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Top Tips for Show Stopping Dinner Party Cooking

A dinner party is something that almost everybody loves. Getting friends and family together over a good meal is one of life’s most simple yet most indulgent pleasures, and it’s guaranteed to bring people together and get them talking.

The hard part is though, what should you cook? If you have responsibility for the kitchen side of things, it’s easy to get a little bit stressed out! Don’t worry though, because we have plenty of suggestions that will help you to cook a wonderful meal without too much hassle.

Take a look at our tips.

Choose a menu that can be prepared in advance 

You don’t want to spend the whole night slaving over a hot stove, leaving your guests to fend for themselves. They’ve come to see you as well as to eat your food, so never forget this! To ease the pressure, pick a menu that can largely be prepared in advance. A stew or hotpot, for example, can be put in a slow cooker early in the day and left until it’s ready to plate up.

Check dietary requirements 

Even when you know people well, you sometimes won’t know about their eating habits. Ring around before you start to plan your menu and ask if there are any foods that they don’t eat. Whether it’s just personal tastes or serious allergies, a little knowledge will help things go smoothly on the night.

Don’t be afraid to cheat! 

Don’t feel pressurized into cooking everything from scratch. No one will even notice if you’re using shop bought pastry, frozen vegetables or even a readymade dessert. The results will be the same, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and worry.

Make sure that you have all necessary tableware 

While you’re thinking about your menu, it’s easy to forget about the serving process itself. If just a few of you live in your home, you may not have everything you need. Bits and bobs such as champagne flutes and serving bowls can be bought for reasonable prices or loaned from friends.

Don’t offer too many options 

If you’re thinking of cooking many dishes for guests to choose from, you’re creating too much work for yourself. A few choices of vegetables to go with your main course is fine, but avoid having too many things on the go. Ideally, everyone should be eating the same thing.

If you follow these suggestions, you really can’t go far wrong. Get organised well in advance and you can then focus on enjoying your special evening!

Do you hold dinner parties in your home? 
What do you like to cook? 

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