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Little Pim (Review & Coupon Code)

Learning a language no matter what it is, is easier for children no doubt.  Their little brains are just primed for learning.  When children are born they are already learning their first language just by listening to you speak, why not add in a second or third?  This can be done just by popping in a dvd like Little Pim!

We were sent the Little Pim “I can count” disk 6 in spanish dvd.  Cameron is really into musical, sing along, bright colored, animated shows right now.  This fit right in.  

Cameron loved sitting down watching this Little Pim “I can count” dvd,  it was full of animation and of course education information.  Trying to keep on education and informative things for your child to watch is sometimes difficult, but so important.  Most parents don't want their children of any age watching “mindless tv”.  Let Little Pim teach your kiddos somthing fun.  

We put out Little Pim paper cut out on our christmas tree...

Little Pim can teach your children a variety of languages; Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic & English.

Cameron glued to the tv watching  Little Pim “I can count” in spanish

You can buy your little one Little Pim the complete learning set for the language of your choice or buy smaller sets or even just an individual dvd.

Complete French Gift Set

Introduction to Hebrew Gift Set

Individual disk

Cameron learned how to count to 10 in his Little Pim “I can count” dvd, he was also exposed to 60 words and phrases.  We now try to watch our  Little Pim “I can count” dvd at least once a day, since repetition is how you learn.

Some of the cute Little Pim animation in the movie...

Teaching in spanish, with english words on the screen, all spoken words are in spanish...

Showing the spanish words and english words...

Want it??? Buy it!!!

Want to help your little ones brain grow, and learn another language?  Well they are never too young to start.  
Little Pim language dvds, cds and flash cards are from birth to grownup (though it says 0-6 I learned a lot watching it too).  Check Little Pim on facebook, twitter or the web.  You can save 20% off your first purchase with code PIMHOLIDAY at checkout and all orders over $75 have free shipping until 12/20
Happy learning !

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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