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365 Acts of Kindness Weekly Roundup: Week 4

We're continuing our 365 Acts of Kindness today, encouraging everyone to do one nice thing for someone else every day, for the next year. It doesn't have to be random- you can certainly be kind to someone you know, or a complete stranger. The idea is to pass love around- help someone else out, and inspire them to do the same. Sometimes, we have to change to be the change we want to see in this world.

Every Monday, we'll post a weekly roundup of Acts of Kindness, where you can share how you've helped others, or how others have blessed you by their acts.

Here's a random comment selected from our last Round-Up:

Jackie said, 'I received kindness from my 3 year old while I was down with the flu. Little guy "read" books to me and brought me water all day!'

This is Week 4 of this special Bloggers & Readers Challenge, and I am so eager to read everyone's comments on how they were able to offer kindness, or how they received kindness from someone else last week.

Be sure to leave us your comment, and keep spreading the love around! You never know- your comment might be featured in next week's post, or we might randomly show kindness to one our our readers!!

Thanks for participating!

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  1. My random act of kindness for last week: A saw a photo of something my hubby was making for dinner on FB, and jokingly said to send him over. We had a lot left over, and live around the corner from this friend, so I packed up the extras and delivered them to her house. She is injured and bed-ridden for a few weeks, so she really appreciated our gesture!

  2. Today I gave a smile to a woman I bumped into in the post office--she looked so sad--when she saw my smile she brightened up and smiled back! The smile stayed on her face as she was leaving and she smiled at someone else!!

  3. I hope I give kindness to my preschool class every day that they are with me. Sometimes I'd rather just put them in time out, but I usually try to redirect them or give them a hug. They are usually just tired or hungry :) Today my kindness was playing with the felt dollhouse with a little girl who was having a hissy fit over something or other!

  4. What a wonderful post! It always makes me feel better when I try to do for others! My random act of kindness today was to compliment a random person at Walmart. She looked so happy after I did!


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