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Shape Up in Style with Yogi Clothing (#Review)

Before I became a mom, I kept to a pretty strict exrcise routine, and really watched what I was eating. After the birth of my son, my body had completely changed, and though I lost most of my baby weight, there were still a few problem areas that I didn't know how to fix. I quickly realized that part of my problem was due to a huge lack of sleep, lack of energy and heaps of mounting stress. I started to add gentle yoga into my exercise schedule, and the result has been heavenly.

Yogi Clothing

Part of feeling motivated to exercise for me, is feeling good about myself and my body as I get ready to exercise. This may sound silly, but since I've lost more weight, my old yoga pants and workout apparel have become sort of baggy, which makes me feel frumpy when I put them on. I came across a beautiful yoga apparel company a few weeks ago, Yogi Clothing, which believes that anything is possible with a positive mental attitude. As I read about them, I felt inspired by phrases like, 'Every journey starts with a path, and an idea of destination.' Yogi Clothing has been blazing their own trail since 2000, and sharing ideas of inspiration, motivation and empowerment through good physical and mental health practices.

I connected with Maria of Yogi Clothing, and was able to select a couple of apparel pieces to review. I loved everything I looked at on their website- from the dresses to the yoga pants, and had a hard time deciding which pieces I wanted to try above the rest.

Harmony Yoga Pants- great fit, and love the pretty design!

I selected a new pair of yoga pants, the Harmony Yoga Pants for a few different reasons. I loved the stone coloring of the actual pant, and if you look toward the bottom of the pant leg, you'll notice the beautiful, elegant design stamp. Though they are hard to see in my photo, there are tiny little embellishments on the pants, through out the blue design. The pants have a fold over top, which I love, and they are form fitting, but not tight. They're very comfortable for working out in, and also for lounging. I hardly ever wear shorts to bed, because I get too chilly. These are wondrful for warmth! I get so cold in our house in the evenings, and these comfy yoga pants are easy to slip into. Heck, I just plain like the way I look in these pants! A lot of yoga pants are sort of unflattering, adding bulk where you may not want to see it. The Harmony Yoga Pants by Yogi Clothing are like butter against the skin, and the're perfect for every shape! I chose a size small, and I chose correctly!

Here's a better look at the beautiful design on the pants...

Features of the Harmony Yoga Pant

DESIGNED FOR: Cold weather, casual attire, working out
 FABRIC:  French Terry
PROPERTIES: 96% Cotton and 4% Lycra
Garment Dyed and laundered to make it feel very soft.
Made in USA
Fabric: Ultra soft

I also chose one of Yogi Clothing's super gorgeous and comfortable dresses, the Tank Dress w/Wrap. This is now the coolest dress I own! This is a truly unique, two piece dress. The first piece of the dress is a form fitting tank dress, which is smooth and comfortable. The tank dress could be worn alone. It's extremely lightweight and very comfortable.

The second piece to the Tank Dress w/Wrap, is a layering piece. It goes on over the tank dress, is open in the front, and ties at the waist. It features a very popular high/low hemline, and is a very breezy, flowing piece.

This is a gorgeous pairing! I felt comfortable, and sassy in my new tank dress w/wrap!

I love the scalloped scoops along the high/low wrap's edges!

I first wore this dress on a Sunday. I wore it to church, and received so many compliments on everything from the color of the dress to the totally cool design. I later wore the dress to an outdoor event. The breezy fabric kept me cool and comfortable, and again, I felt sort of flirty and fun. It was the perfect choice of outfit for meeting Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone!

Photo: We got to meet Chef Curtis Stone today!
Chef Curtis was smiling so brightly because he liked my dress!

I have comfortably worn the tank dress by itself, around the house, and even out for an afternoon of shopping. It's so comfy- I want many more dresses like this one to wear all summer long. A dress like this one is perfect to wear after working out, to can easily go from a casual to semi-dressy outfit, just by adding a layer, and some cute accessories and sandals!

Features of the Tank Dress w/Wrap

DESIGNED FOR: Casual attire, on the go
PROPERTIES: 100% Polyester
Garment washed and laundered to make it feel very soft.
Made in USA
Fit: Comfort fit.

Yogi Clothing has been outfitting the yoga community for over a decade, and by trying just one of their comfortable, stylish apparel pieces, you'll see why they are so well loved by me, and many others! Yogi Clothing has so many beautiful, practical clothing options for working out, lounging about, and going on about your day to day routine. Check out a few of the other pieces I have on my Yogi Clothing wish list...

Yogi Clothing Grid Wash Pant
Grid Wash Pant

Yogi Clothing Lace Print Short-Coming Soon
Lace Print Short

Yogi Clothing Hi-Low Sleeveless Top
High/Low Sleeveless Top

Yogi Clothing High-Low Stripe Wash Dress
High/Low Stripe Wash Dress

Not only does Yogi Clothing offer beautiful, comfortable, breathable apparel, they always post a workout of the day. The workout of the day features different yoga poses that are perfect for beginners or those who practice yoga on a regular basis. Yoga is a beautiful form of exrcise for the body and the mind. It asks you to challenge yourself, and the breathing exrcises absolutely help you to de-stress and relax. Just last week, I read that Jennifer Aniston keeps her body so fit, just by doing yoga on a regular basis. Even doing a little bit of yoga each day, will make a big difference!

If you're looking to pamper your mom, a friend who likes yoga, or you'd like to start seeing how yoga can benefit your own health, head to Yogi Clothing, for unique yoga wear and great tips on how to live an inspired life.

Yogi Clothing Storm Wash Wrap (SALE ITEM)

Want It? Buy It!

To browse Yogi Clothing's entire line of unique yoga apparel, head to their website. You'll definitely want to look through all of their new arrivals! You can receive 20% off your first Yogi Clothing order, when you join the Yogi Clothing mailing list. Yogi Clothing is on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and would love to connect with you!

Special thanks to Maria and our friends at Yogi Clothing for outfitting me with this beautiful new yoga apparel, and for allowing me to share my experience with our readers.

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  1. I didn't know what to expect but these apparel are super comfortable.

  2. I've never heard of Yogi before but I will be sure to check them out. Those harmony yoga pants were cute!


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