) (lilbittypanda at aol dot com)

  8. I remember the old faded yellow, mustard colored tupperware containers. My mom actually still has a few of them. They were so ugly, but I loved them! They stored food soooo incredibly will (lilbittypanda at aol dot com)

  9. would love to have the mixing bowl set!

  10. still have an *ancient* set of dusty-pink Tupperware canisters (to hold flour/sugar/etc.)

  11. I'd like to have the pantry sets.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  12. We still have some of the small snack serving cups for kids.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  13. this time of year for BBQ's the hamburger press and keeper set!

  14. I have sippy cups, cups, spatulas and spoons, and tons of other stuff from the 90's.

  15. I don't have any of the old stuff anymore.

  16. Die Ware von Tupper ist super, aber auch nicht gerade g√ľnstig.

  17. The Fridge Smarts are going on sale on June 11th. You can check them out at caroljwilliams279.my.tupperware.com


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