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Getting Healthy with The Fresh Diet (Days 1-3 with Erin)

Part of Erin's New Mommy Makeover

Everyone wants to eat healthier when it is convenient, when you don’t have to cook it, or even buy it.  The Fresh Diet takes care of all of that for you.  The Fresh Diet delivers fresh, healthy, pre portioned, pre cooked ready to eat meals right to your door and depending on where you live that could be everyday or twice a week.

Three days ago on Monday I started a one week trial of The Fresh Diet.  Though the process began the week before, I created an account, and as soon as I logged in the fun began.  So many new, exciting foods for me to try and not have to worry about cooking and/or messing up, you go through each day and select from four options for each meal, some days that was harder than others for me to pick my fave (since there were so many awesome choices).  

I will say I am no foodie, I eat horribly and hate veggies.  I am a steak and potatoes kind of girl.  I was super excited to be able to try these wonderful gourmet items delivered fresh to my door daily.  There is a section to put in things that you don’t like and when a menu item comes up with something you don't like in it, it lets you know what it is to see if you still want it.  Based on where I live, The Fresh Diet is delivered to me every night between 7p-5a for the next day. “

The Fresh Diet has state of the art kitchens in NY, LA, Miami, Chicago, Dallas and Toronto. Our daily delivery service is currently available in the NY Tri-State area, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, South and West Florida, Dallas / Ft. Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Toronto”. (taken from The Fresh Diet website)  There are 4 different meal plans to choose from a 7 day-31 day you can see them here.  You can also select which days you want the food to come and which days you don’t, in case you go out of town or won’t be home to eat it.

The Fresh Diet food for daily delivery comes in a cooler bag filled with ice packs to keep it cold while it is on the porch.  Also the bag comes zip tied so you know that no one has tampered with your food from the time it left the kitchen until you open it in yours.

Day 1 menu

Day 1 food

The Fresh Diet experience started off with a bang thanks to breakfast.  I am usually very iffy about eggs, unless I make them, but I knew I needed to dive right in suck it up and eat my wrap.  It was so good.  The wrap, which did not taste like spinach (thank goodness again not a fan) was jam packed full of scrambled eggs and delish chicken apple sausage.  Even came with a pretty flower to start the day.

The Fresh Diet Chicken apple sausage & egg wrap on spinach tortilla

Lunch on day one so far has been one of my top loved meals.  Who doesn’t love a philly cheesesteak?? I know I do and when on a diet it is important to still eat things you love, why else would you want to stick it out?

The Fresh Diet philly cheesesteak whole wheat wrap with sautéed bell pepper and mozzarella cheese

Following lunch I had my “snack” of the day two wonderful little bite sized morsels of cookie.

The Fresh Diet chia seed lemon coconut macaroons

Now dinner was good, I did have to send a part of it to the hubby’s mouth for the “official” taste test since I just didn’t like it.  I will continue to do this for things I personally do not care for that way, there is a veggie loving unbiased opinion on all food choices.  I loved the chicken breast with the raspberry sauce and the noodles, but I am still unsure what “Quinoa Medley with Sweet Corn & Fire Roasted Peppers” is  I tried it, and passed it to my husband who preceded to tell me “I don’t know why you don’t like this, it is so good” while he chomped down the rest.

The Fresh Diet Grilled chicken breast with raspberry chipotle sauce with quinoa medley with sweet corn and fire roasted peppers and whole wheat linguine pasta

Ahh desert, my favorite meal of the day, that sweet spot quencher right before bed, strawberry cobble was Mondays quencher.  It was the best or the worst strawberry cobbler I have ever eaten, but it was what it was, a yummy little morsel before bed.

The Fresh Diet strawberry cobbler

Day 2 menu (my fave day so far this week!!)

The Fresh Diet day 2 food

Again I went with eggs even though it is not my all-time fave breakfast choice.  Well let me tell you, if I could eat this omelet everyday I may start to love eggs!!  The roasted poblano pico de gallo omelet was so full of yummy pico and cheese; it totally started my day off right.

The Fresh Diet Roasted poblano pico de gallo omelet with queso blanco & whole wheat toast

For snack today I ate it a little early, but there is no set time to eat your snack.  Today I had the buffalo style chicken strip with roasted pearl onions.  I will admit it was a strange combo, but good nonetheless.

The Fresh Diet Buffalo style chicken strip with roasted pearl onion

Lunch was even better, now I love corn as much as the next girl, but I hate when it is “in” things.  But like a good girl I sucked it up and ate my lunch and I am so glad I did. The spicy chicken tortilla soup so amazing, it was filling, tasty, had just the right amount of spice, it was all around great.  It had big pieces of chicken (they did not skimp on it like some places do), it was full of veggies and flavor.

The Fresh Diet spicy chicken tortilla soup with  black beans, corn, bell pepper and tomato

Dinner day 2 was also really good.  Sticking with my spanish theme for the day I had the spanish style chicken wrapped in jamon serrano with smoke paprika and manchego with chinese black rice and southwest black beans with kale and red quinoa.  Now thankfully there is “google” I had no idea what “jamon serrano” was, it looked like bacon, but I was not sure.  Come to find out it is a type of cured ham, so bacon was a good guess on my part.  

The Fresh Diet spanish style chicken wrapped in jamon serrano with smoked paprika and manchego with chinese black rice and black beans with kale

Now again my desert for the day was the wonderful little bite of heaven that  you need to end your day on a good, happy, yummy note.  Chocolate mint pave, I have no idea what it is or what it was made of but it was delish!!

The Fresh Diet chocolate mint pave

Now by the time I started day 3 I will not lie I was pretty hungry.  I had added some cutie oranges and a banana or 2 throughout the previous days to get me through.  Drastic portion control was killing me.  I had weighed myself naked (no one was home to see that mess) as I started my day Monday and then again on day 3.  I was pleased and surprised to see a 1.2lb loss.  So I began day 3 super happy.

Day 3 menu

The Fresh Diet day 3 food

Day 3 started with a fruit salad, and again my pickiness shined through.  The fruit came with a blueberry vanilla ricotta cheese, for an Italian I can’t stand ricotta, but I tried it anyway and ended up eating my fruit plain.  Thankfully there was lots of other stuff to fill me up, tons of blueberries, some pineapple, oranges, watermelon and strawberries, a nice refreshing start to the day.

The Fresh Diet fruit salad with pineapple, strawberry, orange, watermelon blueberry & blueberry vanilla ricotta cheese

When it came time for lunch I won’t lie I was kind of excited I love love love cheese!  Sadly I was a little disappointed with the meal though.  I had the B.T.M Panini (basil, tomato and mozzarella), unfortunately the tomato was closest to the bottom piece of bread and all the moisture from it soaked into the bread.  So of course when I went to eat the sandwich it was all soggy.  There was also only one of the smallest pieces of basil known to man on it.  So because of the soggy bread I only ended up eating the sandwich with the top piece.

The Fresh Diet BTM Panini

Dinner day 3 was really good and a great comeback from lunch.  You can rarely go wrong with chicken breast.  The chicken breast had a basil pesto roulade on it which had great flavor.  I also ordered the white bean puree which was surprisingly tasty.  Now the rosemary scented grilled purple potatoes were intimidating but actually really good and tasted just like regular rosemary potatoes.

The Fresh Diet chicken breast w/ basil roulade, white bean puree and rosemary grilled purple potatoes.

Dessert/snack day 3 was a hit and a miss.  The vanilla french macaroons were sweet, delish and left me wanting maybe just 2 more to get me through the day.  I would love to find these at the store and buy a whole package of them and sit with a cup of coffee and watch tv during naptime.  However the open faced profiterole with roasted apples and yogurt sauce was not so tasty.  I am not sure what a profiterole is, but it looked like a spongy pastry tart shell with apples in it.  It actually tasted really bad and I spit it out.  Hubby tried a few bites and did not care for it either.  I am not sure what it was about it that we didn’t care for, but in the end it sadly ended up in the trash.

The Fresh Diet vanilla french macarons

The Fresh Diet open faced profiterole with roasted apples and yogurt sauce

All in all I would say I am very pleased with The Fresh Diet experience so far.  I am definitely looking forward to my last 4 days to come and all the exciting new things for me to try.  Friday for lunch I am having the lamb burger; I have never had lamb and am eagerly awaiting this meal as a stepping stone to broaden my food horizons.

Look out next week for The Fresh Diet days 4-7 and can’t wait to finish this experience.  
More to come and eat!

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If you want more info on The Fresh Diet you can check out their website or find them on facebook.

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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