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Lilla Rose Flexi Clip (Review)

I don't know about you girls, but some days, I'm just not feelin' my hair. As it is, I have a love/hate relationship with my thin, fine, naturally curly and unruly hair. Some days, I'll take the extra fifteen minutes to blow it dry, and straighten it with a flat iron, but most days, I don't even have the extra fifteen minutes to spare or spend on myself. So, the easiest thing to do is just let it air-dry, or when I'm super busy, I just pin or  clip it up with a claw clip, while it's still wet! And then later, I spend half the day re-pinning or re-clipping my hair, because I have trouble finding anything that will catch and hold my thin hair. What's a thin-haired gal to do?

Lilla Rose is a direct sales company, offering beautiful hair clips and accessories for women with all kinds fo hair types. Founder John Dorsey and his family certainly saw some dark days, financially, when his wife gave him a little push to get back out there and sell his handmade flexiclips, which he had been previously selling to friends, and had even sold through retailers, before experiencing some problems. So, he went back to basic selling- locally, taking his flexiclips to a local farmer's market, and they took off! A friend stepped in, to help John, covering the both at the farmer's market, so John could demo and sell at another event happening at the same time, and then the idea of direct sales came to him.

Today, Lilla Rose gives those looking to be their own boss, a beautiful line of products to back, demo and share, all while setting their own schedule and having a lot of fun! I connected with Karen Moore, an Independent Lilla Rose Rep, a few weeks ago, and was pleased to hear that Karen wanted to send me a couple of the very popular Lilla Rose Flexi Clips to try out for myself.

I looked through all of the gorgeous styles of Flexi Clips on Karen's website, gave her a list of a couple of my favorite designs, and described my hair to her, as well, so she would be sure to send me the correct sizes.

Within just a few days, I had two pretty little Flexi Clips by Lilla Rose in my mail box, and I was eager to give them a try.

My package from Lilla Rose with Karen- containing my new Flexi Clips!

I love this sticker!

Two Flexi Clips, and instructions for some cute updos!

I received the Flexi Extra Small Celtic Knot Clip, and the Small Eternal Infinity Clip, both in silver, as I mostly wear silver jewelry and accessories. The Flexi Clips are made in sizes to accommodate the thickness or thiness of your hair, and hold all our just some of your hair up or back. I first wanted to try the Small Flexi Clip, to see if it would really hold my hair.

Top: Eternal Infinity Flexi Clip, Small
Bottom: Celtic Knot Flexi Clip, Exra Small

I took the Small Eternal Infinital Flexi Clip, and then twisted my hair, wrapped it around one time, and then inserted the clip. The flexi clip was easy to use, and to my surprise, it held my hair in place all day long! It didn't once feel like it was slipping, or like my hair was just going to fall down. 

The Eternal Infinity Flexi Clip- so simple, chic and pretty!

The small clip is large enough to hold all of my hair!

The Small Flexi Clip even worked well to hold a bun in place all day!

The Extra Small Flexi Clip is sort of an in between size... for my hair, it's not small or tight enough for me to be able to create and hold a ponytail, which is what I was hoping I could use it for, but I can do half up, half down styles, or clip my hair up with it quite easily. I told my husband that I will never go back to those annoying plastic claw hair clips that are bulky, unattractive, and don't hold my hair up for very long. 

Lilla Rose has so many beautiful Flexi Clip designs to choose from, and there's always a Flexi of the month, too! Check out some of these beauties...

Winter's Gift Flexi for December

Curls and Swirls

Multi Cluster Freestyle

Lilla Rose not only has gorgeous Flexi Clips to style gorgeous looks for your hair, they also have bobby pins, headbands, O-Rings, Hair Sticks, and more! 
Check out some of these accessories that I'd love to try in my own hair...

Beaded O-Ring, Extra Small

Celtic Cross Bobby Pins

Amber Rich Headband

Lilla Rose has so many pretty hair accessories to choose from, that you'll never get bored with your hair again, once you add a few of these to your hair accessories collection! I am definitely eyeing some of these designs, with gifting in mind for Christmas. I know my sister-in-law, and my mother-in-law would both love some of these sliver flexi clips and bobby pins- particularly the celtic knot or cross designs! They'll be super excited to find these unique hair accessories in their stockings on Christmas morning. I wouldn't mind finding a couple more in my own stocking!

Lilla Rose accessories make beautiful gifts, or they're perfect to have for day to day wear. With so many hair styles, and how-to videoes available to choose from, you can literally have a new look for each day of the week, when it comes to your hair! 

Want More? Lilla Rose offers a flexible compensation plan for anyone who many be looking for supplemental income, or to take control, and become their own boss. Karen would be happy to share more about the Lilla Rose opportunity! You can even earn free Lilla Rose products by hosting your very own party- talk about a fun and unique girl's night!

Want It? Buy It!

You can shop Lilla Rose designs any time, by heading to Karen's personal Lilla Rose website. Be sure to browse through all of the categories, so you see everything Lilla Rose has to offer! You can also connect with Karen on Facebook, so you never miss out on Lilla Rose news, product updates and more!

Special thanks to Karen Moore with Lilla Rose, for allowing me to try out these gorgeous hair clips, which have changed the way I think and feel about putting my hair up, and for allowing me to share my opinion with this community.

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Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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